The Top Five Spookiest Spots Along the Wasatch Front – 10.25.19

Feel like scaring yourself silly this weekend? How handy, then, that we have the five spookiest spots along the Wasatch Front! We’ll explore the tragic mystery of Lilly Gray’s tombstone – Victim of the Beast. Oh, and there’s a rock garden where the rocks move and change shape at night. The creepy pioneer lime kiln, where more than one person fell into the fiery mass. There’s more, oh, so much more! (Insert ominous laughter here.)


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Welcome to the Spookiest Spots Along The Wasatch Front – Halloween, 10.31.18

Welcome to the Spookiest Spots Along The Wasatch Front. From Gilgal’s Garden to Emo’s Grave, we scout out your more terrifying places to chill this Halloween, chill? Get it? HAH!


Seriously, sweet little Salt Lake City’s just full of creepy spots. I grew up by the Salt Lake Cemetery, and locals still shiver over the sad tale of the Lily Gray, whose tombstone reads “Victim of the Beast 666.” Why? WHY? We’ll tell you the sordid tale, along with the mysteries of the Iron Cross perched high on the hill above Salt Lake. Or the eerie Pioneer Lime Kiln. And Erin’s true story about what happened to her and three friends on an idiotic and ill-advised adventure at the Salt Lake Crematorium.


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