An Exhaustive List Of Every Christmas Light Show Along The Wasatch Front

An Exhaustive List Of Every Christmas Light Show Along The Wasatch Front. I must hate myself. Really.  I do this to myself EVERY YEAR, but to my Littles, the light cruises are an indispensable part of the Holidays.  We circle city blocks for hours, marveling at the lights and amazing creations that people with more time, money and (clearly) intelligence can put together. Since the only thing it has to cost you is a gallon or two of gas, it’s one of the most affordable options. Here’s a breakdown by county along the Wasatch Front, including the wildly enthusiastic amateurs. You’re welcome.

(Editor’s note: if you’re looking for more ways to instill meaning and fun into the Holidays with the people you love, take a look at our post on “Creating Holiday Traditions” here.  And what about taking care of yourself, enjoying the Holidays instead of just “getting through another one,” by checking out our tips here.)


An Exhaustive List Of Every Christmas Light Show Along The Wasatch Front



Utah County:

6-10-pm: Spanish Fork Festival of Lights-runs every night through New Year’s Day. Tickets $7-30.

6:30-10pm: The Christmas Light Cruise on the Provo River-tickets are $8.00, children under 2 free.

5:30-10:30pm: Pond Town in Salem-a sweet light display on the pond at the center of town, free admission. The display runs through 1.2.15

5-10pm: The Shops At Riverwoods-is ablaze with lights through January 1, 2018.  There’s carriage rides Friday, Saturday and Monday.  Free admission, small charge for the carriage rides.

5-10pm: Provo Town Center-watch the free holiday light and music show through December 31, free admission. 351 W Center St, Provo

5-10:30pm: Christmas in Color– now at the Utah Lake Stake Park – Marina, 4400 Center St, Provo. $25-30 per car- no limit on how many passengers.


The Plucky Non-Professionals UC: free admission

936 S 200 E, Orem: 100,000 lights set to music

Adam says to be sure to hit the Fibernet building in Orem. The building is just East of the University Mall-they’ve added even more lights this year!


Salt Lake County:

5-10pm: The Lights At Temple Square-of course, the Grand MamaJama of all holiday lights is the heart-stopping display at Temple Square.  Open seven days a week through December 31, admission is free.  Be sure to stop by the reflecting pool.

6-9pm: Candlelight Christmas at This Is The Place State Park-discover the warm glow of a pioneer Christmas with dancing, crafts and a visit with Father Christmas.  Dude.  Hardcore…  Tickets: adults $11, kids $8, children under 2 free.  Runs December 8-27 Monday through Saturday, closed 24-25th.

5:30-9pm: Zoo Lights at Utah’s Hogle Zoo-I’m seriously considering putting sunglasses on the kids this year, it’s that wildly colored and bright.  Open through December 31st, tickets are $4-6 for members, and $7-5 for non-members.

5-11pm: Light Up The Night At The Gateway Mall-hundreds of thousands of lights. including a wildly rotating color wheel on their gigantic Christmas Tree.  Free admission, open through January 2, 2018.

Noon-6pm: Gallivan Center Ice Skating Rink and Light Display-gorgeous neon splashes of color all over the Gallivan Center, plus ice skating and a fire barrel! Check here for sudden closures or schedule changes.  Admission to see the lights is free, ice rink is a small fee.

5-10pm: The Lights At Gardner Village-there’s free admission and Elf Hunts!  Runs through December 31.

Dusk to 11pm: The “Tree Of Life” is a beautiful addition to the Draper City Park–thousands of white lights that have created kind of a draw for spiritual seekers to the tree.  Draper City Park, 12500 South 1300 East.

5:30-11pm: Christmas in Color – a high-tech animated display from the group that creates the Midway Ice Castles. $20 per car on weekdays, $25 on weekends. (No limit to how many per car.) Salt Lake County Equestrian Park, 11161 s 2200 W, South Jordan.



The Plucky Non-Professionals SLC: free admission

Christmas Street: 5400 South 3200 West, Salt Lake City.  Best seen on foot.

