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Boost Your Business – Sign Up With The Shop Locally Utah Guide! So … how would you like your locally-based product or service introduced to over 200,000 of our close, personal friends over the next 30 days? For as low as $100 a month, become part of our Shop Locally Utah Guide! Contact us at to get started.


This is the year more and more Utahns are resolving to shop locally – to buy from businesses here – instead of a faceless conglomerate. Be one of the wealth of lovely locals to provide the perfect gift or service. Send us a message at for more info. Jewelry? Clothing? Woodwork? Pet products? House cleaning? Quilts? Snow shoveling? Local eatery? This is your time to shine. You can see how you’d be profiled here and here.


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Boost Your Business – Sign Up With The Todd & Erin “Shop Locally” Guide!

For an investment as low as $100, we’ll highlight your business and make sure that when Utahns are thinking shopping, they’re thinking you. You can find more information about our media reach here. It’s going to be a blast! Be one of the cool kids! Contact us at to get started.


Todd & Erin’s Shop Locally Guide – bean bliss All-natural Skin Care

Todd & Erin’s Shop Locally Guide – bean bliss All-natural Skin Care. I must admit I have a terrible weakness for skin care products that smell good enough to eat … and frankly, some of the bean bliss goodies smell so glorious that my eight-year-old Zoe buried her nose in my neck.

“What IS that?” Zoe said, taking another sniff.

As I fended her off, I looked at the lid of my body balm. “Uh, it’s Candy Cane.” The kid was seconds away from nibbling my neck, so I pacified her with a Vanilla Bean lip balm.

But it all feels and smells so good! Taneasha came up with with the oh, so tasty concept behind bean bliss because she needed something she couldn’t find in the store. “I have very sensitive skin and because of that, I have been using natural skin care products for much of my life.” But she added, “Unfortunately, most of them are either unscented, or they smell like lavender or herbs. Honestly, I don’t love that. I wanted something that was all-natural, but smelled incredible! That is how bean bliss all-natural skin care was born.” Taneasha infuses her products with real vanilla beans, and because bean bliss is meant for sensitive skin, everything is made with all-natural ingredients. (Erin here: at this point in the season, I have feet that more closely resemble hooves, but the Candy Cane body balm made my skin feel amazing.)


Where do I order this yummy stuff?

You can order all the lovely bean bliss all-natural skin care goodies online at, or pick some up at Fallen Angel Tattoo (City Weekly’s Best of Utah 2018!) located at 1530 South State Street in SLC. With the promo code Erin at checkout, you can choose whichever scent of lip balm you want for free. With any order, just add an extra lip balm, put in the code at checkout, and $5 will be deducted from the total. There’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and free shipping on any order over $50.


Are there variety packs with lots of things to sample?

There’s some wonderful variety packs for sampling, like the lip balm variety pack, with Pumpkin Spice Latte, Black Licorice, Sugar Plum and Candy Cane. The pack is currently on sale for 25% off – only $15! I’m a fan of the Bliss Bag -any scent you pick comes with the foaming hand wash, body balm and lip balm for only $25 – it’s on sale from $30.



Heavenly foaming soaps…

Why did no one tell me that the most vile, grimy child will happily wash their hands when there’s epic foaming soap involved? And bean bliss has such lovely scents: Vanilla Bean, Black Licorice, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Sugar Plum and Candy Cane – and they’re all only $10.


Take care of your tattoo!

Anyone with new ink knows how important tattoo care is, which is why bean bliss all-natural skin care offers a tattoo care kit for only $28 – that’s on sale, down from $32.


bean bliss All-natural Skin Care: show me the love…

bean bliss is beloved (say that three times fast!) and there’s plenty of five-star reviews to prove it. Everything comes to you all packaged in a pretty little bag with a ribbon, so you can send it directly to the fortunate recipient. Ready to take a look? When you order, just add Erin as your discount code and Taneasha will add in a free lip balm! There’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and free shipping on any order over $50.

You can also find bean bliss all-natural skin care on Facebook


We Taste-Test the Scary New Oreo Flavors – 1.24.20

We taste-test the scary new Oreo flavors.

 Oreo sent us a case of their new flavors, including one with so much frosting that biting through it was a challenge. We’ll tell you what’s disgusting and what was surprisingly tasty.


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Your massages melt men into mush, your cookies are so exquisite they have their own fan page, but if no one knows about them, your marketing plans for Valentine’s Day just fizzled away. There is help! Join the Shop Locally Utah movement and we’ll introduce you to 100,000 of our closest friends in the next three weeks. Discover how we’ll make you into a Local Legend here.


Imagine finding a glorious bundle of cash when you needed it most, just … sitting on the sidewalk in front of your place. That miraculous moment was happening all over a sleepy little town where poverty was crushing many of the families there. Was this drug money, as the police feared? Someone’s Fairy Godmother? Kindly strangers? You’ll love the twist ending in Tell Me Something Good.


Stopping Family Fights at Thanksgiving with One Sentence – 11.26.19

Stopping family fights at Thanksgiving with one sentence.

Dr. Julie Hanks has the one sentence that will stop every argument at the Thanksgiving dinner table – she’ll show you how you’ll have a peaceful holiday and you will like it!

The Todd’s made a really impressive Cranberry Jalapeno Cream Cheese Dip that was really tasty – and I hate jalapenos. And meet our Shop Locally Legends, Utah DIY Wedding and Willow & Jae Boutique.

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