The 5 Best Pumpkin Patches Along The Wasatch Front

The 5 Best Pumpkin Patches Along The Wasatch Front. Let’s be honest: we both know it’s faster and easier to grab one of those ubiquitous orange gourds at checkout when you’re grocery shopping. But, in the spirit of the season, can I suggest you throw the offspring in to car and actually make the trek to a real, live pumpkin patch? It’s more than just grabbing a future jack o’ lantern, it’s a day out that gleefully celebrates the crisp days of fall and those dazzling blue skies. 


black island farm

1. Black Island Farms, Syracuse

The minute the first leaf even thinks of turning yellow on our trees, our kids are clamoring for a trip to this mecca of hay bale slides, corn mazes, goofy little cow train rides and of course: the bumpy wagon ride out to find the perfect pumpkin from the field ourselves. It’s a full day’s trip, since all the corn and hay bale goodness is included in your ticket. Black Island Farms actually moved this year, so here’s the new address- it’s just a couple of blocks away from the old one. You can get discount codes and coupons here.



witch fest

(photo credit: MissBee)

2. Gardner Village WitchFest, West Jordan

I’m cheating a little with this one, because Gardner Village is a charming and historic shopping mall, rather than a pumpkin patch. All the same, when you can see the Witch A Palooza, race through the Witchy Scavenger Hunt, take a dip in the Candy Corn Pond, see the incredible witchy displays AND get a pumpkin out of the patch–well, you see where I’m going with this. Hours and prices here.


pumpkin patch

(photo credit: KB Owen)

3. Hee Haw Farms, Pleasant Grove

How can you resist a pumpkin patch that brags of dropping over SEVEN TONS of pumpkins? It’s the for annual Pumpkin Drop that benefits The March Of Dimes. This farm’s delighfully family-friendly, with sweet, cheesy elements like the Corn Cannon, the Cow Train, hayrides, and more. There’s discounts and coupons here.



hay wagon

(photo credit: Todd Heft)

4. Peterson Family Farm, Riverton

It’s so refreshing to see a pumpkin patch that doesn’t gleefully charge you for every single little thing–many of the activities on this family farm are free, and the pumpkins and other produce aren’t as expensive as many locations. Play in the mini corn maze, pet the farm animals, slide down the straw pyramid and wallow in the corn pit for free. Wagon hay rides are a mere $1.00 per person. More info and directions here.



grist mill

(photo credit: Hideya Hamano)

5. The Benson Grist Mill, Toole

Strictly speaking, they don’t actually grow the pumpkins there, but the annual Pumpkin Walk is a must–local businesses and groups create amazing pumpkin displays. There’s hay rides on the old wagon, a craft fair, free kid’s activities, of course, pumpkins and indian corn to take home. Find more info here.



headless horseman

(photo credit: Joe Penniston)

Okay, now you know our choices. What about you? Share your favorite pumpkin patches and photos–we’ve got tickets to The Haunted Village at This Is The Place Heritage Park to give away at random for some of your suggestions. The Headless Horseman rides again this year!

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