Go For “Good Enough” This Holiday And Be HAPPY!

Go For “Good Enough” This Holiday And Be HAPPY! When did the holidays change from “This is GREAT!” to “Oh, I hope I can make it through the holidays.” Probably around the same time we all decided we had to be perfect and only post perfect things we’ve baked, crafted or decorated on social media. Here’s our new challenge: post something imperfect and show that “Good Enough” is great. Here’s a wonderful pep talk from Dr Julie Hanks teaching us how. Make this your happiest holiday yet by embracing imperfection.


Go For “Good Enough” This Holiday. Erin here- as you can see from the picture above, these are my totally feeble Milano Reindeer Cookies- it’s a miracle the cookie company hasn’t emailed me, begging me to not make them look bad. But they were made with my 7 year old Zoe and a lot of… uh… heart. We don’t have to be perfect to be happy for the holidays. I am embracing my imperfections! (Editor’s note: If you still want to try the no-bake Reindeer Cookies, because they really are tasty, find the video and recipe here.)


Go for “Good Enough” this Holiday! – 12.17.19

Go for “Good Enough” this Holiday!  Everything doesn’t have to be perfect to make this a great holiday, Dr. Julie Hanks is here to teach us how to “shoot for the middle.”

BTW: did you miss Dr. Hanks’s excellent advice on raising a non-greedy kid during the holidays? Find that here.

Also, re-gifting, do you do it? We have a sort of heartwarming charity story that ends up being kind of… huh?

And fear not! You have time to decorate with the Todd’s Sixty Second Christmas Tree.

BTW: looking for more Christmas crafts? Here’s a guide for how many lights you actually need on that tree – at least to avoid the midnight run to Home Depot – and a wealth of possibilities if you’d like a tree, without having to actually drag a giant pine through your door, the No-tree Christmas tree decor.

Who Actually Follows The Holiday Tipping Guide? – 12.13.18

Who Actually Follows The Holiday Tipping Guide?

The guide to holiday tipping is out, and it’s making me feel guilty, things like “Tip your child’s lunch ladies $25 each. Your nanny should get an extra’s month’s salary as a holiday tip.” Who DOES tip and how much and to who? Really- I want to know.


Embrace your imperfections!

So many friends have felt frustrated and inadequate because they’re buying into the Myth of the Perfect Holiday. Dr. Julie Hanks is the person to set us straight and embrace the mantra “Go For Good Enough!” You’ll be inspired, I promise. So, the SLC City Council just voted to give themselves a $10,000 raise. Each. I wish I had that power… Don’t forget to shop locally for the holidays and support our local businesses- we have a lovely list for you. Find them all here!

Embrace The “Good Enough” Holiday & Forget The “Perfect” One – 12.11.18

Embrace The “Good Enough” Holiday & Forget The “Perfect” One. Go for “Good Enough.” That’s my mantra this holiday, and especially after talking to Dr Julie Hanks about the pressure we all put on ourselves to make the holiday “perfect.” I’m challenging everyone to put up an imperfect craft, or cookie, or something that shows your friends and the people you influence that you’re not “perfect.” Let’s support each other!


Plus, more embarrassingly easy treats. Also, embarrassing because my Milano Reindeer Cookies still look a little feeble. But I posted my imperfection! Embrace The “Good Enough” Holiday!


In Tell Me Something Good, two epic elderly ladies who buy up 1.5 million dollars in medical debt to help families with ill members breathe easier for the holidays, and who was that mysterious movie star who paid for half a million dollars of gifts in layaway at Walmart? So our “Shop Locally” business today is Rogliano’s Italian Dressing. Everyone loves this stuff. Kevin (Hercules) Sorbo loves this stuff. Are you going to disagree with Hercules? I think not.