What Do You Do When Things Fall Apart?

What Do You Do When Things Fall Apart? What do you do when things fall apart? I mean, everything in your life is in pieces? Kirk Bentzgen- owner of the massive Performance Auto- is my favorite story of how to come back when everything looks utterly bleak.

How do you come back from divorce, losing your business, losing your father and getting brain cancer? This man is a hero, and his path back is a great guidebook for all of us struggling with loss. Watch and be inspired.

Need more uplifting stories?

What happens when your flight attendant daughter can’t come home for Christmas? 

Gentle ways to care for yourself during busy and stressful times- find it here.


Do you know someone who has overcome unimaginable odds to find happiness again? We’d love to talk to them- please email me at


You Can’t Come Home For Christmas? I’ll Come To You


You Can’t Come Home For Christmas? I’ll Come To You. When you’re new to your position, you get all the “non-popular” shifts, like the holidays. As for flight attendant Pierce Vaughan, she was unfortunately scheduled to work through Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Her dad Hal was not thrilled with this news, and decided that if she couldn’t join the family for Christmas, he would join her. So he mapped out all her flights- six in total- over the two days and booked a seat for each one.


Mike Levy happened to be on the first leg and seated next to Hal. After hearing the whole, sweet story he had to post about it on Facebook. Since then, the story’s been shared tens of thousands of times. Pierce also followed up on social media, since everyone was dying to find out how it all worked out. It was a challenging schedule, and when you’re on a “buddy pass,” like Hal was, you’re one of the first to get bumped if the flight was full. Here’s what she wrote:

“Dad’s first trip using his benefits was a success! A special thanks to all of the patient, wonderful gate agents around the country and my perfect crew. He made it on every flight and even got first class RSW-DTW (Christmas miracle).

Shoutout to Mike Levy for being a great first class passenger & helping us to understand how cool this actually is!”

I’m always filled with happiness when I see a family so devoted to each other.

5 Fresh Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve


(Image credit via Flickr: Simpleinsomnia)

5 Fresh Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve. Erin here… I have to be honest–years of hosting New Year’s Eve events as a radio “personality” leaves me with a loathing for the Big Drunken Bar Fest. It’s depressing being the only sober one in the room and trying to give away prizes to people too drunk to remember their name, much less read the teeny tiny numbers on their winning tickets.  Maybe you’re just looking for something different because you’re different–you’re a mom now, or you’re newly single.  Here’s some ideas I found poking around New Year’s Eve celebrations across the globe. (Editor’s note: stop by our page– I’ve picked out affordable options to help you enjoy all of these traditions.)


red undies

(photo credit: The Style PA)

1. Wear Red Lingerie: In Italy it is considered good luck to wear read underwear and lingerie on New Year’s Eve.  It is believed that wearing something red will give you good luck in love and relationships in the year to come.


night run

(photo credit: Peter Mooney)

2. Run: you don’t have to be training for a marathon to want to be stronger and leaner in 2019.  What better way to bring in the New Year than while exercising?  If you can run outside, bring a group of like minded friends and champagne in the water bottle.  My friend Cheryl snow shoes through the forest with her family to greet the New Year in utter, perfect silence.


jumping into the pool

(photo credit: Charlie G)

3. Jump: in Denmark they have a tradition of climbing onto a chair and jumping off at the stroke of midnight. How about going a little bigger?  Jump into a (heated) pool or body of water. Jump without fear into the New Year and all the adventures you’ll bring with it.


paying debts

(photo credit: Quazle)

4. Get Rid of Loose Ends: one of the many traditions of New Year’s celebrations in Vietnam, is a purging of unfinished business. Return all things you’ve borrowed and pay off any debts you can. Start off the new year with a clean slate.


flash paper

(photo credit: Chrls Blakely)

5. Burn, Baby Burn: pick up flash paper from a local magic shop or order online from here.  Write your worries, troubles, frustrations and things you want to leave behind as you head into the New Year.  Light and throw into a big pan or barrel–they flash white light with a very satisfying “whoosh!” as your troubles disappear along with 2018.


Our personal New Year’s Eve tradition? We use sky lanterns-write down a worry or trouble you want to leave behind from 2018, and a new wish or goal for 2019. Your worries fly away to be consumed by the flame-and your wishes are marked down by Fate to come true. (Obligatory warning: we of course check with the local fire department wherever we do this to make sure we’re following local regulations.)

Go For “Good Enough” This Holiday And Be HAPPY!

