Stupid Valentine’s Day Gifts – The “50 Shades of Gray DOUBLE Blindfold Kit” – 2.13.19

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Stupid Valentine’s Day Gifts – The “50 Shades of Gray DOUBLE Blindfold Kit.” We’ve got some of the weirdest gifts for Valentine’s Day- like “fundies” that two people can wear at the same time (ewwww) and my favorite- the “Fifty Shades of Gray Double Blindfold Kit.” Um… if you’re both wearing a blindfold, doesn’t that seem…? Never mind.

The Todd shows you what to cook when someone drops off 5 massive bags of fresh spinach- tastiness! (By the way- if you’re trying to eat better, there’s tons of tasty spinach recipes from the Todd’s Test Kitchen here.)

Plus Sting and the Chainsmokers are coming in concert to Salt Lake City! We have your sneaky inside tip on getting your tickets first.

Pinterest-Worthy Hot Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes – 11.16.18

Pinterest-Worthy Hot Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes. Erin and Zoe make Hot Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes today, and they’re totally Pinterest-worthy!


A new study from Oxford University is projecting what drivers intend to do in their cars once the self-driving feature is perfected. I was thinking taking a nap. I wasn’t even close. Remember the Tell Me Something Good story about the homeless gentleman who spent his last $20 to help a woman stranded on the freeway? The story went viral, they raised $400,000 for him on GoFund Me? It’s the worst ending you can possibly imagine.

The Kindest Police Officer In North America – 11.15.18

The Kindest Police Officer In North America. The Todd is now obsessed with Pinterest and somehow takes it as a personal challenge to produce clever things. Today’s DIY is place settings for your fancy Thanksgiving table. (Editor’s note: while we’re talking Thanksgiving, take a look at the Todd’s easiest Thanksgiving turkey EVER on your outdoor grill here. Or, if you’re thinking something smaller and less effort this year, try his tasty Cajun Stuffed Turkey Wings recipe here.)


Plus- the sweetest story of love and kindness from a West Jordan police officer… and Thanksgiving dinner is on Bruno Mars this year- 24,000 dinners.

What Medical Ailments America Googles: Poop Comes Up A Lot – 10.4.18

What Medical Ailments America Googles: Poop Comes Up A Lot. So we found what America Googles most regarding health questions by state… some of them are acutely horrifying. We’ll explain. Also, Nebraska and South Carolina- what is it with you and Googling “the color of your poop?”


We headed down for the grand opening of the wildly ambitious new theme park “Evermore,” you’ve probably heard bits and pieces about it- it’s incredible! Have a look…

DIY Your Own Big, Scary Halloween Tree 10.2.18

DIY Your Own Big, Scary Halloween Tree. We’re setting up this year’s Halloween Tree today on the show. Who’s as excited for Halloween as we are? Or you just in it for the candy? (Editor’s note: anything you see on our Halloween Tree that you like can be found along with all our other Halloween decor on our Amazon page here.)

Plus! The Corn Critters are my favorite new thing on the tree this year. Find our easy-peasy DIY tutorial here.

The psycho tropical storm Rosa is just about to kick our collective behinds here in Utah, and it’s not too late to get flood insurance. We’re not joking.