Knives … ClamdyCanes … Christmas Tree Groves … We Got ‘Em All – 12.3.19

Knives … Clamdy Canes … Christmas Tree Groves … We Got ‘Em All.

We just received a new taste-test item for the holidays. Join us for the unboxing and the unbridled horror. Ever heard of a “clamdy cane?” That’s not a typo. And it’s a taste that… Well, have a look.


Why bother with a boring Christmas tree when you can have a veritable forest? How to create a Christmas Tree “grove” with’s Todd’s easy DIY video.

Looking for more holiday decor ideas? Have a look at our special kid’s gift tags here. 

Luscious roast pork leg for Christmas dinner is here.

And “I need HOW many lights?” A foolproof guide to lighting up your Christmas Tree here.

Stopping Family Fights at Thanksgiving with One Sentence – 11.26.19

Stopping family fights at Thanksgiving with one sentence.

Dr. Julie Hanks has the one sentence that will stop every argument at the Thanksgiving dinner table – she’ll show you how you’ll have a peaceful holiday and you will like it!

The Todd’s made a really impressive Cranberry Jalapeno Cream Cheese Dip that was really tasty – and I hate jalapenos. And meet our Shop Locally Legends, Utah DIY Wedding and Willow & Jae Boutique.

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You Know You Have to Try it – Tackling the Turducken – 11.22.19

You Know You Have to Try it – Tackling the Turducken. There’s a legendary bird… one that strikes fear and awe in the hearts of the Thanksgiving cook. The Turducken. The sublime mixture of turkey, chicken, and duck. And it is unspeakably delicious. Are you ready? The Todd has your step by step guide.


Also! Meet our Shop Locally Legends: Whole Life Tea and Basil & Rose Garden and Gifts. They’re about to make your gift list soooo much easier. Give a gift with a story behind it! Something beautiful and hand-made by someone here in Utah.

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Congratulations, You’re Pregnant! But …You’re Not. – 11.8.19

Congratulations, You’re Pregnant! But … You’re Not.

So Mercury is in retrograde and your communication with everyone is going to be shot straight to H-E-double hockey sticks. Case in point: getting a letter congratulating you on your pregnancy. And you’re not. There were some deeply alarmed Tweets this week, including one from a woman who said, “Thanks! I’m not pregnant, but you can come explain this to my mother!” It’s all coming from a Pleasant Grove company.


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Did you get a weird text or two on Thursday? You’re not alone. A server that shut down on February 14 was started up again on November 7, but unfortunately, all the stored text messages flew far and wide. To ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, to alarmed family members, to confused friends who got messages like, “I’m picking you up in an Uber in 15 minutes, be ready to go to the airport.” I told you! Mercury in retrograde!


Plus! Super tasty Maple Bacon Pancake bites. Easy enough that Erin can make them, so you know we’re talking REALLY simple.

Btw: want more tasty little bites of things? There’s our Teeny-Tiny Pumpkin Pies with one net carb per serving here. Still trying to rid yourself of the last of the zucchini? Our Zucchini Cream Cheese Muffins are here to save you!


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Low-Stakes Halloween Crafting – the Medallion Wreath! 10.22.19

Low-Stakes Halloween crafting – the medallion wreath. It’s a pretty Halloween wreath with almost zero effort. The low-stakes crafting we’ve all been looking for!

BTW: are you looking for more easy Halloween crafts? Try out our adorable Corn Critters here, make your own custom Harry Potter-esque wand here, and create your own Halloween Tree here.


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Do you realize we’re in the Turkey Zone? If you don’t eat it now, you really can’t have it until Thanksgiving. Here’s Todd’s No-Fail Turkey video. BTW: if you haven’t checked out Todd’s classic cooking a turkey on a Weber grill – more room in the oven for side dishes! – it’s one of our most popular YouTube videos here.


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When did Pennywise the Clown become Halloween’s most popular costume? I have clown “issues” as it is! We’ve got the complete list of the most-Googled Halloween costumes for 2019. Sexy unicorns? Really?