Go For “Good Enough” This Holiday And Be HAPPY! When did the holidays change from “This is GREAT!” to “Oh, I hope I can make it through the holidays.” Probably around the same time we all decided we had to be perfect and only post perfect things we’ve baked, crafted or decorated on social media. Here’s our new challenge: post something imperfect and show that “Good Enough” is great. Here’s a wonderful pep talk from Dr Julie Hanks teaching us how. Make this your happiest holiday yet by embracing imperfection.


Go For “Good Enough” This Holiday. Erin here- as you can see from the picture above, these are my totally feeble Milano Reindeer Cookies- it’s a miracle the cookie company hasn’t emailed me, begging me to not make them look bad. But they were made with my 7 year old Zoe and a lot of… uh… heart. We don’t have to be perfect to be happy for the holidays. I am embracing my imperfections! (Editor’s note: If you still want to try the no-bake Reindeer Cookies, because they really are tasty, find the video and recipe here.)

An Exhaustive List Of Every Christmas Light Show Along The Wasatch Front

An Exhaustive List Of Every Christmas Light Show Along The Wasatch Front. I must hate myself. Really.  I do this to myself EVERY YEAR, but to my Littles, the light cruises are an indispensable part of the Holidays.  We circle city blocks for hours, marveling at the lights and amazing creations that people with more time, money and (clearly) intelligence can put together. Since the only thing it has to cost you is a gallon or two of gas, it’s one of the most affordable options. Here’s a breakdown by county along the Wasatch Front, including the wildly enthusiastic amateurs. You’re welcome.

(Editor’s note: if you’re looking for more ways to instill meaning and fun into the Holidays with the people you love, take a look at our post on “Creating Holiday Traditions” here.  And what about taking care of yourself, enjoying the Holidays instead of just “getting through another one,” by checking out our tips here.)


An Exhaustive List Of Every Christmas Light Show Along The Wasatch Front



Utah County:

6-10-pm: Spanish Fork Festival of Lights-runs every night through New Year’s Day. Tickets $7-30.

6:30-10pm: The Christmas Light Cruise on the Provo River-tickets are $8.00, children under 2 free.

5:30-10:30pm: Pond Town in Salem-a sweet light display on the pond at the center of town, free admission. The display runs through 1.2.15

5-10pm: The Shops At Riverwoods-is ablaze with lights through January 1, 2018.  There’s carriage rides Friday, Saturday and Monday.  Free admission, small charge for the carriage rides.

5-10pm: Provo Town Center-watch the free holiday light and music show through December 31, free admission. 351 W Center St, Provo

5-10:30pm: Christmas in Color– now at the Utah Lake Stake Park – Marina, 4400 Center St, Provo. $25-30 per car- no limit on how many passengers.


The Plucky Non-Professionals UC: free admission

936 S 200 E, Orem: 100,000 lights set to music

Adam says to be sure to hit the Fibernet building in Orem. The building is just East of the University Mall-they’ve added even more lights this year!


Salt Lake County:

5-10pm: The Lights At Temple Square-of course, the Grand MamaJama of all holiday lights is the heart-stopping display at Temple Square.  Open seven days a week through December 31, admission is free.  Be sure to stop by the reflecting pool.

6-9pm: Candlelight Christmas at This Is The Place State Park-discover the warm glow of a pioneer Christmas with dancing, crafts and a visit with Father Christmas.  Dude.  Hardcore…  Tickets: adults $11, kids $8, children under 2 free.  Runs December 8-27 Monday through Saturday, closed 24-25th.

5:30-9pm: Zoo Lights at Utah’s Hogle Zoo-I’m seriously considering putting sunglasses on the kids this year, it’s that wildly colored and bright.  Open through December 31st, tickets are $4-6 for members, and $7-5 for non-members.

5-11pm: Light Up The Night At The Gateway Mall-hundreds of thousands of lights. including a wildly rotating color wheel on their gigantic Christmas Tree.  Free admission, open through January 2, 2018.

Noon-6pm: Gallivan Center Ice Skating Rink and Light Display-gorgeous neon splashes of color all over the Gallivan Center, plus ice skating and a fire barrel!  Check here for sudden closures or schedule changes.  Admission to see the lights is free, ice rink is a small fee.

5-10pm: The Lights At Gardner Village-there’s free admission and Elf Hunts!  Runs through December 31.

