Making a Paper Medallion Wreath For Halloween – Easy DIY – 10.17.18

Erin here – you know any craft I’m showing you is going to be ridiculously simple- because I’m a simpleton. Paper medallions are big in holiday decor this year, so I’m going to show you how to make one into a nice big Halloween wreath with limited effort. And ideally, minimal glue gun burns. Plus! I’ll show you how to get rid of all those irritating little threads of strung-out glue that make your project look sloppy.


(Editor’s note: for more fun with a “cool” hot glue gun and all the supplies you need for this craft, head to our page here.)

Also! More easy Halloween crafts for kids with our Halloween Tree here, and Magic Wand-Making 101 here, and “Corn Critters” here. All designed to make your house look cooler than Martha Stewart’s.

DIY Your Own Big, Scary Halloween Tree 10.2.18

DIY Your Own Big, Scary Halloween Tree. We’re setting up this year’s Halloween Tree today on the show. Who’s as excited for Halloween as we are? Or you just in it for the candy? (Editor’s note: anything you see on our Halloween Tree that you like can be found along with all our other Halloween decor on our Amazon page here.)

Plus! The Corn Critters are my favorite new thing on the tree this year. Find our easy-peasy DIY tutorial here.

The psycho tropical storm Rosa is just about to kick our collective behinds here in Utah, and it’s not too late to get flood insurance. We’re not joking.

Wand-making 101 With The Todd & Zoe – Halloween Craft-tasticness 10.1.18


Wand-making 101 With The Todd & Zoe – Halloween Craft-tasticness. Today, it’s “Making Magic Wands With The Todd and Zoe,” a little Halloween cleverness to start your week. Plus sad news about a vandalism at Black Island Farms and how we can help this family favorite Halloween spot.


(image credit: Dobrislava)

Todd is struggling with his jealousy over the world’s largest pumpkin, and in Tell Me Something Good- Congress might be jumping into stopping the airlines from shrinking our legroom even more. Do you know it’s shrunk from 38 inches to 27 in the last 5 years? No wonder I can’t feel my feet on a flight anymore! Also, this might shock you, but there actually is “Nudist Resort Etiquette.” Some seem obvious (sit on a towel, please) but a couple of others made me crack up. Have a listen…

How To Create Your Halloween Tree – 9.23.18

How To Create Your Halloween Tree. Today’s show is subtitled: “Tell Erin why The Todd should not sleep in the tool shed for the next six months.” You’ll see why. Behold ladies and gentlemen! The Halloween Tree! Take a look at our step-by-step guide. You’ll never guess who’s about to offer you medical insurance (Hint: big blue logo? Greeters at the doors?)



Tell Me Something Good involves a school bus, a hurricane and a gigantic bunch of rescued pets. Prepare to sniffle a bit.

If you want to get anything you saw in the video for your decor, click here