Erin’s in a Bathtub with Six Kittens. It Just Gets Weirder. 10.18.19

So Erin’s sitting in a bathtub with six kittens and the director of the Utah Humane Society, and it just gets weirder from there. It seems every animal shelter along the Wasatch Front is bursting at the seams with lonely cats and dogs and goats and rabbits and all manner of creatures. Can you adopt a new pet? If not, can you foster a pet or two? Let’s talk.


Also, congratulations, Utah! We were just named number one in the nation for something! And The Todd has created an instructional video about it.


As we’re drawing closer to the Women of Worth Gala on November 9th, I want you to know more about this incredible program and the women it benefits. Have a look…

Best (and Heaviest) Mountain Rescue EVER – 10.15.19

Do you ever take a look at something growing in your garden and have no idea what it is? We’re in this dilemma and the internet is not helping. So, we’re cutting the thing open on the podcast today and find out what spliced with what and then grafted with who. Enjoy our unintentional genetic experiment!


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There’s 200 birds at the West Valley Animal Shelter who need you. Like, right now. An animal hoarder was busted in West Valley City, and the poor city shelter’s been turned into an emergency aviary. Ever wanted an exotic bird? Here’s your chance! This is a great time to consider fostering a pet as well. Find more information here.


(Image credit Salt Lake  County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue)

The Salt Lake County Search and Rescue saves the life of a very heavy victim and gets him down the mountain. I am not body-shaming. You’ll see what I mean at 14:45 into the podcast.

The “Pumpkin Spice Everything” Taste Test! 10.10.19

The “Pumpkin Spice Everything” Taste Test!

1. The Pumpkin Spice taste test! What’s not so bad? What was truly horrifying? We’ll tell you.

BTW: in the mood for some toasty fall foods? Try the Todd’s Tasty Chili, recipe here.

2. There’s one thing that 80% of Americans who say they’re “really happy” do. And it’s so easy!

3. So your dad’s King of Sweden, you figure you’re getting a pretty excellent inheritance, right? Yeah, no.

Fortnite is “Deliberately Addicting” Your Kids. And There’s a Lawsuit. Of Course. – 10.8.19

Fortnite is “Deliberately Addicting” Your Kids. And There’s a Lawsuit. Of Course. There’s a $100 million dollar lawsuit against Fortnite developers, who the attorney claimes “worked closely” with psychologists to make the game “as addictive as possible. Given that this game is gigantic and sponsors a $30 million dollar “World Cup” style tournament every year, maybe that $100 million is pocket change?

There’s fall camping spots along the Wasatch Front that are spectacular! And Wilderness Todd will show you where they are on the podcast today.


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For all of us who’ve waited tables or worked in a restaurant or a bar, you know how hard you work for those tips! Given that the IRS is taxing you 15% on those tips, you have to really hope that you get tipped well. But now there’s new legislation that would allow restaurant owners to take all of your tips, then “redistribute” them to everyone else in the restaurant as well. We have 50 furious emails from servers today!

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Given the devastation in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian tore through, lots of little groups in Florida are raising money to help the recovery. There’s a little place called the Siesta Key Oyster Bar where the tradition has been to staple a dollar to the wall or the ceiling when you order a drink. This has apparently been going on for a long time. A really long time, because the staff’s been carefully taking down all the dollar bills to donate to hurricane relief. So far, they’ve carefully pried over fifteen thousand dollars from the bar.  An amazing Tell Me Something Good!


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Your Complete Guide to Every Single Haunted House & Pumpkin Patch in Utah – 10.4.19

Your Complete Guide to Every Single Haunted House & Pumpkin Patch in Utah.

1. Our complete list of every single haunted house, corn maze and pumpkin patch is out for Halloween! Plus, how to make your own Halloween Tree. BTW: looking for some kid’s crafts to make for the season? Try our DIY magic wands here, and the ever-darling Corn Critters video here.

2. We’ll tell you how you can win a personal meet and greet with “America’s Got Talent” Kechi Okwuchi.

3. It’s National Taco Day, we’ll tell you where to find the best taco in Salt Lake City.

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