Todd & Erin’s Shop Locally Holiday Guide – Rogliano’s Italian Dressing

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The Todd & Erin “Shop Locally” Holiday Guide – Rogliano’s Italian Dressing.

I have a 6’6 mountain of a brother that’s a hard-core carnivore. He was “Keto-friendly” before there was such a thing. So I buy him a case of Rogliano’s Italian Dressing every year for his Christmas gift. Aside from being ridiculously tasty, this stuff acts as a marinade … part of your crockpot meal … ribs … pasta salads … pork … sandwiches … shrimp … it even makes a perfect gourmet grilled cheese sandwich and panini when you baste dressing on your bread instead of butter.

Would you like a free bottle of Rogliano’s?

Just send us one of your recipes that’s made better with a little Rogliano’s added and we’ll send you a bottle! You can add it in the comments below or send it to:


But here’s why I love Rogliano’s: Jeff and Veronica.

They’re the owners of this lovely, tasty business and they’re at every local fundraiser, every community event, and they epitomize “shopping local.” Rogliano’s is carried in select local grocery stores, from Harmons, Macey’s, Lee’s, Fresh Market and Dick’s Market.  You can find all the locations that carry them here. If you don’t want to have to actually leave the house, you can order them online as well at Rogliano’ There are all kinds of lovely recipes online as well, just in case you have “chef fatigue” and you can’t think of one more thing to cook. Jeff describes their tasty dressing like this:

“The recipe for Rogliano’s Italian dressing has been a family tradition since 1922. The authentic Italian taste comes straight from the old country and is not only a delicious salad dressing, but makes a great dipping sauce, seasoning or marinade that is superb for grilling.”


They’ve dressed up their bottles for the holidays, so it tucks nicely into a Christmas stocking, a gift basket (or in my gigantic brother’s case, a side of beef and a case of Rogliano’s) and part of anything that needs extra tastiness. Here’s a store locator to find your Rogliano’s fix closest to you. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Want to pick up a bottle in person?

Jeff and Veronica are all over the map this holiday season:

Holy Cow Christmas Boutique – Nov  20-23  – Lindon Community Center – Utah county
Simple Treasures Weber Holiday Boutique – Golden Spike Events Center – Ogden
Daybreak – Winter Market & Santa’s Arrival – Daybreak Community Center – Daybreak
It’s a Wonderful Life Festival – Dec 13-14th  Deseret Peak Complex – Grantsville (Tooele)

And, their Black Friday for case delivery for holiday gifts. It works like this…

Free delivery for our dressing famiglia! Just $3 a bottle for 12 or more bottles of either flavor. Use coupon code “famiglia” at checkout on Perfect for family, friends, co-workers and even you. Offer only good through 12/1 in Salt Lake, Utah, Weber, Davis, Box Elder, Cache, Wasatch and Summit counties. Will be delivered after 12/1. #roglianos #UtahsOwn #SmallBusinessSaturday #BlackFriday #CyberMonday

Support local businesses this holiday!

Supporting Rogliano’s by throwing a boatload of bottles in your shopping cart is one of the best ways to show love a local business. The folks at Rogliano’s are here for the community at charities … holiday events … Erin’s Night Out … Look! Even Kevin (Hercules) Sorbo loves them. And so do I.

Everybody loves Rogliano’s. Even Governor and Mrs. Herbert know a local treasure when they see one.


Todd & Erin’s “Shop Locally” Holiday List – Bonnie’s Joy Pin-up

Todd & Erin’s “Shop Locally” Holiday List – Bonnie’s Joy Pin-up. I can’t imagine a more satisfying gift than one that makes you look and feel beautiful, and gives you photographic proof. I’ve been wanting to do a vintage, “pin-up girl” photo for the Todd for a while, he loooves that style. And there’s nothing more satisfying than that look of misty gratitude on the face of your partner when they see a picture of you all dolled up for them.


