Lobster Bacon Corn Chowder Says “I Love You” – 1.23.19

Lobster Bacon Corn Chowder Says “I Love You.” Ready to create True Love in the form of food? (It always works for me, honey.) Here’s the Todd’s easy DIY video for the glorious Lobster Bacon Chowder. Prepare to drool.

Perhaps you’re hungry for more? Enjoy the Todd’s Roasted Fresh Pork Leg recipe here. 

Or there’s the lovely Bacon-Balsamic Brussels Sprouts recipe here.

Roasting A Fresh Pork Leg For Christmas Dinner – 12.18.18

Roasting A Fresh Pork Leg For Christmas Dinner. Todd and I were trying to think of what to serve for Christmas dinner- since it looks like we have around… you know… 35 people showing up. A fresh pork leg is glorious. Never tried it? Here’s your DIY video with Todd and the Toddler. (Editor’s note: there’s also a tasty recipe for an impeccably grilled turkey on your Weber Grill outside, freeing up your oven inside for all your side dishes. Find it here.)



Firefighters and snakes… we’ll explain. But it just makes me love firefighters that much more. And in Tell Me Something Good, a Swedish professor actually hires mercenaries to rescue her doctoral student who’s trapped in an occupied town… so he can get his degree. That’s commitment.