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New Year’s Resolution Series: Developing The Mindset For Success – 1.2.19

New Year’s Resolution Series: Developing The Mindset For Success. Happy New Year! If one of your new resolutions is to develop the right mindset for success, there’s no one better than Dan Young to guide us- the owner of PC Laptops and one of the nicest humans we know. (Editor’s note: if one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to take better care of yourself, have a look at our blog on “Gentle Ways To Care For Yourself During Busy Times,” which is found here.)

It looks like Salt Lake City could be getting the 2030 Winter Olympics! Only because… um… everyone else seems to be dropping out. We have the release date for season 3 of “Stranger Things!”


In Tell Me Something Good: the lovely story of a dad, who when his daughter couldn’t come home for Christmas because of her schedule as a flight attendant, bought tickets for all 6 of her flights to spend time together. That’s love!

Roasting Leg of Lamb – The Week of Meats – 12.21.18

Roasting Leg of Lamb – The Week of Meats. Welcome to the Week of Meats. Our Cooking with Todd and the Toddler video is focusing on a decadent leg of lamb today- perfect for Christmas dinner. (Editor’s note: if you missed our magnificent Roast Pork Leg with Apple Cider Glaze, find the recipe here.)


(Image credit via Flickr: Kristin Klein)

Good news for LDS sister missionaries, they get to wear slacks now- much better for freezing climates, eh? And in Tell Me Something Good, a man with a terminal illness spend his last days finding and wrapping gifts for his 2 year old next door neighbor. Gifts for the next 14 years.

Emotional Support Chickens – 12.20.18

Emotional Support Chickens. Today, we take a drive and do some Christmas shopping. ‘Tis the season. Also, Popeye’s has found a way around the “comfort animal” situation on planes by supplying you with a “Emotional Support Chicken.”


(image credit via Flickr: Esther)

You’ll never believe what heavy metal band is supplying $100,000 scholarships to community colleges all over the country. And… the sweet story of the late President Bush and a sponsor child from the Philippines… who never knew he was getting monthly letters from the President of the United States.

Roasting A Fresh Pork Leg For Christmas Dinner – 12.18.18

Roasting A Fresh Pork Leg For Christmas Dinner. Todd and I were trying to think of what to serve for Christmas dinner- since it looks like we have around… you know… 35 people showing up. A fresh pork leg is glorious. Never tried it? Here’s your DIY video with Todd and the Toddler. (Editor’s note: there’s also a tasty recipe for an impeccably grilled turkey on your Weber Grill outside, freeing up your oven inside for all your side dishes. Find it here.)



Firefighters and snakes… we’ll explain. But it just makes me love firefighters that much more. And in Tell Me Something Good, a Swedish professor actually hires mercenaries to rescue her doctoral student who’s trapped in an occupied town… so he can get his degree. That’s commitment.

Could You Survive Without Your Smartphone For $100,000? – 12.14.18

Could You Survive Without Your Smartphone For $100,000? Could you survive without your smartphone for an entire year? What if Vitaminwater gave you $100,000 if you could do it? Erin falls asleep holding her phone and it’s the first thing she looks at in the morning. She’s going to try to compete. (I think she’s going to have an aneurysm.) We’ll tell you how to get in on the no cellphone contest.

Who Actually Follows The Holiday Tipping Guide? – 12.13.18

Who Actually Follows The Holiday Tipping Guide?

The guide to holiday tipping is out, and it’s making me feel guilty, things like “Tip your child’s lunch ladies $25 each. Your nanny should get an extra’s month’s salary as a holiday tip.” Who DOES tip and how much and to who? Really- I want to know.


Embrace your imperfections!

So many friends have felt frustrated and inadequate because they’re buying into the Myth of the Perfect Holiday. Dr. Julie Hanks is the person to set us straight and embrace the mantra “Go For Good Enough!” You’ll be inspired, I promise. So, the SLC City Council just voted to give themselves a $10,000 raise. Each. I wish I had that power… Don’t forget to shop locally for the holidays and support our local businesses- we have a lovely list for you. Find them all here!