Christmas Street Sugarhouse: the oldest neighborhood to claim the title here in Utah. Glen Arbor St, Salt Lake City

Christenson & Hymas Light Display: tune your radio to 99.5 for the music that goes with the show. 11693 S. 700 E., Draper

Frosty’s Winter Wonderland: something new goes up every night, slow for a moment and Frosty or one of his kids will trot over to hand you a candy cane. 805 E 18th Ave, Salt Lake City

1528 W 8740 S, West Jordan:

Lights on Wakefield: if you’d like to donate, they’re raising money for the Mascot Miracles Foundation (pediatric cancer) tune your radio to 87.9fm. 6388 S. Wakefield Way (5885 W.)


Toole County: 

6-9pm: Clark Historic Farm, live nativity and luminary walk.  Tickets $2 per person, or $1 with food donation.


The Plucky Non-Professionals TC: free admission

Lights on 1310: Sunday-Thursday 6-10pm, Friday-Saturday 6-11pm

Wait!  There’s more from the Toole Transcript here.



Davis County:

Dusk-11pm: Layton City Lights In The Park-free admission, open through January 1.


The Plucky Non-Professionals DC: free admission.

1600 S 1100 W, Syracuse: 25 years of light display madness

2413 N 2100 W, Clinton:

1385 S 2600 W, Syracuse:

354 E 200 S, Clearfield

223 N 1400 W, Clearfield: Christmas lights dance to the music, set your channel to 93.7fm

The Lights On Sherwood Drive: huge display in Kaysville – 5:30-10pm


Weber County:

5-9pm: Ogden’s Christmas Village-free admission, meet with Santa, take a tour of the homes.  Crafts, photos with Santa and food available for sale.  Runs through December 31.



The Plucky Non-Professionals WC: free admission

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Exeter Dr, Morgan: admission is free, but they’re asking for donations for Primary Children’s Medical Center if you’re so inclined.


Box Elder County:

5-10pm: Fantasy At The Bay, Willard Bay State Park-my kids LOVE this wonderful display.   Take a horse-drawn wagon ride through the lights for free, but PLEASE tip the driver–this sweet man offers the service for free because he doesn’t want any child disappointed.  Admission is 50% off on Wednesdays, and get a $1.00 off coupon here.  It’s worth the drive.  Open through December 31, seven days a week.


The Plucky Non-Professionals BEC: free admission:

The Hooper Holiday House:  The Goodrich family is proud to invite you, turn the radio to 90.5 for musical accompaniment.

Tremonton-102 S Tremont St: lights synchronized to music, 5:30-11pm


Heading down south?

St. George has a huge collection of Holiday light displays, and the ambitious Braden with HedgeHog Electric compiled them all for you–it’s part of a fundraising drive for the Southwest Utah Habitat For Humanity.  You can find that excellent Holiday map here.

The St. George LDS Temple’s light display is back and exceptionally beautiful this year. Details here.


Okay, seriously, I can no longer feel my fingers.  I’ve been writing this post for the last 5 hours.  Yet, there are more! Be sure to check here for more enthusiastic amateurs.  There’s bound to be a house or two near you.  I’m sure that there’s great places I’ve missed.  Please add your two cents in a comment below.  C’mon!  It’s for the children…

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The Power Of An Apology & The Power Of Forgiveness

The Power Of An Apology & The Power Of Forgiveness. On Veteran’s Day weekend- I thought this was the most inspiring thing we could share. Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live spoke offensively about a Republican political candidate in Texas- Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw by mocking his eyepatch in a show a couple of weeks ago. Lt. Com. Crenshaw lost his eye to an explosion while serving his third tour in Afghanistan. There were death threats, calling for blood, calling of names. But instead the two men got together on this Saturday’s SNL show and Pete respectfully apologized to Lt. Com Crenshaw for his behavior. Now, here’s the really cool part- Crenshaw graciously accepted his apology. Poked some fun at Pete. And spoke movingly about veterans and how we can all support them. Please watch- this is amazing. And to all our veterans: Never Forget.

(Cover image credit: Saturday Night Live)

Kid-Tested (And Kid-Approved) Jokes

Kid-Tested (And Kid-Approved) Jokes. I’m not going to lie, I looked these up with my second-grader as self-defense. There’s only so many “jokes” that don’t go anywhere that I can take, and now that my Zoe’s seven, she is the Queen of Truly Terrible Puns- she can barely get the joke out before dissolving into hysterical laughter.  If your little people are still open to the fun of the dorky joke, try these on for size…

Kid-Tested (And Kid-Approved) Jokes:

Why do bees have sticky hair?
 -Because they use honeycombs.
Why was the man running around his bed?
 -He wanted to catch up on his sleep.
Why did the chicken cross the playground?
 -To get to the other slide.
What do you call a pig that knows karate?
 – A pork chop!
What does a robot frog say?
 -Rib-bot. (Channeling R2D2)
Why is 6 afraid of 7?
 -Because 7 8 9!
What’s black and white, black and white, black and white?
 -A penguin rolling down a hill!
Why do cows wear bells?
 -Because their horns don’t work!
What does a snail say when it’s riding on a turtle’s back?
How did the barber win the race?
 -He knew a short cut.

