“We’re Too Beautiful To Work, So Pay For Our Vacation.” – 6.19.19

“We’re Too Beautiful To Work, So Pay For Our Vacation.” Welcome to our Outrageous Story Of The Day: A “beautiful” young couple who wants $18,000 to go on a tandem bike ride from Germany to Africa. But they’re too “beautiful” to work for it. They want YOU to pay for their trip. They can’t ask their parents, because his mom is already working two jobs to support them since they’re living with her.


Lagoon Amusement Park now has a Bavarian Beer Garden- just in case you needed one. (Personally, though I like the idea of a beer garden, the concept of alcohol and high speed, high-velocity rides seem ill-advised. At least in the case of my weak constitution.)


And here’s the world’s best temp job- traveling the country and eat ribs. And getting paid $10,000. We’ll tell you how to apply.

Oh! Need a last-minute side dish for a friend’s BBQ tonight? Welcome to our “Cooking in the Car” specialty- cole slaw. Find it here.

Plus, The Todd comes out in defense of the Dad Bod. Turns out 71% of the country thinks it’s pretty hot.