Dusk to 11pm: The “Tree Of Life” is a beautiful addition to the Draper City Park–thousands of white lights that have created kind of a draw for spiritual seekers to the tree.  Draper City Park, 12500 South 1300 East.

5:30-11pm: Christmas in Color – a high-tech animated display from the group that creates the Midway Ice Castles. $20 per car on weekdays, $25 on weekends. (No limit to how many per car.) Salt Lake County Equestrian Park, 11161 s 2200 W, South Jordan.



The Plucky Non-Professionals SLC: free admission

Christmas Street: 5400 South 3200 West, Salt Lake City.  Best seen on foot.

Christmas Street Sugarhouse: the oldest neighborhood to claim the title here in Utah. Glen Arbor St, Salt Lake City

Christenson & Hymas Light Display: tune your radio to 99.5 for the music that goes with the show. 11693 S. 700 E., Draper

Frosty’s Winter Wonderland: something new goes up every night, slow for a moment and Frosty or one of his kids will trot over to hand you a candy cane. 805 E 18th Ave, Salt Lake City

1528 W 8740 S, West Jordan:

Lights on Wakefield: if you’d like to donate, they’re raising money for the Mascot Miracles Foundation (pediatric cancer) tune your radio to 87.9fm. 6388 S. Wakefield Way (5885 W.)


Toole County: 

6-9pm: Clark Historic Farm, live nativity and luminary walk.  Tickets $2 per person, or $1 with food donation.


The Plucky Non-Professionals TC: free admission

Lights on 1310: Sunday-Thursday 6-10pm, Friday-Saturday 6-11pm

Wait!  There’s more from the Toole Transcript here.



Davis County:

Dusk-11pm: Layton City Lights In The Park-free admission, open through January 1.


The Plucky Non-Professionals DC: free admission.

1600 S 1100 W, Syracuse: 25 years of light display madness

2413 N 2100 W, Clinton:

1385 S 2600 W, Syracuse:

354 E 200 S, Clearfield

223 N 1400 W, Clearfield: Christmas lights dance to the music, set your channel to 93.7fm

The Lights On Sherwood Drive: huge display in Kaysville – 5:30-10pm


Weber County:

5-9pm: Ogden’s Christmas Village-free admission, meet with Santa, take a tour of the homes.  Crafts, photos with Santa and food available for sale.  Runs through December 31.



The Plucky Non-Professionals WC: free admission

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Exeter Dr, Morgan: admission is free, but they’re asking for donations for Primary Children’s Medical Center if you’re so inclined.


Box Elder County:

5-10pm: Fantasy At The Bay, Willard Bay State Park-my kids LOVE this wonderful display.   Take a horse-drawn wagon ride through the lights for free, but PLEASE tip the driver–this sweet man offers the service for free because he doesn’t want any child disappointed.  Admission is 50% off on Wednesdays, and get a $1.00 off coupon here.  It’s worth the drive.  Open through December 31, seven days a week.


The Plucky Non-Professionals BEC: free admission:

The Hooper Holiday House:  The Goodrich family is proud to invite you, turn the radio to 90.5 for musical accompaniment.

Tremonton-102 S Tremont St: lights synchronized to music, 5:30-11pm


Heading down south?

St. George has a huge collection of Holiday light displays, and the ambitious Braden with HedgeHog Electric compiled them all for you–it’s part of a fundraising drive for the Southwest Utah Habitat For Humanity.  You can find that excellent Holiday map here.

The St. George LDS Temple’s light display is back and exceptionally beautiful this year. Details here.


Okay, seriously, I can no longer feel my fingers.  I’ve been writing this post for the last 5 hours.  Yet, there are more!  Be sure to check here for more enthusiastic amateurs.  There’s bound to be a house or two near you.  I’m sure that there’s great places I’ve missed.  Please add your two cents in a comment below.  C’mon!  It’s for the children…

Join Todd & Erin’s Shop Local Holiday List!

Join Todd & Erin’s Shop Local Holiday List! So… how would you like your locally-based product or service introduced to over 600,000 of our close, personal friends in the next month? For as low as $50- become part of our “Todd and Erin’s Shop Local Holiday List!”


This is the year more and more Utahns are resolving to shop local- to buy from businesses here- instead of a faceless conglomerate. Be one of the wealth of lovely locals to provide the perfect gift this holiday season. Send us a message at for more info. Jewelry? Clothing? Woodwork? Pet products? House cleaning? Quilts? Snow shoveling? Local eatery? This is your time to shine.