Meet today’s “Shop Locally” Legend- Bonnie’s Joy Pin-up. Photographer Alyssa Chambers, the brains behind the concept, says “I founded the service on a love of the pin-up style, Bonnie’s Joy is a retro centered photography company based out of Salt Lake City. I have a variety of services and ever- changing themes, so Bonnie’s Joy is a fun, unique experience for each guest.”


Essentially, you can book a single session for $120: including professional hair, makeup, photoshoot, style guide, custom pinup or boudoir theme, wardrobe available, 8 to 10 edited digital prints, and print ordering through Smug Mug. Half the fun is seeing how much these cute women enjoy being transformed into luscious creatures during the photoshoot. We all want to look beautiful, but Alyssa also makes you feel beautiful- and it shines through in your photos. (Editor’s note: this is an extraordinarily low price for a photo shoot. Including makeup and hair, these shoots usually run between $350-700.) Alyssa’s also offering this special right now: mention code “Erin” and receive $30 off for your group party good till Jan. 31st.



Why not make a party of it? A little mutual support, a lot of giggling… Bonnie’s Joy provides group parties up to 4 people for $360, which includes everything in a single session with the addition of bingo with prizes, double the amount of digital prints and a polaroid keepsake.






Please meet the rest of our “Shop Locally” Legends… And thank you for shopping locally and supporting our local businesses, artists, creators, writers and servicepeople!

Kathy Cushman – Utah DIY Wedding


Michelle Brooks – Mary Kay custom gifts



Mrs. Lewis and Jazzy J – Perfectly Posh pampering, body and skin care


Brittany Jones – Color Street Manicure Goddess



Pure Romance by Brenda Winters

Join Todd & Erin’s Shop Local Holiday List!

Join Todd & Erin’s Shop Local Holiday List! So… how would you like your locally-based product or service introduced to over 600,000 of our close, personal friends in the next month? For as low as $50- become part of our “Todd and Erin’s Shop Local Holiday List!”


This is the year more and more Utahns are resolving to shop local- to buy from businesses here- instead of a faceless conglomerate. Be one of the wealth of lovely locals to provide the perfect gift this holiday season. Send us a message at for more info. Jewelry? Clothing? Woodwork? Pet products? House cleaning? Quilts? Snow shoveling? Local eatery? This is your time to shine.

Adding your local offering to the Todd & Erin’s Shop Local Holiday List puts you in front of over 400,000 of our Pinterest friends in the next 30 days, 200,000 of our Facebook buddies, and countless more on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, on the Todd and Erin Daily Stream show and on our email newsletter to nearly 5,000 friends every week. You can find more information about our media reach here. It’s going to be a blast! Be one of the cool kids!


Embrace The “Good Enough” Holiday & Forget The “Perfect” One – 12.11.18

Embrace The “Good Enough” Holiday & Forget The “Perfect” One. Go for “Good Enough.” That’s my mantra this holiday, and especially after talking to Dr Julie Hanks about the pressure we all put on ourselves to make the holiday “perfect.” I’m challenging everyone to put up an imperfect craft, or cookie, or something that shows your friends and the people you influence that you’re not “perfect.” Let’s support each other!


Plus, more embarrassingly easy treats. Also, embarrassing because my Milano Reindeer Cookies still look a little feeble. But I posted my imperfection! Embrace The “Good Enough” Holiday!


In Tell Me Something Good, two epic elderly ladies who buy up 1.5 million dollars in medical debt to help families with ill members breathe easier for the holidays, and who was that mysterious movie star who paid for half a million dollars of gifts in layaway at Walmart? So our “Shop Locally” business today is Rogliano’s Italian Dressing. Everyone loves this stuff. Kevin (Hercules) Sorbo loves this stuff. Are you going to disagree with Hercules? I think not.

