We Taste-Test the Scary New Oreo Flavors – 1.24.20

We taste-test the scary new Oreo flavors.

 Oreo sent us a case of their new flavors, including one with so much frosting that biting through it was a challenge. We’ll tell you what’s disgusting and what was surprisingly tasty.


Taylor Swift kicked off the Sundance Film Festival last night with her documentary – we’ll turn you into an expert celebrity-spotter on the podcast today. Get that selfie stick ready!

Ready to learn all the celebrity secrets from our excitable ginger Skippy, the Sundance expert? Find them here.


Your massages melt men into mush, your cookies are so exquisite they have their own fan page, but if no one knows about them, your marketing plans for Valentine’s Day just fizzled away. There is help! Join the Shop Locally Utah movement and we’ll introduce you to 100,000 of our closest friends in the next three weeks. Discover how we’ll make you into a Local Legend here.


Imagine finding a glorious bundle of cash when you needed it most, just … sitting on the sidewalk in front of your place. That miraculous moment was happening all over a sleepy little town where poverty was crushing many of the families there. Was this drug money, as the police feared? Someone’s Fairy Godmother? Kindly strangers? You’ll love the twist ending in Tell Me Something Good.


More Sundance Film Festival Celebrity Goodness With #IamSkippy – 2.5.19

More Sundance Film Festival Celebrity Goodness With #IamSkippy. In celebrity news, Skippy’s roundup of his best selfies with the Beautiful People in Park City- and he brings gifts from his raid on one of the hospitality suites! We’ll give them away tomorrow. Skippy ran into Armie Hammer -“The Lone Ranger” w/ Johnny Depp – and John Krasinski from “The Office” and “Jack Ryan.” Armie was adorable, while he and Skippy were talking, a young lady fell over backwards while trying to get a picture of him. Armie stopped, handed all his stuff to Skippy and helped the girl up and making sure she was okay. That’s a gentleman.


It’s a kind of a sickness. It was started with “Turkey parts” on sale at Sprouts… then the Todd decided to bake some yams to go with the turkey… then potatoes… and by 11:30 last night, we had a complete Thanksgiving dinner. He cooked, and cooked, and cooked some more. But it was the steamed-up glasses that really got me.

(BTW: if for some reason you’re craving turkey, you can find the Todd’s tasty turkey recipe here.)

Ready To Be Freaked Out? Bill Gates Predicted 2019 Back In 1999 – 2.4.19

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Ready To Be Freaked Out? Bill Gates Predicted 2019 Back In 1999

But first, welcome to the Todd’s spacious, elegant “office,” where we film the show today. Any letdown from the big game? More reports from our excitable ginger IamSkippy about the Beautiful People in Park City.

(Editor’s note: if you’ve missed any of our excitable ginger’s celebrity reports and video from the Sundance Film Festival, find them here, here, here, and here.)

Who’s praying the groundhog was right about an early spring? Besides me, of course. Speaking of that poor groundhog, he has a dark and sinister past with certain New York City Mayors…

Ready To Be Freaked Out? Bill Gates Predicted 2019 Back In 1999. Bill Gates might be a multi-trillionaire but he could triple that with his ability to predict the future. Wait ’till you hear what he predicted our lives would be like now- back in 1999.