I Did Not Know That! Genius Parenting Tips & Tricks

So, in the Good Old Days, everyone had a cool Nana that lived with them and basically told everyone what to do.

So Parenting Tips & Tricks weren’t really needed.  Nana knew all this stuff.

Then, we all decided to start moving around and multi-generational families weren’t so common.  And all of a sudden, it’s 2am and the kid is screaming his lungs out and there’s no one to tell you what to do!


Thus, behold the Awesome.

Genius Parenting Tips & Tricks:


1. Use a little glue glitter to make “Tooth Fairy Money.” (Editor’s note: a FIVER?  Hah!  My kids are lucky they graduated to a buck a molar.)




2. Wiggly kids that have a hard time sitting still long enough to study? Invest in a stability ball.  Long-term studies are showing increased concentration for longer periods of time–and an improved core! Find some good selections here.


3. Make your expensive iPad safe with “Kid Mode.” This feature locks the application and disables any hardware controls that could lead your toddler on a wayward path. Learn how to turn it on here.


4.  Use a shoe caddy as “kid central” for long drives.  Rather than paying $150.00 for a fancy car organizer (I’m not kidding.  $150 bucks!) I bought a hanging shoe caddy for $10.99.  Neatly stores everything and keeps it within reach of grubby little paws.


5. Temporary tattoos that help locate your little person. These are by a company called SafetyTat.  So brilliant that I can’t even stand it.


(Cover image credit: Sarah via Flickr)

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I Did Not Know That, Either! 5 More Fast Fixes For Everyday Problems

I Did Not Know That, Either! 5 More Fast Fixes For Everyday Problems

I Did Not Know That, Either! 5 More Fast Fixes For Everyday Problems. Back to admitting my ignorance and letting another, more clever soul to solve my everyday petty annoyances. You with me?


I Did Not Know That, Either! 5 More Fast Fixes For Everyday Problems

1.  I don’t think I have ever ONCE hung a picture frame evenly.  For picture frames with two holes, hang them evenly and easily by placing a single strip of masking tape over the back covering the two holes. Mark each end of the tape where the holes are located for hanging the frame. Take the tape off and place it on your wall. Make sure it is level then hammer a nail in at each pen mark. Go to Adventures in Creating for the entire step by step tutorial.


2.  If you can’t find a shower curtain to match your bathroom style (in most cases I can only find solid black, brown, white and blue or really scary bright colors) try looking in the regular curtain section. Using this tip from SAS Interiors. You can turn any curtain into a shower curtain.


3.  I do this all THE FREAKING TIME!   Tired of shrinking sweaters or ruining shirts because you accidentally threw them in the dryer? Keep a dry erase marker in your laundry room. Use the marker to write notes on your washing machine (i.e. Do not dry red blouse!)


(image credit: Noricum)

4.  You CAN fix a broken zipper!! Just take the stopper and zipper off re-arrange the teeth, then put the zipper back on. Use a needle and thick thread to make a new stopper. I wish I would have found this tutorial years ago. I could have saved so many coats and backpacks!


(Image credit: Marco Vercht)

5.  Ever spill nail polish on your floor?  There’s a great post here on how to remove nail polish from wood, cloth, hair, and carpet.


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There’s Apparently A “Right” Way To Open A Can. Who knew? Apparently we’ve been doing it all wrong. Enjoy The Todd’s handy-dandy explanatory video and marvel in your new knowledge.


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We’ll tell you why the next time you’re ordering your fries it might be Nana at the checkout window and in Tell Me Something Good, a New Zealand fisherman catches the most precious thing in the ocean.