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The Power Of An Apology & The Power Of Forgiveness

The Power Of An Apology & The Power Of Forgiveness. On Veteran’s Day weekend- I thought this was the most inspiring thing we could share. Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live spoke offensively about a Republican political candidate in Texas- Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw by mocking his eyepatch in a show a couple of weeks ago. Lt. Com. Crenshaw lost his eye to an explosion while serving his third tour in Afghanistan. There were death threats, calling for blood, calling of names. But instead the two men got together on this Saturday’s SNL show and Pete respectfully apologized to Lt. Com Crenshaw for his behavior. Now, here’s the really cool part- Crenshaw graciously accepted his apology. Poked some fun at Pete. And spoke movingly about veterans and how we can all support them. Please watch- this is amazing. And to all our veterans: Never Forget.

(Cover image credit: Saturday Night Live)

Kid-Tested (And Kid-Approved) Jokes

Kid-Tested (And Kid-Approved) Jokes. I’m not going to lie, I looked these up with my second-grader as self-defense. There’s only so many “jokes” that don’t go anywhere that I can take, and now that my Zoe’s seven, she is the Queen of Truly Terrible Puns- she can barely get the joke out before dissolving into hysterical laughter.  If your little people are still open to the fun of the dorky joke, try these on for size…

Kid-Tested (And Kid-Approved) Jokes:

Why do bees have sticky hair?
  -Because they use honeycombs.
Why was the man running around his bed?
  -He wanted to catch up on his sleep.
Why did the chicken cross the playground?
  -To get to the other slide.
What do you call a pig that knows karate?
  – A pork chop!
What does a robot frog say?
  -Rib-bot. (Channeling R2D2)
Why is 6 afraid of 7?
  -Because 7 8 9!
What’s black and white, black and white, black and white?
  -A penguin rolling down a hill!
Why do cows wear bells?
  -Because their horns don’t work!
What does a snail say when it’s riding on a turtle’s back?
How did the barber win the race?
  -He knew a short cut.

Knock Knock Jokes

Knock, knock.
  –Who’s there?
Interrupting cow.
  –Interrupting c..
Knock, knock. 
  -Who’s there?
  –Boo who?
Please don’t cry. It’s only a joke.
Knock, knock.
  –Who’s there?
  –Nobody who?
(Stay silent)
Knock, knock.
  –Who’s there?
Little old lady.
  –Little old lady who?
I didn’t know you could yodel!
Knock, knock.
  –Who’s there?
Cows say.
  –Cows say who?
No silly, cows say moo!
Knock, knock.
  -Who’s there?
Owls say.
  –Owls say who?
Knock, knock.
  –Who’s there?
  –Tank who?
You’re welcome!

Even More Kid-Tested (And Kid-Approved) Jokes

What is brown and sticky? –A stick!
Why did half a chicken cross the road? – To get to his other side
How do you make a tissue dance? – Put a little boogie in it.
Knock, knock. – Who’s there? Smell mop. – Smell mop who?
Where do library books like to sleep? – Under their covers!
Why can’t a bicycle stand up by itself? – Because it’s two-tired!
Knock, knock. – Who’s there? Yourself. – Yourself who? Your cell phone’s ringing you better answer it.
What did zero say to eight? – Nice belt!
Where do sheep get their wool cut? – At the BAAAbars!
What’s mom and dad’s favorite ride at a fair? – A married-go-round!
Where do cows go on Friday night? – To the MOOOvie theater.
Where did the king keep his armies? – In his sleevies!
And my Zoe’s favorite…
Knock, knock. –Who’s there? Banana. –Banana who? Knock, knock. –Who’s there? Banana –Banana who? Knock, knock. – Who’s there? Orange. –Orange who? Orange you glad I didn’t say banana again?

How To Keep Every Student In High School – East High’s Innovative Approach

How To Keep Every Student In High School – East High’s Innovative Approach. The eternal question: HOW do you help the kids in desperate need at your high school without creating the social divide of “us vs. them?” The PTSA and Student and Family Support Organization at East High School in Salt Lake City has created a genius program. There’s a large number of kids under the poverty line, refugee students who might even be the head of their little household, homeless kids stubbornly coming to class every day.


But they need more than just food. Maybe a bus pass because they don’t have transportation, an emergency dentist donating time if a student knocks his tooth out in football practice (true story.) So they created the Stash, where all kinds of students- athletes, student body leaders, and those who are truly, truly hungry stop by for healthy snacks.


