What’s Your State’s Favorite Halloween Candy? Who Picked Jolly Ranchers? Really? – 9.27.19

What’s Your State’s Favorite Halloween Candy? Who Picked Jolly Ranchers? Really? And who on earth would pick Necco Wafers as a favorite?  I know I’m getting all judgey here, but really? Neeco Wafers are dusty little discs of death. I’m not sure they’re even edible. And yes, if you were expecting saltwater taffy to get an award of distinction here in Utah, you would be correct. In fact, there was some weird love for that particular sweet in the landlocked states.


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Where are you most likely to get a parking ticket in Salt Lake City. Given that the cheapest ticket is now $38, this is something worth knowing, eh? We’ve got your hotspots, right down to the street and the time of day. Also, the sinister newcomer that everyone’s getting nailed for downtown- the infamous “backing in” parking space.


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There’s a wonderful little photo making the rounds on Facebook this week- of a homeless gentleman changing a woman’s tire for her. But the story behind it is even sweeter. Anna Davidson owns Jessie Jean’s along with her husband, Ron. She posted this photo with the following:

“looked out the window to see this happening. This is Chuck .. he’s homeless and works his ass off helping every day in the cafe . This is “one of those people” that get labeled. Ya know the ones everyone wants outta sight, outta mind.. I didn’t see anyone else out helping this young lady, just Chuck .. the homeless guy.. thank you Chuck #findthekind #kindnessmatters

This amazing little place often offers meals to the homeless in Ogden, and you’ll often find regular customers chipping in an additional $6.25- the cost of a meal that then pays for a hungry and homeless soul, who’s treated with kindness and respect. You can find out more about their philosophy on their Facebook page.


Now that’s finally getting chilly, you know, that kind of chilly where the kids need a jacket when you drop them off at school and you’re blasting their air conditioner when you pick them up? It’s time for the Todd’s Bacon-Lobster Chowder recipe on the podcast today. You’re welcome.

BTW: Are you in the mood for more fall-style recipes? Todd’s Tasty Chili recipe is here. And his Tender Braised Beef Shanks recipe is here.

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Drunk Grocery Shopping. It’s a Thing. – 9.26.19

Drunk Grocery Shopping. It’s a Thing. Would you like a beer garden in your local grocery store? It’s an idea that Smith’s is proposing. (What would you call that? SUI? Shopping under the influence?)


Our Pinterest-worthy magic wand DYI video. Wingardium Leviosa! BTW: Getting all Halloween-y? Check out our 5 Minute Corn Critters hereLooking to build some new Halloween season traditions with your kids? We’ve got some fun ones here.


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You’ll never guess who’s the new celebrity voice for Alexa and Echo. I want the uncensored version. “Alexa, please make big celebrity guy sing me Happy Birthday?”


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Jennifer Lawrence is getting married! And someone put up her wedding registry. Well, actually, Jennifer put up her wedding registry on like, she’s wanting you to buy her that cheese slicer. And while she’s always struck me as the kind of girl who’d be fun to go out and have a beer with, here, she sounds reeeally different.

“Planning a wedding is sooo exciting, but it can be hectic. For anyone needing a little inspiration, I thought it would be fun to collaborate with Amazon to share some of my favorite wish-list items…”

Does this seem creepy to anyone else? Amazon is calling Jennifer an “actress and a philanthropist.” For posting $80 martini glasses? I don’t know, do you see it differently?


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Things you wouldn’t think you would have to specifically forbid your police force to do- like sexting while on duty. Seriously. The agency that certifies and disciplines police officers in Utah actually had to write a specific clause to ban police officers from sexting or… uh… “entertaining” themselves while on duty. Now that I know this, the next time I’m signing a speeding ticket (it’s an annual thing) I’m using my own pen, thank you, officer.


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For something much happier in Tell Me Something Good: the amazing billionaire who spoke at Morehouse College’s graduation last year told the all African-American graduates that he was paying off their student loans. Can you imagine? Now, he’s telling all the parents and extended family who scrimped and saved to help their kids through college that he’s paying off the loans they took out for their kid’s education as well. The bar has been set, my friends.

Congratulations! You can go Topless Here in Utah! We Think… 9.25.19

Congratulations! You can go Topless Here in Utah! We Think… So if you’re a big fan of going topless, there’s a new ruling from the Tenth Circuit Court that should make you happy, we’ll explain. This jumps into the realm of what happens when a higher court makes a ruling, and then the local government tries to interpret it.


