The Broom Stands Alone – 2.12.20

The broom stands alone. So you’ve heard about the rumor that NASA claimed the axis of the earth is perfectly positioned so that here in North America, we’re balanced so well that a broom will stand on its own? That’s ridiculous. Right?


Imagine searching for your birth father, who your mother had met in Guatemala, you moved to Utah, you took a DNA test, and… this is the weirdest, most wonderful story of synchronicity ever.


So you’re on a cruise, enjoying the buffet, minding your own business and suddenly EVERY port on the planet decides you’re a risk for Coronavirus. The ship gets turned away from port after port, even though no one has actually tested positive for Coronavirus on the ship. One passenger from Utah is joking that she’s spending her time learning how to fold towels into little swans. A cruise ship staple, of course.