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Your Summer Vacation In a Jar – 10.25.18

Nothing can give me a warmer feeling than looking at pictures and sorting through memories from vacations. But I had like, 3,006 little bags of sand and shells from all the places we’ve visited. Enter Todd’s Summer Vacation In A Jar. Guaranteed to make you smile, every time.


Plus, you’re the Darling of Pinterest because it involves Mason jars. The pleasing symmetry!! For more spectacular Halloween and Fall crafts be sure to check us out here and here and here on Pinterest.

Hey, We’re Gonna Be Billionaires! (Or, Driving To Wyoming For Lottery Tickets) 10.23.18

Hey, we’re gonna be billionaires! (Rolling eyes so hard they’re stuck staring at the back of my skull.) But why not fantasize, a little? So we’re taking a little road trip to Evanston, Wyoming to pick up some tickets for tonight’s Powerball drawing, which is up to 1.6 billion. It could happen! Sure! What’s the first selfish thing (not charity or paying off your mom’s house) the first SELFISH thing you’d buy when you won?

What Medical Ailments America Googles: Poop Comes Up A Lot – 10.4.18

What Medical Ailments America Googles: Poop Comes Up A Lot. So we found what America Googles most regarding health questions by state… some of them are acutely horrifying. We’ll explain. Also, Nebraska and South Carolina- what is it with you and Googling “the color of your poop?”


We headed down for the grand opening of the wildly ambitious new theme park “Evermore,” you’ve probably heard bits and pieces about it- it’s incredible! Have a look…

Tastiness Today In Todd’s Test Kitchen: Beef Shanks 10.3.18

Tastiness today in Todd’s Test Kitchen with beef shanks- which doesn’t sound all that amazing- but they were. Beef Shanks – tasty, beefy deliciousness that’s a step up from pot roast. Kind of like it’s cool cousin. Editor’s note: if you’re all about the beef, you really need The Todd’s amazing rib roast recipe, find it here.


Who survived the rainstorm overnight? Utah County? You still with us? Plus a “Tell Me Something Good” where a mistaken text and a prankster ended up changing a family’s worst moment to a joyful one.

DIY Your Own Big, Scary Halloween Tree 10.2.18

DIY Your Own Big, Scary Halloween Tree. We’re setting up this year’s Halloween Tree today on the show. Who’s as excited for Halloween as we are? Or you just in it for the candy? (Editor’s note: anything you see on our Halloween Tree that you like can be found along with all our other Halloween decor on our Amazon page here.)

Plus! The Corn Critters are my favorite new thing on the tree this year. Find our easy-peasy DIY tutorial here.

The psycho tropical storm Rosa is just about to kick our collective behinds here in Utah, and it’s not too late to get flood insurance. We’re not joking.

Wand-making 101 With The Todd & Zoe – Halloween Craft-tasticness 10.1.18


Wand-making 101 With The Todd & Zoe – Halloween Craft-tasticness. Today, it’s “Making Magic Wands With The Todd and Zoe,” a little Halloween cleverness to start your week. Plus sad news about a vandalism at Black Island Farms and how we can help this family favorite Halloween spot.


(image credit: Dobrislava)

Todd is struggling with his jealousy over the world’s largest pumpkin, and in Tell Me Something Good- Congress might be jumping into stopping the airlines from shrinking our legroom even more. Do you know it’s shrunk from 38 inches to 27 in the last 5 years? No wonder I can’t feel my feet on a flight anymore! Also, this might shock you, but there actually is “Nudist Resort Etiquette.” Some seem obvious (sit on a towel, please) but a couple of others made me crack up. Have a listen…

Painful Home Remedies For Canker Sores – 9.28.18

Painful Home Remedies For Canker Sores. Today Erin is trying an old Scottish folk remedy to get rid of canker sores… which is possibly worse than the actual problem.


The state’s forced to pay the movie theatre Brewvies over a scuffle about showing “Deadpool-” $250,000 worth of scuffle. And here’s your technology moment- an app that talks to your delivery guy and opens the trunk of your car so he can put the package in and lock it up again. Oh, an assistant principal tells us why it’s “Women’s fault- all the way back to Adam.” Um… okay.

Elton John’s Coming In Concert To Utah! 9.27.18

Elton John’s Coming In Concert To Utah! He included Utah in the “Goodbye Yellow Brick” Tour. We’ll tell you more.


Imagine a sort of “reverse microwave” that instantly freezes stuff for you? There’s some crazy new tech announcements this week. You’re desperate for a last-minute dish to bring to that party you forgot about? Welcome to “Cooking in the Car.”

The Todd Wants To Put Me In A Coffin And I’m Kind Of Okay With It – 9.26.18

The Todd Wants To Put Me In A Coffin And I’m Kind Of Okay With It. This likely comes as no surprise, but The Todd wants to put me in a coffin. But on the bright side, there’s $300 at stake. I’d be nuts not to try!


Also, imagine someone stealing your expensive camera with priceless memories on the sd card- but they left their cellphone? That’s one West Jordan guy’s challenge- he knows who stole his camera now, can he get it back? Also- the coolest delivery ever for one OB/GYN and Todd’s Daddy-Daughter Date with our Zoe.

It’s “Big Meat Night” At The Collard’s! – 9.25.18

It’s “Big Meat Night” At The Collard’s! There’s one phrase that’ll send everyone we know screaming with excitement to our dinner table. “The Todd is making the Big Meat tonight.” The Todd’s rib roast really is a thing of beauty and better than anything I’ve eaten at a restaurant. But it’s ridiculously easy to make- the step by step video here today on the show.

There’s good news for women entrepreneurs here in Utah… we’ll explain. There’s a tough as nails Ogden girl who’s about to do stunt work in the movie about her life, coming up on Netflix- we’ll tell you her amazing life story. There is a freaking amazing new invention that can make almost any inanimate object move- it’s a “robotic skin.” We’ll show you how it works.