Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Have you been thinking about making a homemade hand sanitizer? With hand sanitizer gel currently sold out everywhere, there is a homemade option I got from a friend of mine who’s a doctor with UNICEF – they use this formula out in the field where there’s no Walmart just around the corner. But she emphasizes, “Wash your hands!! It’s just as important if not more so.” The full 20 seconds is important, singing “Happy Birthday” twice is about right.




Another important element is the aloe vera gel – alcohol alone is too harsh. Broken skin – even irritated, sore skin – is a more likely field for microbes to grow and flourish.

Are you looking for some sensible health advice regarding your coronavirus concerns? Try the Harvard University Health Review or The Washington Post. It’s easy to freak out – I don’t want to brag, but that is my specialty – but there’s plenty of excellent, professional information available. Are you looking for some good reasons to not panic? Allow me to introduce “Coronavirus: Ten reasons why you ought not to panic.”





Blood-stained Running Shoes For Sale, “Lightly Used” – 3.11.20

Blood-stained Running Shoes For Sale, “Lightly Used.” I’d never realized how creepy our innocent local classified ads could be until the Todd started pointing out all the weirdness. Like … all those groovy descriptions of furniture made from “reclaimed barn wood?” Um, I don’t think this stuff is what they were picturing.


Wash your hands! Good, now wash them again! I swear, I’ve washed my hands so much that the notes I wrote on my palm for my high school calculus class just resurfaced. But aside from that, what are you doing to protect yourself against the coronavirus hysteria?




Have you seen our recipe for homemade hand sanitizer? It was given to me by a doctor who works with UNICEF in field hospitals when there’s not a Walmart right around the corner.


I’m still trying to figure out where the whole “Buy ALL THE TOILET PAPER!” came from. Why TP? Really? And when you run out, what then? There is an answer…

I know we’re all freaking out about Coronavirus and what it could mean to our community. As I’m writing this, they’ve closed down all public schools in Utah – it’s a “soft close,” meaning kiddos who really count on those lunches and breakfasts can still get a meal. Food insecurity here in Utah hits one out of five kids. And it makes me think: while health officials preach Social Distancing, can we find a way to make sure that doesn’t turn into “Emotional Distancing?” There’s elderly neighbors that I’m going shopping for this weekend so they don’t have to leave the house. There’s kids who are out of school for the next two weeks and working parents freaking out about what to do – the point is, there is so much we can be doing for each other without endangering our health. If you’ve found some ways to help others during this crazy coronavirus period, I’d love to hear them. Let’s help each other!

5 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Family for Covid-19.