Charging $125 At The Door For Your Wedding Reception – 7/10/19

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Charging $125 At The Door For Your Wedding Reception. Say you RSVP’d “yes” to attend a friend’s wedding, and when you got to the door, they charged you and your date $250.00 to get in. Would you turn around and leave or grit your teeth and hand over your credit card? Here’s the creepy new wedding trend this summer…

Today’s Summer Salad recipe is for the rather epic Watermelon salad with balsamic vinegar and feta cheese. BTW: looking for more lovely, lovely salads? Try our tasty Mexican Corn Salad. So few ingredients and a small tutorial on the joys of Cotija cheese – the recipe is here. Plus, have a look at our Strawberry-Spinach salad here.

Ewwww… did you see the viral video of that ridiculous girl peeling off the top of the ice cream container and licking it? Now, there are copycats. Poor ice cream, this is a tragedy!


When you see a big pile of illegal contraband all laid out with triumphant officers standing around it, you’re thinking some kind of a big bust, right? This one involved… trout.

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Yet More Reasons To Kiss A Lot… Like You Needed An Excuse – 7.9.19

Yet More Reasons To Kiss A Lot… Like You Needed An Excuse.

Up next in our “Daily Stream Summer Salad Series,” (catchy, eh?) we’re making Mexican Corn Salad today. It’s ridiculously easy, but it was so tasty!! BTW: If you’ve missed any of our lovely, lovely salads the Spinach-Strawberry Salad is here.


If you’ve dreamt of telecommuting for work here in Utah, the state is about to be your new employer.


Also! The health benefits of kissing (like you needed an excuse.) Plus, WHY is it that women do three times more chores than men? Even in the more “progressive” countries where women make nearly equal pay and equal responsibility in the workplace, they’re still doing at least twice the chores at home as men are! The reasons why though, will surprise you.