There’s school supplies, toiletries, even groceries to take home for their family. But it’s so much more! A place to shower, make phone calls, wash their clothes. The Leopard Boutique where they can find clean, attractive clothes. It’s genius. Want to donate items, money or your time? Please contact:

Todd & Zoe’s Daddy-Daughter Date

Todd & Zoe’s Daddy-Daughter Date. So our seven year old Zoe adores her dad. She loves hanging out with The Todd, no matter what the man is up to.



Much of their time is spent rough-housing madly, like The Todd throwing Zoe the length of our neighborhood pool during the summer. Every day.

He was so excited to take her on a “special” Daddy-Daughter Date. Traditionally, when The Todd gets all worked up over something, I know to be suspicious. But… a day out with our Zoe? You know it would have to be all sweet, right?

So ZoZo put on a nice dress and a sparkly headband, and the girl was ready for some serious action. And this is what happened. Have a look…


What weird and wonderful little ritual do you have with your kiddos? Drop a comment and share, we’ll give away dinner for 4 at Christopher’s Prime Steakhouse for one of your stories next Friday.




Are you ready for the coolest job EVER? – 1.10.19

Are you ready for the coolest job EVER? Imagine being a lighthouse keeper and hosting a bed and breakfast on an island by San Francisco for $130,000 a year? Todd and I have actually stayed at East Brother Lighthouse. Talk about a dream job.


This was one of our most beautiful trips ever- and to get paid to do this? It does have a few requirements. Operate the bed and breakfast 4 days a week, cook tasty meals, ferry guests back and forth from the mainland and force yourself to live in unspeakable beauty. You know. Terrible.

What would your dream job be?


Turns out the multi-billion dollar space satellite Hubble gets fixed in the same way you and I handle a bad computer- we’ll explain.

And the two stupidest criminal stories from here in Utah we’ve heard of in a long time. Prepare to gnash your teeth. Like the three kids who managed to destroy the entire year’s profit from a local working farm by taking a midnight joyride on a tractor and destroying it all. Some people are saying the 18 year olds are “too young” to be charged. What do you think?


The psychics already know you’re coming to the Fourth Annual Todd & Erin Psychic Fair. But… you probably need some details. It’s March 22 from 5-10pm- find all your details here.

Could You Dine In The Nude? – 1.9.19

Could You Dine In The Nude? Could you eat completely naked? Or would the sight of the other diners make you lose your appetite? Welcome to the Paris restaurant where the only thing served “au naturale” is YOU. Au Naturale is a lovely bistro with a bit of quirk- the only way you can eat there is by leaving your clothing in the cloak room. Needless to say, no cellphones at dinner and the chair covers are switched out with the table linens after every meal. Sorry, there’s no way I can eat like that. Though the hosts DO offer slippers for diners with cold feet, that’s not the kind of “cold feet” I’d be dealing with.  Could You Dine In The Nude? How would it change the dining experience?


Imagine guarding a group of prisoners alone on a road work crew- and you have a stroke. What do they do? If they’re this amazing threesome, they leap into action and get help for you and save your life. Such a great Tell Me Something Good today!

Need more uplifting stories?

Todd and Zoe’s “Daddy-Daughter” Date here

How to keep every student in high school and graduating- an innovative approach here. 

Welcome To Todd’s Favorite Thing: Snowplow Videos – 1.8.19

Welcome To Todd’s Favorite Thing: Snowplow Videos. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Todd so emotional. Have you ever seen the gigantic UDOT snow blowers tackle snow high enough to bury you? It’s a thing of beauty.


(image credit: Garrett)

Utah’s air is now so terrible that environmental groups are actually suing the EPA to make the state comply with cleaning this mess up? Time to change your number… some poor guy ended up with over 150,000 text messages from a girl he turned down on a dating site.

Need more stories of stalking fails? This one’s epic.

And in Tell Me Something Good- telling his friendly local Starbucks barista got an elderly gentleman a kidney transplant. A perfect match and a perfect story of friendship.

Instant Karma – Kidnapper Chases Woman Into Karate Studio – 1.7.19

Instant Karma – Kidnapper Chases Woman Into Karate Studio. Super snowy days are always highly entertaining at Chez Collard, because we live on a ridiculously steep hill and it turns into a luge run for cars… how did you survive the snowstorm?



(image credit:

Best Instant Karma EVER: a man attempting to kidnap a woman follows her into a karate studio and tries to drag her back out. The karate instructor and his students “restrained” the man for police.