And we’ve got a 5-minute Halloween craft that’s so freaking adorable that you’ll never throw away another corn husk again. BTW: Are you in the mood for more Halloween crafting? Check out our Pinterest-worthy Harry Potter wands here. Or, I create a pretty paper medallion wreath here.


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There can’t be anything more heartbreaking than losing your father- especially in the line of duty as a police officer. But when the son of a fallen officer in Mission, Texas played his first football game, the stands were packed for him. I dare you not to tear up over this Tell Me Something Good.


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You Spent HOW MUCH on a Hostess Gift? – 9.24.19

You Spent HOW MUCH on a Hostess Gift? You visit New York City with a friend, staying at his aunt’s place. You want to send a hostess gift, of course. Your friend informs you that you will be required to spend $200 on said gift because his family “expects it.” Are you kidding? Would you shell out that kind of money?


Also! Roast Pork with Apple Chutney in Todd’s Test Kitchen. BTW: is the pumpkin-spice pressure of fall getting you in the mood for more hearty meals? Try the Todd’s Braised Beef Shanks recipe here. Or his utterly sublime Leg of Lamb recipe here.


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I’ve never felt more empathy for Disney employees… I know that when we’ve all saved our money to bring our family to the Most Expensive Place on Earth, we want it TO BE PERFECT. But when you hear some of the horror stories from employees (getting punched in the stomach because they want to be in the front row of the rollercoaster and you’re pregnant) you’re going to be SO MUCH nicer to these poor folks.

Did you hear about that heartbreaking tour bus crash in Southern Utah last weekend? It was a huge group of tourists from China and no one to interpret for them. Which is where the epic Jason Chang comes in. This courageous college student answered a frantic call for someone who spoke Mandarin Chinese… and his story is incredible.

Burger King’s “Impossible Burger” vs. the Whopper: a Taste Test – 9.23.19

Burger King’s “Impossible Burger” vs. the Whopper: a Taste Test. Burger King has the new Impossible Burger! They’re swearing that you can NOT tell the difference between the Impossible Burger – which is vegetarian – and the Whopper. Let’s put that to the test, shall we? BTW: Do you like the taste tests? Do you enjoy someone else finding out for you if something is tasty or just truly horrifying? Find our review of M&M’s new flavors – like “White Pumpkin Pie” and “Jalepeno” here.  What about flavored specialty beers? How about “Saturday Morning,” which is a beer that tastes like Lucky Charms cereal, see our findings here.

Are you dropping $1,000 to get the new iPhone 11? Lots of us (uh, me) are choosing to stick with the phone we have- but experts say the best thing you can do for your phone is nurture the battery. We’ve got some tips on how to extend your battery’s life.


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Some things, you wouldn’t think you would have to tell someone. Like, “Hey, don’t put a wounded bobcat that you found on the road in the backseat of your car next to YOUR SIX-YEAR-OLD CHILD.” Apparently, you would be wrong.


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Did you hear the endearing tale of Carson King, the Iowa U student who flashed a sign asking for a donation to buy a six-pack of Busch beer? People donated. And donated. And donated until Carson ended up with hundreds of thousands of dollars. What he did with the money made Busch Beer create a can with his image on it. You’re going to love this kid.

Also… when your life is in dire peril, sometimes a woman has to do… well, you’ll see.


What Would it Take for You to Say: “I am a Woman of Worth?” – 9.20.19

What Would it Take for You to Say: “I am a Woman of Worth?”  Imagine pulling yourself and your little ones out of an unspeakable situation… trapped in a polygamist marriage, an abusive relationship, or simply reeling from a series of life’s blows that seem unrecoverable. Then, there’s Women of Worth – a charity that turns these women’s lives around and gives them the tools to change their lives. My beautiful friend Marie Jess explains Women of Worth.

Also! Recycle your old baby seat with Walmart and get a $30 gift card. We have your details.

