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Pinterest-Worthy Hot Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes – 11.16.18

Pinterest-Worthy Hot Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes. Erin and Zoe make Hot Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes today, and they’re totally Pinterest-worthy!


A new study from Oxford University is projecting what drivers intend to do in their cars once the self-driving feature is perfected. I was thinking taking a nap. I wasn’t even close. Remember the Tell Me Something Good story about the homeless gentleman who spent his last $20 to help a woman stranded on the freeway? The story went viral, they raised $400,000 for him on GoFund Me? It’s the worst ending you can possibly imagine.

The Kindest Police Officer In North America – 11.15.18

The Kindest Police Officer In North America. The Todd is now obsessed with Pinterest and somehow takes it as a personal challenge to produce clever things. Today’s DIY is place settings for your fancy Thanksgiving table. (Editor’s note: while we’re talking Thanksgiving, take a look at the Todd’s easiest Thanksgiving turkey EVER on your outdoor grill here. Or, if you’re thinking something smaller and less effort this year, try his tasty Cajun Stuffed Turkey Wings recipe here.)


Plus- the sweetest story of love and kindness from a West Jordan police officer… and Thanksgiving dinner is on Bruno Mars this year- 24,000 dinners.

Cajun Stuffed Turkey Wings – A Cool Thanksgiving Alternative – 11.14.18

Cajun Stuffed Turkey Wings – A Cool Thanksgiving Alternative. Technically, with Thanksgiving only 8 days away, we’re in the “No Turkey Zone” until the big day. But The Todd was dying to try Cajun-Stuffed Turkey Wings. If you don’t have a massive crowd coming over, this is perfect! I had no idea turkey wings were this gigantic…


Also, why intermittent fasting might make us finally lose all our excess weight for good, and the incredible story of a California nurse- with a white Toyota truck that ended up looking like a toasted marshmallow- who kept driving back into the wildfire area to save patients from his hospital. All the feels, seriously.

Pinterest Has A Lot To Answer For – The Myth Of The Perfect Holiday – 11.13.18

Pinterest Has A Lot To Answer For – The Myth Of The Perfect Holiday. Let’s be honest- Pinterest added a LOT of pressure to our holiday existence. We all want the adorable, hand-made decorations and magazine-worthy cookies. Dr. Julie Hanks is here to give you permission to chill out and go for “good enough.”


We all want to raise kind kids- hear how a message of love on a pencil changed an entire classroom in Tell Me Something Good.

How Many Times Can You Remake A Movie Before It’s Just Ridiculous? – 11.12.18

How Many Times Can You Remake A Movie Before It’s Just Ridiculous? So, we dragged the kiddos to a new movie over the weekend… and it begs the question: how many times can you remake the same movie before it’s utterly ridiculous? Let’s discuss. Also, a gorgeous tribute for Veteran’s Day- in the form of a tree stump. And the most beautiful photo series that could change the life of children hoping to be adopted. (image credit: Universal Pictures Australia)

150 Years Of History In A Tree Stump – 11.9.18

150 Years Of History In A Tree Stump. So, the Todd was walking through the old SLC Cemetery and discovered something amazing- 150 years of history in the rings of a tree stump. And on Veteran’s Day weekend, it’s an emotional reminder of how far we’ve come- and how many we’ve lost. Have a look…

Dining Alone- Whether You Want To, Or Not – 11.8.18

Dining Alone- Whether You Want To, Or Not. Oh, the joys of public education… where parents are still facing $1,000 bills from the school for their kiddos. I just got the most random bill from Zachie’s high school today. Let’s discuss.

There’s a cool new eatery that requires you to dine alone. And silently. And it’s got a waiting list 3 months long! And A Tell Me Something Good where Snapchat and 12 minutes were enough to save a woman’s life.

I Did Not Know That! Life’s Little Irritations Solved – 11.7.18

I Did Not Know That! Life’s Little Irritations Solved. I did not know that! Ever fought with an expensive roll of foil that starts peeling off in tinier and tinier pieces? There’s a way to stop that for good. Welcome to I Did Not Know That- all kinds of handy little bits you may not know that’ll change your life.

We’ll tell you why the next time you’re ordering your fries it might be Nana at the checkout window and in Tell Me Something Good, a New Zealand fisherman catches the most precious thing in the ocean.

Tasty Fall Dishes From The Todd and Erin Daily Stream – 11.6.18

Tasty Fall Dishes From The Todd and Erin Daily Stream. Prepare to be HUNGRY. The Todd’s kicking off the fall food frenzy videos with his impeccable recipe for Roasted Pork Leg with Apple Cider Glaze. It is easy. It is ridiculously tasty. (Editor’s note: if you’re getting more into the “sink your teeth into THIS!” kind of fall meals, don’t miss Todd’s Tasty and Tender Beef Shanks recipe found here.)

In Tell Me Something Good, 400 devoted followers for a small, independent bookstore form a “human chain” to move the store when they can’t afford to pay for movers. And the most entertaining practical joke ever. EVER.

The Most Powerful Reason To Vote That You’ll Ever Hear – 11.5.18

Now that Daylight Savings Time is over, how do you handle switching all the clocks back? Why can’t everything be like my iphone? But nooo… here’s our instructional video for fixing your appliance clocks. It won’t help.


Utah lost a hero over the weekend- the mayor of North Ogden, who took a leave of absence to finish his fourth military tour in Afghanistan. Major Brent Taylor was killed in an “insider” attack at his base, leaving behind his wife and 7 kiddos. But you have to hear his last words. You HAVE to.