Todd & Erin’s “Shop Locally” Holiday Guide – Utah DIY Wedding

Todd & Erin’s “Shop Locally” Holiday List – Utah DIY Wedding.

Meet Kathy Cushman, entrepreneurial Queen, and owner of Utah DIY Wedding. I’ve been to Kathy’s weddings before, and the woman is amazing. She’s created Utah’s largest wedding decor rental inventory. I’m not kidding:

  • 3000 sq ft showroom
  • 20+ backdrops
  • 1200 inventory items

You can find Kathy’s genius with Utah DIY Wedding on Facebook, InstagramPinterest, and on YouTube. To set up a free tour and consultation, click here.

For as low as $395, you’ll get COMPLETE Wedding Decor Rental.

This includes:

Utah DIY Wedding has a “Small Business” special: a FREE upgrade – that’s 15 choices of premium items – if you book by November 30th. 

Want to see it all in person? Here’s a perfect opportunity!

The Grand Opening of her new showroom:

1302 W Utah Ave., Payson UT 84651
(801) 753-8093
Small Business Saturday
Nov 30th, 2019
9am to 4pm
There’s food, drinks, and be sure to enter the drawing for a free backdrop rental that she’ll be giving away during the Grand Opening – that’s $125 value!


She has a huge variety of styles- Vintage…


Rustic and Boho…



How does this work?

It’s delightfully simple…

You pick up your selected package at Kathy’s warehouse- and she has rental rates that run for as long as 5 days- there’s a lot to do during the wedding, she gets it. You set all your goodies up, then return it all after the wedding. For $395!

Kathy’s joined us at Erin’s Night Out before- and I’m always amazed at her creativity, her charm and her enormous heart. She takes such pleasure in making women feel like the goddess they are. And it’s not just weddings! Old-style tea parties, corporate events, special parties …  she’s your girl. You can reach Kathy at or call for a free consultation at 801.753.8093



Todd & Erin’s “Shop Locally” Holiday List – Bonnie’s Joy Pin-up

Todd & Erin’s “Shop Locally” Holiday List – Bonnie’s Joy Pin-up. I can’t imagine a more satisfying gift than one that makes you look and feel beautiful, and gives you photographic proof. I’ve been wanting to do a vintage, “pin-up girl” photo for the Todd for a while, he loooves that style. And there’s nothing more satisfying than that look of misty gratitude on the face of your partner when they see a picture of you all dolled up for them.


Meet today’s “Shop Locally” Legend- Bonnie’s Joy Pin-up. Photographer Alyssa Chambers, the brains behind the concept, says “I founded the service on a love of the pin-up style, Bonnie’s Joy is a retro centered photography company based out of Salt Lake City. I have a variety of services and ever- changing themes, so Bonnie’s Joy is a fun, unique experience for each guest.”


Essentially, you can book a single session for $120: including professional hair, makeup, photoshoot, style guide, custom pinup or boudoir theme, wardrobe available, 8 to 10 edited digital prints, and print ordering through Smug Mug. Half the fun is seeing how much these cute women enjoy being transformed into luscious creatures during the photoshoot. We all want to look beautiful, but Alyssa also makes you feel beautiful- and it shines through in your photos. (Editor’s note: this is an extraordinarily low price for a photo shoot. Including makeup and hair, these shoots usually run between $350-700.) Alyssa’s also offering this special right now: mention code “Erin” and receive $30 off for your group party good till Jan. 31st.



Why not make a party of it? A little mutual support, a lot of giggling… Bonnie’s Joy provides group parties up to 4 people for $360, which includes everything in a single session with the addition of bingo with prizes, double the amount of digital prints and a polaroid keepsake.






Please meet the rest of our “Shop Locally” Legends… And thank you for shopping locally and supporting our local businesses, artists, creators, writers and servicepeople!

Kathy Cushman – Utah DIY Wedding


Michelle Brooks – Mary Kay custom gifts



Mrs. Lewis and Jazzy J – Perfectly Posh pampering, body and skin care


Brittany Jones – Color Street Manicure Goddess



Pure Romance by Brenda Winters


Creating Holiday Traditions – The Christmas Tree Memory String – 11.27.18

Creating Holiday Traditions – The Christmas Tree Memory String. What are your holiday traditions? One of our favorites is the Christmas Tree Memory String- the bottom disc of each year’s tree attached to a ribbon. It’s so fun to count through the years and remember all the highlights. What’s your favorite ritual during this time of year? For instance…


Creating Holiday Traditions. Zoe and I (our 7 year old) are really getting into baking tiny desserts. Some are Pinterest-worthy, others, more like “nailed it!” The Teeny-Tiny Pumpkin Pies (with a one net carb, sugar-free version!) are freaking delicious. Add the recipe to your baking traditions from here.


Oh, by the way- every single food item is out to kill you. Seriously. The federal government has recalled just about anything you can put in your mouth and chew. Oh, honey. Romaine lettuce was just the beginning… pork wontons… ground beef… ground turkey… and the most egregious, evil thing of all- Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter cereal. You will have to pry my Cap’n Crunch Cereal from my cold, dead hands. Which apparently could be an option. Salmonella has been one busy pathogen this fall…


Also, meet our new “Shop Locally” friend- Kathy Cushman of Utah DIY Weddings, one of the smartest businesswomen I know.

Shop Locally! Start With This Kid’s “Blockchain Adventure” Book – 11.26.18

Start With This Kid’s “Blockchain Adventure” Book… We’re kicking off “Shop Locally” this week- introducing you to local businesses, services and creative types like authors Linda Rawson, Jason Woodland and Tim Rowberry. We all want our kids to be smarter than US, right? Welcome to the new children’s book “Blockchain Adventure” series, “Toshi To The Moon,” the first in our “Shop Locally” push for the holidays. Happy Cyber Monday! You can order “Toshi To The Moon” here.


We’re on a quest this holiday to remind everyone to shop locally and support your local craftsmen, businesses, and services. They’re just as easy to shop with- online and never leaving the house? Perfection!

Interested in more “Shop Local Legends?”

Meet Kathy Cushman from Utah DIY Wedding- a complete wedding package for $395. I know you’re interested! Have a look here.