Porch Pirates & Christmas Shopping… Todd & Erin Style

Porch Pirates & Christmas Shopping… Todd & Erin Style. Did you know that Salt Lake City is number two in the NATION for porch pirates? You know, those sleazebags who cruise your neighborhood, spot a package on your front step and steal it? Todd and Erin discuss this and the “true” meaning of the holidays. Happy Holidays!!!

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“No Gifts” Christmas & The Most Pitiful Porch Pirate Ever – 12.17.18

No Gifts” Christmas & The Most Pitiful Porch Pirate Ever.

I got a request from Jackie Pettis for our White Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn recipe- have a look at our DIY deliciousness on the show today. (BTW: have you tried making our oh, so tasty Hot Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes? Find the recipe here.)

Did you hear the story of the Sandy Porch Pirate who stole his neighbor’s outdoor decorations… because he wanted to throw a Christmas party and… you guessed it, did not have any decorations?


No Gifts” Christmas & The Most Pitiful Porch Pirate Ever.

There’s a big push now for “No Gift” holidays, would your family be down with that? And in Tell Me Something Good- the beautiful story of Freddie the Goldfish, proving even the hardest of hearts have a soft spot.


Have you had a chance to take a look at some of our “Shop Locally” Legends? Support our local businesses here along the Wasatch Front! There’s some really creative, clever gift ideas…

Like Pure Romance by Brenda Winters- spice up your holiday with some sexy gifts. If you’re a little nervous about what to pick, Brenda can do everything for you. Have a look here.

Five Clever Ways To Defeat The Porch Pirates – 11.29.18

Five Clever Ways To Defeat The Porch Pirates. Sick of your packages getting stolen right off your porch before you can make it home from work?’s rolling out gigantic yellow lockers to store your packages so you can pick them up on the way home. But there’s many more brilliant ways to crush the porch pirates before they can swipe your stuff. Some expensive- “Amazon Lock” for $250 anyone? And some cheap- the $10 fake security camera.


Also! Why have A Christmas Tree when you can have a GROVE of Christmas Trees? Check out our DIY video. Epic IKEA pranks… Smell-O-Vision on your cellphone? And meet our latest “Shop Locally” Legend from Perfectly Posh – Mrs Lewis and Jazzy J. They have an amazing story. For a complete list of all our Shop Local Legends, click here. Thank you for supporting local businesses!

Painful Home Remedies For Canker Sores – 9.28.18

Painful Home Remedies For Canker Sores. Today Erin is trying an old Scottish folk remedy to get rid of canker sores… which is possibly worse than the actual problem.


The state’s forced to pay the movie theatre Brewvies over a scuffle about showing “Deadpool-” $250,000 worth of scuffle. And here’s your technology moment- an app that talks to your delivery guy and opens the trunk of your car so he can put the package in and lock it up again. Oh, an assistant principal tells us why it’s “Women’s fault- all the way back to Adam.” Um… okay.