Fistfight At The “Modest Wedding Dress” Store – 2.27.19

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Fistfight At The “Modest Wedding Dress” Store.

You walk into the “Modest Wedding Dress” shop to find a little something, next thing you know, there’s a fistfight breaking out that includes the bride and groom to be and the mother of the bride. Don’t we usually save that for the reception?


There’s a rather clever new plan that retirees are using instead of an expensive care center- the Holiday Inn, we’ll explain. Spending all that money on a care center? P’shaw! Why would you when you can get all the amenities and more at your local Holiday Inn for half the price? It really is a genius idea.



Good news about more possibilities for you getting help with Medicaid here in Utah, and sort of a reverse “Tell Me Something Going.” Starts good, ends awful… but on the bright side, there’s Girl Scout Cookies involved. Stick around, you’re going to enjoy this…  (Editor’s note: would you rather have a sweet Tell Me Something Good? Read about actor Kevin Bacon and his lovely, continual good deeds here.)