Controlling Christmas Expectations: Free Printable “I Want” Tags

(Image credit: Bruce Mars)

Controlling Christmas Expectations: Free Printable “I Want” Tags

I’ve battled expectations from my eight-year-old Zoe, (and thank you, parents of classmates who give bikes for Easter and an Xbox for getting a flu shot!) and this is the time every year we start really, really controlling what she watches. Every kid’s channel is clogged with “Buy, Buy, BUY!” – even if the message is not in the commercial break, you’ll see it in the shows.

As someone who works in marketing, I know what the industry is doing and how, but even I’m overwhelmed with just how slick the messages are, and how pervasive. You can’t get away from it all completely, but with the help of a cunning child psychologist, I’ve learned some tricks to help control expectations.

The Beloved “I Want” Tags:

I made these to print off for my kids and assorted nieces and nephews. It’s a good reset when they’re dazzled by the billions and BILLIONS of items just begging to be purchased. It slows them down just enough that they really have to think about it – “Is this thingie really tag-worthy?” Please feel free to download the tags and use them with your kiddos.

BTW: Dr. Julie Hanks has a spectacular interview here about helping your kids determine what’s really important, including some genius phrases that shut down the whining like magic!