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Project Lifesaver: A Free GPS Service That Could Save Your Kiddo’s Life – 9.19.19

Project Lifesaver: A Free GPS Service That Could Save Your Kiddo’s Life. Imagine your little one with autism wandered away. Or your mother with dementia. Can anything be more terrifying? Meet Project Lifesaver – a free program offered by several of the police departments here in Utah that tracks your loved one via GPS. Have a listen…


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Plus! Someone actually stole a solid gold (working) toilet from a mansion in England. Where do you FENCE something like that? BTW: Admit it. Do you love idiot criminal stories? Why, here’s more! Like the kids who took a joyride through a Halloween corn maze and destroyed it- just before it opened for the season. Find it here.


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Also- remember the movie “50 First Dates?” Here’s the real story…

Then! Another dilemma: “What would you do?” This one involves kids at a wedding…

The Todd’s Tasty Meatballs Recipe – 9.18.19

The Todd’s Tasty Meatballs Recipe. Mother Nature decided – by making this week alternately on fire and then freezing – that it is time for comfort food. Enjoy the Todd’s Tasty Meatballs – it’s really one of those things that should be a go-to dinner, right?


BTW: In the mood for more comfort food? Try the Todd’s Home-style Chili, the recipe’s here.

And Your Mom’s Old-School Chicken Casserole recipe hereOne of my personal favorite of the Todd’s Comfort Food Series is the Braised Beef Shanks, that recipe’s here.

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How Many Emotional Support Monkeys Are Too Many Emotional Support Monkeys? – 9.16.19

So, here’s a question I never thought I would ask myself:

How Many Emotional Support Monkeys Are Too Many Emotional Support Monkeys? There’s a woman fighting her city as it seeks to, perhaps, limit her number to three. Texanne Teahan is adamant and wielding a note from her doctor that her support monkeys are crucial to treating her PTSD. Look, she’s not trying to get on a plane with them, so what’s the worry?


There’s also the terrifying tale of a vicious battle with a black widow spider the size of my hand. It fought back. It was… muscular. There was a nauseating meaty-sounding “thunk!” when I sucked it into my Dyson vacuum, but it wasn’t enough. There was combat between the Todd, armed with chopsticks (they were the only weapons available, sue me) and the black widow. She was not going down easy. BTW: if you’re looking for non-toxic ways to discourage spiders from scampering into your basement as fast their eight legs can carry them, have a look here.


Your chance to rescue a woman – or family – in peril could be as simple as joining us at the Women of Worth annual gala. This amazing group rescues women – often in dire peril – and helps them into a rich and meaningful life. Part of their success is assigning mentors to each new client, who guides them and their family into a home, school, work and a new life. It’s utterly inspiring. If you’d like to learn more about their services, how you can help (perhaps as a mentor?) and more about the Gala, it’s all here.


Oh! This is so important – if you’re buying tickets to the fundraising gala, be sure to use TODDANDERIN at checkout for $10 off the ticket price. And the inspiring Kechi Okwuchi from “America’s Got Talent” will be performing, and there’s a VIP backstage meet and greet.

Naked Man With a Beer. A Cornfield. This Does Not End Well. 9.13.19

Naked Man With a Beer. A Cornfield. This Does Not End Well.

Today’s podcast brought to you in the form of a Listicle:


(image credit Pexel)

1. How to shoot the gigantic Friday the 13th full moon with your cell phone! Really, who among us hasn’t tried to catch the beauty of that hugely bloated harvest moon and ended up with… a yellow circle in the night sky. Like everyone else’s. Fear not! A “space photographer” tells us how to get a brilliant image even with our humble iPhone.

  • Put your phone on a stand! Stabilize the shot and you’re golden.
  • Download one of the free “moon apps” that’ll tell you everything from when it’s rising to its exact position in the heavens and how to focus your phone.
  • Wear comfortable clothes because you’ll be tripping over things and falling into bushes and such trying to get the Perfect Shot.
  • Edit your photo into black and white. It makes all the moon’s features stand out crisply and sharply.


2. The Todd’s Tasty Chili recipe – who knew it would get so cold so fast?

BTW: In the mood for more comfort foods? Try our Baked Cheddar Broccoli Rice Cups here, or Todd’s Old-school Chicken Casserole here.


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3. You know any police report that starts with: “Man with no clothes attempted to evade officer by entering a cornfield,” is not going to end well. Since the Todd lived on a farm that boasted a huge cornfield, he’s going to tell you how that will work out.


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4. We can all agree that Prince Harry and his lovely American bride Meghan Markle are freaking adorable. And possibly even more so after hearing this story.


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