We Taste-Test the Scary New Oreo Flavors – 1.24.20

We taste-test the scary new Oreo flavors.

 Oreo sent us a case of their new flavors, including one with so much frosting that biting through it was a challenge. We’ll tell you what’s disgusting and what was surprisingly tasty.


Taylor Swift kicked off the Sundance Film Festival last night with her documentary – we’ll turn you into an expert celebrity-spotter on the podcast today. Get that selfie stick ready!

Ready to learn all the celebrity secrets from our excitable ginger Skippy, the Sundance expert? Find them here.


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Imagine finding a glorious bundle of cash when you needed it most, just … sitting on the sidewalk in front of your place. That miraculous moment was happening all over a sleepy little town where poverty was crushing many of the families there. Was this drug money, as the police feared? Someone’s Fairy Godmother? Kindly strangers? You’ll love the twist ending in Tell Me Something Good.


IamSkippy Meets Up With Toby Maguire, Demi Moore & Ray Romano At Sundance Film Festival – 1.30.19

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IamSkippy Meets Up With Toby Maguire, Demi Moore & Ray Romano At Sundance Film Festival. The midwest has more or less folded up like a card table because the HIGH today in Chicago is 15 below zero. That’s the high. And in Minneapolis, the wind chill is 58 degrees below zero. It’s colder than Siberia. We’ll check in with friends to see if they’re surviving.

(Editor’s note: this is my girlfriend Lynda in Chicago, who is wearing her Russian tank commanders hat with the flaps down. So you know this is serious weather.)


Meanwhile, Skippy, our excitable ginger and celebrity correspondent is up at the Sundance Film Festival with the likes of Toby Maguire, Demi Moore and Ray Romano. Have a look.

(By the way, for all of our excitable ginger Skippy’s celebrity reports, head here, here, and here.)



Selfies At Sundance Film Festival With Gerard Butler & Jake Gyllenhaal – 1.28.18

Selfies At Sundance Film Festival With Gerard Butler & Jake Gyllenhaal. Our excitable ginger Skippy is here with the latest from the Sundance Film Festival. He met up with Jake Gyllenhaal and Gerard Butler yesterday! One of these actors was a delight. The other was really, REALLY rude. Guess which is which?

By the way… speaking of the nicest and most godawful celebrities to ever hit the Sundance Film Festival, have a look at Skippy’s report here.

You know, it seems like this isn’t something we have to reinforce, but just in case… when you leap and enclosure and climb a fence to “greet a wild lion like a brother,” guess what happens?


(screencap courtesy TheOffice US)

And in Tell Me Something Good, you’ll never know when something you learned from the tv show “The Office” can come in handy….

(Cover image credit: By Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Ready For Your Dream Job? Driving The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile – 1.24.19

Ready For Your Dream Job? Driving The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. Ready for another Dream Job? How about driving the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile? Don’t pretend you don’t think that that’s coolest gig ever: driving the nation’s highways and byways in a 50-foot hotdog?

Thinking about other dream jobs? What about becoming a lighthouse-keeper for $130,000 a year?

In Tell Me Something Good- a white mom puts out a call for help with her adopted African-American daughter’s hair and gets a flood of support and kindness. Skippy our excitable ginger is back at the Sundance Film Festival this year, tracking down celebrities- great stories and selfies today on the show.

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Where to Celebrity-Spot at the Sundance Film Festival


Where to celebrity-spot at the Sundance Film Festival? Oh, honey. It’s a time-honored tradition here in Utah, because between January 23 to February 2, you can’t swing a ski pole on Main Street in Park City without whacking an A-lister. (By the way, I strongly recommend against doing that.) That adorable little ginger above is Skippy Jessop, THE best celebrity spotter at Sundance and our beloved reporter. He’s perfected the selfie, the approach, everything. A director made a film about Skippy at Sundance and the documentary showed at Sundance the next year. Because we’re “Serious Journalists,” (yeah, I know, I’m laughing too) I don’t take selfies. Fortunately, Skippy does.

But in the interest of time – since most of your wandering includes being ankle-deep in slush – here’s some sneaky inside tips we’ve culled from years and years and years of covering the Festival.


Etiquette for celebrity-spotting:

  1. Use it. Nothing’s more awkward than galloping up to Zachary Levi and screaming, “Hey! John Krasinski, can I get a selfie?” (Yeah, I watched that train wreck last year.) You’ve got a general list of who’s supposed to be at the Festival, (find that here) but if you’re not sure, look them up. Some celebrities will just sigh and take the selfie with you anyway. Some will walk away.
  2. If you think you’re going to freak out and maybe start crying, hyperventilating, and pawing helplessly at your famous victim – and that was 95% of the crowd at the Taylor Swift premiere last night – practice what you’re going to say first. Take a deep breath. The crying thing really freaks out even the most jaded celebrity.
  3. “Please and thank you.” Remember how your mom raised you? Everyone likes nice manners and they’re more willing to stop and pose with a pleasant request than if you scream, “Hey, over here! NOW!” (I watched that happen last year to Adam Driver, who uniformly hates everyone. Though given the circumstances, his seething resentment makes more sense.)
  4. Practice some selfies with a friend and figure out what looks good. No one wants to wait while your shaking fingers are poking at your camera app and getting set up. Also, much of the time you’ll get that photo while they’re still on the move. Practice!
  5. This is just me being a total mom: keep your feet dry!! Dress warmly! Don’t forget to feed the meter because Park City cops will tow you in a heartbeat.

Wonder who the nicest celebrities are and the super cranky ones? We have a list.


Where to Celebrity-Spot at the Sundance Film Festival

Hospitality Lounges – please, even the Beautiful People like free swag, and it’s overflowing at Sundance. Your chances of getting any of the gift bags are tiny, but you’ll get a selfie with a celebrity holding one. The Acura Festival Village at 480 Swede Alley has been the spot for gawking for the last ten years. Director Kevin Smith hosts celebrity interviews there for the IMDB Studio.

Music Venues – hit the 22nd Annual Sundance ASCAP Music Cafe at 751 Main Street and the Music Lodge, hosting the Associated Press Festival Headquarters at 710 Main St. Courtyard. There are some spectacular guests expected this year, like Sting, John Legend, Hilary Swank, Awkwafina, Nicole Kidman and Jake Gyllenhaal. The Audible Speakeasy at 692 Main Street is actually open to the public, though the private events start at 5 pm. There are panel discussions with Ron Howard, Belinda Carlisle, and Tessa Thompson.

NightclubsTAO Park City (The Yard, 1251 Kearns Blvd.) is almost guaranteed to cluster with celebrities after twelve years of clever nightclubbing, this year includes an igloo and an ice bar. The Red Banjo Pizza Parlour at 322 Main Street gets transformed into the Legion M Lounge, with more general access events. We watched Jada Pinkett Smith caterwaul her way through a song or two during Karaoke Night last year. She was adorable.

See Skippy’s most memorable celebrity encounters on our show here.


And the Most Random Location of the Festival Award goes to… 

I still remember sipping something tasty and unpronounceable in an underground parking garage at Sundance a couple of years ago. They’d transformed the third level into a nightclub for WarnerMedia and I’d been roughly relieved of my film equipment by a black t-shirted bouncer. Fortunately, I’d hidden my phone so we still ended up with some great photos, after the adorable Keira Knightly used my phone to location “ping” her friend into the party. Moral of the story? Every square inch of Park City gets turned into something else during the Sundance Film Festival. Be prepared.