Knock Knock Jokes

Knock, knock.
 –Who’s there?
Interrupting cow.
 –Interrupting c..
Knock, knock. 
 -Who’s there?
 –Boo who?
Please don’t cry. It’s only a joke.
Knock, knock.
 –Who’s there?
 –Nobody who?
(Stay silent)
Knock, knock.
 –Who’s there?
Little old lady.
 –Little old lady who?
I didn’t know you could yodel!
Knock, knock.
 –Who’s there?
Cows say.
 –Cows say who?
No silly, cows say moo!
Knock, knock.
  -Who’s there?
Owls say.
 –Owls say who?
Knock, knock.
 –Who’s there?
 –Tank who?
You’re welcome!

Even More Kid-Tested (And Kid-Approved) Jokes

What is brown and sticky? –A stick!
Why did half a chicken cross the road? – To get to his other side
How do you make a tissue dance? – Put a little boogie in it.
Knock, knock. – Who’s there? Smell mop. – Smell mop who?
Where do library books like to sleep? – Under their covers!
Why can’t a bicycle stand up by itself? – Because it’s two-tired!
Knock, knock. – Who’s there? Yourself. – Yourself who? Your cell phone’s ringing you better answer it.
What did zero say to eight? – Nice belt!
Where do sheep get their wool cut? – At the BAAAbars!
What’s mom and dad’s favorite ride at a fair? – A married-go-round!
Where do cows go on Friday night? – To the MOOOvie theater.
Where did the king keep his armies? – In his sleevies!
And my Zoe’s favorite…
Knock, knock. –Who’s there? Banana. –Banana who? Knock, knock. –Who’s there? Banana –Banana who? Knock, knock. – Who’s there? Orange. –Orange who? Orange you glad I didn’t say banana again?

How To Keep Every Student In High School – East High’s Innovative Approach

How To Keep Every Student In High School – East High’s Innovative Approach. The eternal question: HOW do you help the kids in desperate need at your high school without creating the social divide of “us vs. them?” The PTSA and Student and Family Support Organization at East High School in Salt Lake City has created a genius program. There’s a large number of kids under the poverty line, refugee students who might even be the head of their little household, homeless kids stubbornly coming to class every day.


But they need more than just food. Maybe a bus pass because they don’t have transportation, an emergency dentist donating time if a student knocks his tooth out in football practice (true story.) So they created the Stash, where all kinds of students- athletes, student body leaders, and those who are truly, truly hungry stop by for healthy snacks.


There’s school supplies, toiletries, even groceries to take home for their family. But it’s so much more! A place to shower, make phone calls, wash their clothes. The Leopard Boutique where they can find clean, attractive clothes. It’s genius. Want to donate items, money or your time? Please contact:

Todd & Zoe’s Daddy-Daughter Date

Todd & Zoe’s Daddy-Daughter Date. So our seven year old Zoe adores her dad. She loves hanging out with The Todd, no matter what the man is up to.



Much of their time is spent rough-housing madly, like The Todd throwing Zoe the length of our neighborhood pool during the summer. Every day.

He was so excited to take her on a “special” Daddy-Daughter Date. Traditionally, when The Todd gets all worked up over something, I know to be suspicious. But… a day out with our Zoe? You know it would have to be all sweet, right?

So ZoZo put on a nice dress and a sparkly headband, and the girl was ready for some serious action. And this is what happened. Have a look…


What weird and wonderful little ritual do you have with your kiddos? Drop a comment and share, we’ll give away dinner for 4 at Christopher’s Prime Steakhouse for one of your stories next Friday.