The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan To The Rescue – 12.12.18

The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan To The Rescue. Jeffrey Dean Morgan may play the scary Negan on the Walking Dead, but in real life, he’s a total pussycat who rescues animals. You’re going to love this story…


Did you know here in Utah we pay 25% more than most of the nation for our Christmas trees? How handy that Todd is here with your DIY “60 Second Christmas Tree.” (Editor’s note: if you’re actually decorating a real Christmas tree, don’t forget our designer-tested guide for how many Christmas lights you’ll need for that tree. Even how many ornaments! Find it here.)

Plus, best Christmas present. Ever. Buy the Dagget County Jail! Bed and breakfast maybe? Also, the hysterical live Tweet session from the daughter of a extremely Italian family who did the DNA test and found out… they’re not. Italian, that is.

Embrace The “Good Enough” Holiday & Forget The “Perfect” One – 12.11.18

Embrace The “Good Enough” Holiday & Forget The “Perfect” One. Go for “Good Enough.” That’s my mantra this holiday, and especially after talking to Dr Julie Hanks about the pressure we all put on ourselves to make the holiday “perfect.” I’m challenging everyone to put up an imperfect craft, or cookie, or something that shows your friends and the people you influence that you’re not “perfect.” Let’s support each other!


Plus, more embarrassingly easy treats. Also, embarrassing because my Milano Reindeer Cookies still look a little feeble. But I posted my imperfection! Embrace The “Good Enough” Holiday!


In Tell Me Something Good, two epic elderly ladies who buy up 1.5 million dollars in medical debt to help families with ill members breathe easier for the holidays, and who was that mysterious movie star who paid for half a million dollars of gifts in layaway at Walmart? So our “Shop Locally” business today is Rogliano’s Italian Dressing. Everyone loves this stuff. Kevin (Hercules) Sorbo loves this stuff. Are you going to disagree with Hercules? I think not.

Creepy Elf on the Shelf and Making No-Bake Reindeer Cookies – 12.10.18

Creepy Elf on the Shelf and Making No-Bake Reindeer Cookies.

Elf on the Shelf. Am I the only one who thinks they’re creepy? I’m making Reindeer Cookies to take to Zoe’s class party- follow along if you need a ridiculously simple cookie recipe. I’m going to be honest, I hope your results are… “prettier” than mine. Fortunately, second graders aren’t that choosy. (Editor’s note: if you’re looking for another tasty wonder, try our Hot Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes- find the recipe here.)


Ohio State’s offering something wonderful for stressed-out students during finals- a cooked bacon vending machine. You heard me. Hot. Crispy. Bacon. The amazing Washington County sheriff’s deputy who delivered a baby on the side of the road got to meet and cuddle brand-new Bella Kay over the weekend- we’ll tell you the story. Definitely something good!

Failing Spectacularly At The Whisper Challenge – 12.7.18

Failing Spectacularly At The Whisper Challenge. What would you take if your husband could drag you 300 years into the past? I kept up with the argument that maybe my cellphone would work some some time-space continuum, but…

Another Whisper Challenge, which we fail at spectacularly.

Something about oxen and a barn… I dunno. We both suck at this. (Editor’s note: if you need some funny new phrases for your next Whisper Challenge round, try here and here on our Pinterest page.

Our Shop Locally Legend is a goddess: Rebecca Segars Skin Care. This will be the most nurturing experience of your month. Find out more about her wonderful services- and pick up a gift certificate for 20% off or $10 off your first appointment here.) Have you met all of our “Shop Locally” Legends? Find them here, and thank you for supporting local businesses!


There’s a couple of U Med students who are collecting unused medical supplies for desperately struggling communities- their charity is called What do YOU have lying around?