The First Picture Of A Black Hole Or Eye Of Sauron From LOTR? – 4.12.19

The First Picture Of A Black Hole Or Eye Of Sauron From LOTR?  Is it just me, or does the first picture ever of a Black Hole look just like the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings, look at the side by side comparison.

Can you even imagine how terrifying a home invasion would be? You, hiding in a closet and desperately calling the police? Here’s a chest-cam view from a SWAT officer responding to a call here in Utah. Wait for it…

We’re rich! I just checked my family’s names out on Utah’s Unclaimed Property list- everyone has money coming but ME. We’ll show you how to check your nameCan you imagine spending the night in the Louvre in Paris under the Mona Lisa? We’ll tell you how to enter, but you have to hurry, the contest is about to close.


(cover image credit: NASA Event Horizon Collaboration)

How To Tell Someone Is Scamming You: Lesson One – 4.4.19

How To Tell Someone Is Scamming You: Lesson One. Would you like to be our guest celebrity reporter at FanX at the Salt Palace on the 19-20? The interviews, the filming? Here’s your chance- we’ll tell you what to do on the show today. How persuasive would someone have to be for you to give them all your credit card info if they showed up at your door? There’s a bunch of folks in Davis County who are out a lot of money today.


Todd is excited to tell you about a new NASA mission to the moon to retrieve some little baggies of… biological matter left there by the astronauts. Ugh. And SUCH a good idea in Tell Me Something Good that would stop food waste from school lunch programs and send frozen meals home with hungry kids.