The Millionaire Code – Or Why Dan From PC Laptops Wants You To Be Rich

The Millionaire Code – Or Why Dan From PC Laptops Wants You To Be Rich. So Dan the Laptop Man became like, a zillionaire and decided he wanted everyone else to succeed, too. He started the “Millionaire Code” and he’s been offering mentoring and wisdom to the rest of us. Plus, he drives cool cars and the man is BUILT. Like, you can see baby muscles popping out of his biceps. So naturally, we had to talk to him. If you’re ready for some new inspiration and a desire to make more of your life and your career, Dan’s your guy.


When Animals Attack: Getting Stomped By A… Bison? – 6.5.19

When Animals Attack: Getting Stomped By A… Bison? When you think of deadly animals attacks, bison aren’t usually at the top of the list… but one poor Utah runner would like to correct you on that. He escaped death with a totally genius move.

The Todd’s grilling tasty, tasty peppers on the grill- so easy! BTW: if you love grilled veggies, be sure to check out his Grilled Cabbage Steaks- they’re freaking delicious. Find the recipe here.


(Screencap courtesy of Walt Disney Studios)

Hey Salt Lake City… your water rates are about to go up another… say… 112% by 2024. Surprise! Will Smith’s out promoting “Alladin” and is heart-stoppingly adorable to small children. Prepare to “awwww.”

A Drink At Disneyland’s New “Star Wars” Park Will Cost You $72 – 6.4.19

A Drink At Disneyland’s New “Star Wars” Park Will Cost You $72. We’re just as excited as you are for the new “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” at Disneyland… but maybe we’ll skip the souvenirs- one of the drinks in the collectibles cup in the cantina is $72. You heard me. Seventy-two dollars. For one. One drink.

Tools are so ridiculously expensive- if you could rent them, how many more projects could you do? There are two Utah guys putting out a new tool rental app called RNTL.

There’s bad news about five Utah nursing homes- they’re on the list of the nation’s worst- check and make sure your Nana isn’t in one of them. You can find the list here.


In Tell Me Something Good- the generosity of four Home Depot guys who helped a toddler learn to walk.

Facebooking When You’re Dead – 6.3.19

Facebooking When You’re Dead. How to continue Facebooking when you’re dead. Or the other option- give a good friend the power to erase your entire account before your family gets a hold of it. Personally, I’d continue the same plan I’ve always had- get the Todd or a good friend to go through everything I own and toss out anything incriminating before my family sees it. And I don’t even have anything juicy or scandalous! It’s just the principle of the thing. Do you want a trusted buddy to dump your social media adventures before your folks see it?


In the mood for some tasty grilling options that don’t include meat? You will not believe this: tasty cabbage steaks. Have a look.

BTW: if you love grilling recipes, nothing tops the Todd’s grilling an entire turkey. And it’s perfect every time. Find it here.


Talk about the best job in the world: sitting in a canoe and counting loons. That’s it. And the state of Minnesota will pay you for it. Bonus!

There’s a new Batman! Um… this would not be my choice, we’ll see what you think.

There’s New Harry Potter Books On The Way! – 5.31.19

There’s New Harry Potter Books On The Way! Yes, your summer reading’s about to become infinitely more exciting. JK Rowling’s releasing four new books about the magical classes at Hogwart’s.

You’ll need the extra reading material because getting to the SLC Airport is about to become impossible. A weird case of child labor violations- in Spanish Fork? Really? And what men really want for Father’s Day. Really.

Instant Karma: Busting The Hit And Run Driver – 5.30.19

Instant Karma: Busting The Hit And Run Driver. There’s nothing worse than walking out to your car and realizing someone’s smashed into it and just… left. Here’s the most epic outing of a hit and run driver by a 6th grader who even created a flow chart for the whole thing.

The Pickle Challenge continues at Chez Collard- today, we’re making Deep-Fried Buttermilk Pickles. BTW: if you haven’t tried out our “pickle sandwiches,” find the recipe here. They’re surprisingly tasty.


Finally! A state is actually penalizing those people who get in the passing lane and just park themselves there- grrr! It’s a huge fine, too. (If you’d like your very own windshield decal that politely tells selfish drivers to GET OUT OF THE PASSING LANE, check out

Tooele’s Kodi Lee just crushed it on America’s Got Talent- but it gets so much cooler, we’ll explain. For parents with special needs kiddos, this is the best Tell Me Something Good story ever.