Failing Spectacularly At The Whisper Challenge – 12.7.18

Failing Spectacularly At The Whisper Challenge. What would you take if your husband could drag you 300 years into the past? I kept up with the argument that maybe my cellphone would work some some time-space continuum, but…

Another Whisper Challenge, which we fail at spectacularly.

Something about oxen and a barn… I dunno. We both suck at this. (Editor’s note: if you need some funny new phrases for your next Whisper Challenge round, try here and here on our Pinterest page.

Our Shop Locally Legend is a goddess: Rebecca Segars Skin Care. This will be the most nurturing experience of your month. Find out more about her wonderful services- and pick up a gift certificate for 20% off or $10 off your first appointment here.) Have you met all of our “Shop Locally” Legends? Find them here, and thank you for supporting local businesses!


There’s a couple of U Med students who are collecting unused medical supplies for desperately struggling communities- their charity is called What do YOU have lying around?

Become A Smoking Hot Pin-up Girl & How To Open A Can – 12.7.18

Become A Smoking Hot Pin-up Girl & How To Open A Can: We’re Doing It Wrong.

You- looking ridiculously hot like a 50’s-style pin-up babe. There’s a picture that’s worth a thousand words, eh? Meet Bonnie’s Joy Pin-Up photography- she will make you a goddess, and she’s today’s “Shop Locally” Legend.


Did you know we’re opening our cans all wrong?

Also… the tuna industry’s sales have dropped 50% because of one weird reason: millennials. They don’t own can openers. Speaking of can openers, did you know there’s a correct way to open one and none of us are doing it? Enjoy our DIY video. 


By the way… how’s your Holiday season going?

If you’re looking for the simple pleasures, maybe a trip around some of the Wasatch Front’s more spectacular light displays? Find our complete list here.


And have you met all of our Todd & Erin’s “Shop Locally” Holiday List “Legends?”

Support your local businesses and find what you need here.


Five Clever Ways To Defeat The Porch Pirates – 11.29.18

Five Clever Ways To Defeat The Porch Pirates. Sick of your packages getting stolen right off your porch before you can make it home from work?’s rolling out gigantic yellow lockers to store your packages so you can pick them up on the way home. But there’s many more brilliant ways to crush the porch pirates before they can swipe your stuff. Some expensive- “Amazon Lock” for $250 anyone? And some cheap- the $10 fake security camera.


Also! Why have A Christmas Tree when you can have a GROVE of Christmas Trees? Check out our DIY video. Epic IKEA pranks… Smell-O-Vision on your cellphone? And meet our latest “Shop Locally” Legend from Perfectly Posh – Mrs Lewis and Jazzy J. They have an amazing story. For a complete list of all our Shop Local Legends, click here. Thank you for supporting local businesses!

Creating Holiday Traditions – The Christmas Tree Memory String – 11.27.18

Creating Holiday Traditions – The Christmas Tree Memory String. What are your holiday traditions? One of our favorites is the Christmas Tree Memory String- the bottom disc of each year’s tree attached to a ribbon. It’s so fun to count through the years and remember all the highlights. What’s your favorite ritual during this time of year? For instance…


Creating Holiday Traditions. Zoe and I (our 7 year old) are really getting into baking tiny desserts. Some are Pinterest-worthy, others, more like “nailed it!” The Teeny-Tiny Pumpkin Pies (with a one net carb, sugar-free version!) are freaking delicious. Add the recipe to your baking traditions from here.


Oh, by the way- every single food item is out to kill you. Seriously. The federal government has recalled just about anything you can put in your mouth and chew. Oh, honey. Romaine lettuce was just the beginning… pork wontons… ground beef… ground turkey… and the most egregious, evil thing of all- Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter cereal. You will have to pry my Cap’n Crunch Cereal from my cold, dead hands. Which apparently could be an option. Salmonella has been one busy pathogen this fall…


Also, meet our new “Shop Locally” friend- Kathy Cushman of Utah DIY Weddings, one of the smartest businesswomen I know.