Fortnite is “Deliberately Addicting” Your Kids. And There’s a Lawsuit. Of Course. – 10.8.19

Fortnite is “Deliberately Addicting” Your Kids. And There’s a Lawsuit. Of Course. There’s a $100 million dollar lawsuit against Fortnite developers, who the attorney claimes “worked closely” with psychologists to make the game “as addictive as possible. Given that this game is gigantic and sponsors a $30 million dollar “World Cup” style tournament every year, maybe that $100 million is pocket change?

There’s fall camping spots along the Wasatch Front that are spectacular! And Wilderness Todd will show you where they are on the podcast today.


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For all of us who’ve waited tables or worked in a restaurant or a bar, you know how hard you work for those tips! Given that the IRS is taxing you 15% on those tips, you have to really hope that you get tipped well. But now there’s new legislation that would allow restaurant owners to take all of your tips, then “redistribute” them to everyone else in the restaurant as well. We have 50 furious emails from servers today!

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Given the devastation in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian tore through, lots of little groups in Florida are raising money to help the recovery. There’s a little place called the Siesta Key Oyster Bar where the tradition has been to staple a dollar to the wall or the ceiling when you order a drink. This has apparently been going on for a long time. A really long time, because the staff’s been carefully taking down all the dollar bills to donate to hurricane relief. So far, they’ve carefully pried over fifteen thousand dollars from the bar.  An amazing Tell Me Something Good!


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