Tasty No Carb Sandwiches – Hope You Like Pickles – 5.28.19

Tasty No Carb Sandwiches – Hope You Like Pickles. I’ve been trying to convince the Todd it’s time for him to try a low-carb diet. The man is not impressed, he loves his sandwiches. So I have a tasty alternative.

BTW: if you’re looking for more low-carb recipes, may I suggest our super-tasty one-net carb Teeny Tiny Pumpkin Tarts? You will thank me later.


(image credit: Alex Proimos)

Hiking in Zion National Park over the weekend is a lot like scaling Mount Everest… The Angel’s Landing hike was so popular over the weekend that the park had to close it down. There was a 4-hour line to climb it. Like Disneyland. Something similar is happening on Mount Everest right now- but this line is deadlier. We’ll explain.


The guy who built the multi-million dollar “Noah’s Ark” amusement park down in Tennessee is suing… for flood damage. Seems ironic, but there you go. For $75 per person, you don’t want to have to swim to the Ark. (Editor’s note: which contains – along with all of the animals ‘two by two’ – two baby dinosaurs. Dinosaurs. I’ll let that sink in.)


If you’re a diabetic and you’ve watched your insulin skyrocket from $100 a month to $1,200, there’s good news. More states are demanding answers about the mysterious price increases, and one state has already done something about it. We’ll tell you about it on the show today.

Welcome To The Baby Kitty Cam – 5.22.19

Welcome To The Baby Kitty Cam! These are the tiniest kittens we’ve ever fostered for the Utah Humane Society, and they WILL MELT YOUR HEART. Have a look… What’s the best way to catch a beer truck thief? Offer a free keg party to whoever finds it. Such a speedy response! There’s lots of controversy over “food shaming” in school- kids who can’t afford to pay or parents who can’t pay the bill are finding it humiliating in some school districts. Plus, the story of one feisty food worker who gave a boy a free lunch and got fired for it.


Welcome to the Kitty Cam! Adorable baby kitties, on demand! We’re fostering 6 baby kitties from the Utah Humane Society, pull up a chair and relax, They’re oddly soothing. If you have a little space to foster a sick animal or a baby litter until they’re old enough to be adopted, it’s a wonderful thing! Find more information here.

Wait. What do you mean I’m not Native American? – 5.14.19

Wait. What do you mean I’m not Native American? My grandmother always insisted that her mother was Native American- Pawnee, in fact. Grandma also liked to screw with us, so when The Todd and I got our DNA test results, it turns out I have absolutely zero Native American blood. However, I am something else. Which I TOTALLY did not expect.

Ben Lomond High’s student body is protesting a move to keep them from recognizing two deceased students in their graduation ceremony. The Ogden School District does not seem enthusiastic.


Did you know the University of Utah has an eSports Department? And scholarships? And a team? Which is competing on ESPN? (Probably the Ocho.) Also, Lt. Gov Spencer Cox is running for Governor and why calling in dead to work is a bad idea.

Own Your Own Nudist Resort In Paradise! – 5.13.19

Own Your Own Nudist Resort In Paradise! Why bother to visit a nudist resort when you could own one? The world-famous resort in New Zealand is up for grabs at a super low price. Admit it. You’re tempted.

Say you’re sad that your vacation pictures aren’t as cool as everyone else’s. Enter a company that’ll photoshop your family into various magical destinations, so it looks like you’re lounging on a beach in Hawaii or skiing in Switzerland.

Also, chicken casseroles, pictures from Mother’s Day, and yes, we DO have the fastest-growing house prices in the country. Then there’s Utahns and selfies- we take a lot of them. A LOT. Like, more than the rest of the country. Are we that vain? Are our lives just more interesting? Discuss.

BTW: looking for more comfort food recipes? Try our Baked Cheddar Broccoli Rice Cups here, and Corned Beef and Cabbage with Mary Helen’s Magnificent Mustard Sauce here.

(cover image credit:…)

I Gave My Mother A Liver Transplant For Mother’s Day – 5.10.19

I Gave My Mother A Liver Transplant For Mother’s Day. So, when it comes to epic Mother’s Day gifts, Utahn Brandon Finlayson wins. You can never top what this kid gave his mother. We’ll explain.

Now, THIS is the kind of break-in I’d totally support: a woman who broke into a stranger’s house to wash their dishes and tidy the kitchen. The police found her brushing the family dog.


Plus, we are forced to visit a hot new food trend that combines two beloved snacks. And it is vile.