Todd & Erin’s “Shop Locally” Holiday List – Bonnie’s Joy Pin-up

Todd & Erin’s “Shop Locally” Holiday List – Bonnie’s Joy Pin-up. I can’t imagine a more satisfying gift than one that makes you look and feel beautiful, and gives you photographic proof. I’ve been wanting to do a vintage, “pin-up girl” photo for the Todd for a while, he loooves that style. And there’s nothing more satisfying than that look of misty gratitude on the face of your partner when they see a picture of you all dolled up for them.


Meet today’s “Shop Locally” Legend- Bonnie’s Joy Pin-up. Photographer Alyssa Chambers, the brains behind the concept, says “I founded the service on a love of the pin-up style, Bonnie’s Joy is a retro centered photography company based out of Salt Lake City. I have a variety of services and ever- changing themes, so Bonnie’s Joy is a fun, unique experience for each guest.”


Essentially, you can book a single session for $120: including professional hair, makeup, photoshoot, style guide, custom pinup or boudoir theme, wardrobe available, 8 to 10 edited digital prints, and print ordering through Smug Mug. Half the fun is seeing how much these cute women enjoy being transformed into luscious creatures during the photoshoot. We all want to look beautiful, but Alyssa also makes you feel beautiful- and it shines through in your photos. (Editor’s note: this is an extraordinarily low price for a photo shoot. Including makeup and hair, these shoots usually run between $350-700.) Alyssa’s also offering this special right now: mention code “Erin” and receive $30 off for your group party good till Jan. 31st.



Why not make a party of it? A little mutual support, a lot of giggling… Bonnie’s Joy provides group parties up to 4 people for $360, which includes everything in a single session with the addition of bingo with prizes, double the amount of digital prints and a polaroid keepsake.






Please meet the rest of our “Shop Locally” Legends… And thank you for shopping locally and supporting our local businesses, artists, creators, writers and servicepeople!

Kathy Cushman – Utah DIY Wedding


Michelle Brooks – Mary Kay custom gifts



Mrs. Lewis and Jazzy J – Perfectly Posh pampering, body and skin care


Brittany Jones – Color Street Manicure Goddess



Pure Romance by Brenda Winters

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Become a Luscious, Pouting Vixen for Valentine’s Day

Become a Luscious, Pouting Vixen for Valentine’s Day!

I never walk away from meeting with photographer Alyssa Chambers without feeling inspired. Here’s why: she has an unshakable belief in the beauty of women. She’s gently bulldozed through a thousand weak excuses of: “Oh, I’ll think about it after I lose 20 pounds,” with the confidence that comes from bringing out the unique beauty of each woman she photographs.


You’re perfectly imperfect. Just the way you are.

“It’s not about what you look like,” Alyssa told me one afternoon when we were sorting through a pile of fabulous, vintage jewelry, “it’s about how you feel about what you look like. I love showing women that they don’t need to lose any weight. You’re perfectly imperfect. Just the way you are.”


Here’s Alyssa’s special Valentine’s Day offer, in her own words…

“Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.” – Voltaire, Author

👉🏻 Here are the details :

♥️ Can book up to July 2020 (note: Bonnie’s Joy days of operations to Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting January 01, 2020

♥️ Only 5 spots available at this rate

Save $250.00 off your session fee and get your Empowering Experience for ONLY $50.00 non-refund – regularly $300! nonrefundable 🙀

Enjoy a $100 product credit toward your collection purchase💸

Hair and makeup are always included!

3 outfits

Not sure you’re ready yet? Read what these Queens had to say about their experience:

”This was hands down the most empowering thing I have ever done. I have never felt so beautiful, so strong, so dare I say sexy in my entire life. If you’re wondering if you should do this… wonder no longer! Do it! I’m still in awe at the photos!;)”


“I was nervous at first. But within five minutes she had me smiling, laughing, and enjoying the entire experience. She complimented me, telling me how great I looked, and even stopped to show me a picture or two. I have no modeling experience whatsoever. That wasn’t a problem. She directed me, taught me, and overall just made me feel comfortable. If anything, it was fun just feeling sexy for an hour.” I recommend this 100% If I could change anything, it’s that I could do this forever. She made me feel so amazing about myself. Something I’ve been working on my entire life, she helped and improved within an afternoon. Ms. Joy is an angel, and I can’t wait to go again.”


💣 Truth Bomb!💥

Look, we all have excuses but I truly believe that a boudoir experience can CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 🤯 You DON’T need…

🛑 to lose X pounds

🛑 to get into better shape

🛑 to have a significant other to gift the photos to.

You DO need…

💚 to see yourself through someone else’s eyes

💚 to pamper yourself

💚 to put yourself first once in a while

💚 to LOVE yourself

If you wait until you hit a certain point, you’ll likely be waiting forever!

🙅🏼♀️ So STOP making excuses as to why you can’t do this and START giving yourself reasons TO do this! Give yourself permission to FEEL GOOD!

This isn’t just a quick experience that fades away, like a manicure! 💅 This is an experience that helps you to see your true beauty! And your photos will be a lasting keepsake to remind you when you start to forget! 💭

So, what are you waiting for?? You ain’t getting any younger!

Comment “I’m ready!” Below if you’re ready to start seeing yourself through a different lens and start LOVING yourself! 👇🏻👇🏻 THEN message me to claim your spot!

Empowering, confidence-building and sexy.

**Can not be combined with any other offer. For new bookings only**


The ’50s was such a flattering period for us girls…

I love the focus Bonnie’s Joy Pin-ups puts on the luscious, pouting look of the ’50s. It was such a flattering era for us girls! There’s so many ways to accentuate all the gorgeous bits of you, and so many looks, from outrageously daring to demure and saucy.

So! I’m challenging you to call Alyssa and learn a bit more about the experience. You can learn more from the video here. But for Valentine’s Day, I think the gift we give ourselves is a beautiful image. Something so lovely and awe-inspiring that we never forget just how gorgeous we really are.

And, if you want to share it with a significant other, that’s nice. But secondary.

Want to know more about Alyssa and the process? Have a look here. You can also find Alyssa on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and her website here.