There’s a beautiful story of a retiree in Price who created a prosthetic arm for a toddler with his 3D printer. Even with insurance, the arm would have cost his parents $12,000. The cost from the 3D version? You’ll never believe it. Need more good news? Read the beautiful story of the Utah police officer who not only protected a domestic violence victim, he cared for children as well. 


New Resolutions Series – The Secrets To Your Success – 1.4.19

New Resolutions Series – The Secrets To Your Success. The Todd is back from his sick bed and still germy. Imagine bringing your son from North Carolina for a holiday visit, and the high altitude here in Utah sparks headaches so violent that a trip to the ER reveals he has brain cancer… just in time for treatment. It’s a miracle. There’s a GoFundMe account raising money for his treatments, you can find it here.

Then, there’s an epic story of the slickest robbery in Italy- ever. It’s cooler than the movie. And in our New Resolutions series, if one of yours is building your career, Dan Young from PC Laptops is here to tell you how.

If you missed any of our New Year’s Resolution series…

  1. Developing the mindset for success is here.
  2. What do you do when things fall apart? Learning to never give up is here.

Cover image credit: Flazingo Photos

New Year’s Resolution Series: Developing The Mindset For Success – 1.2.19

New Year’s Resolution Series: Developing The Mindset For Success. Happy New Year! If one of your new resolutions is to develop the right mindset for success, there’s no one better than Dan Young to guide us- the owner of PC Laptops and one of the nicest humans we know. (Editor’s note: if one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to take better care of yourself, have a look at our blog on “Gentle Ways To Care For Yourself During Busy Times,” which is found here.)

It looks like Salt Lake City could be getting the 2030 Winter Olympics! Only because… um… everyone else seems to be dropping out. We have the release date for season 3 of “Stranger Things!”


In Tell Me Something Good: the lovely story of a dad, who when his daughter couldn’t come home for Christmas because of her schedule as a flight attendant, bought tickets for all 6 of her flights to spend time together. That’s love!

Roasting Leg of Lamb – The Week of Meats – 12.21.18

Roasting Leg of Lamb – The Week of Meats. Welcome to the Week of Meats. Our Cooking with Todd and the Toddler video is focusing on a decadent leg of lamb today- perfect for Christmas dinner. (Editor’s note: if you missed our magnificent Roast Pork Leg with Apple Cider Glaze, find the recipe here.)


(Image credit via Flickr: Kristin Klein)

Good news for LDS sister missionaries, they get to wear slacks now- much better for freezing climates, eh? And in Tell Me Something Good, a man with a terminal illness spend his last days finding and wrapping gifts for his 2 year old next door neighbor. Gifts for the next 14 years.

Emotional Support Chickens – 12.20.18

Emotional Support Chickens. Today, we take a drive and do some Christmas shopping. ‘Tis the season. Also, Popeye’s has found a way around the “comfort animal” situation on planes by supplying you with a “Emotional Support Chicken.”


(image credit via Flickr: Esther)

You’ll never believe what heavy metal band is supplying $100,000 scholarships to community colleges all over the country. And… the sweet story of the late President Bush and a sponsor child from the Philippines… who never knew he was getting monthly letters from the President of the United States.

Roasting A Fresh Pork Leg For Christmas Dinner – 12.18.18

Roasting A Fresh Pork Leg For Christmas Dinner. Todd and I were trying to think of what to serve for Christmas dinner- since it looks like we have around… you know… 35 people showing up. A fresh pork leg is glorious. Never tried it? Here’s your DIY video with Todd and the Toddler. (Editor’s note: there’s also a tasty recipe for an impeccably grilled turkey on your Weber Grill outside, freeing up your oven inside for all your side dishes. Find it here.)



Firefighters and snakes… we’ll explain. But it just makes me love firefighters that much more. And in Tell Me Something Good, a Swedish professor actually hires mercenaries to rescue her doctoral student who’s trapped in an occupied town… so he can get his degree. That’s commitment.

Could You Survive Without Your Smartphone For $100,000? – 12.14.18

Could You Survive Without Your Smartphone For $100,000? Could you survive without your smartphone for an entire year? What if Vitaminwater gave you $100,000 if you could do it? Erin falls asleep holding her phone and it’s the first thing she looks at in the morning. She’s going to try to compete. (I think she’s going to have an aneurysm.) We’ll tell you how to get in on the no cellphone contest.