Do You Like Taco Bell Enough To Spend Your Vacation There? – 6.25.19

Do You Like Taco Bell Enough To Spend Your Vacation There?

Yeah, turns out the first Taco Bell resort is opening in Palm Springs at a galactic $189 a night. That’s a lot of money to sleep on a hot sauce pillow. Of course, you remember the Taco Bell Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, so maybe it could be a honeymoon thing.

Ever think a four day work week is a much better idea? Turns out there’s proof that reducing our work week might save the environment- we’ll explain.  Also, a genius Utah designer gives hope to chronically ill patients with a new clothing line designed to be comfortable- and preserve their dignity. It’s called IVYE Wear.

Annoying Youths Ruining Your Neighborhood? Here’s Our White Trash Solution – 6.24.19

Annoying Youths Ruining Your Neighborhood? Here’s Our White Trash Solution. Have annoying youths that are making noise, carrying on at all hours, leaving your neighborhood with smashed beer bottles? You need us! Your scary intervention where we set up shop in front of our godawful trailer and creep out the kids enough to leave for good. Watch the answer to all your problems!


Also today- if you’re looking for a good summer service project, may we suggest These amazing folks teach you how to crochet sleeping bags and mats for the homeless from those irritating grocery bags that clutter up the landfill and fly all over your yard.


BTW: if you’re very fond of animals, may we suggest the Utah Humane Society (or the one in your hometown) for fostering puppies, kittens and more? It’s a temporary care period for an animal recovering enough to be put out on the floor for adoption. More info here.


Secrets From Your Flight Attendant- Don’t Use The Tray Table! – 6.20.19

Secrets From Your Flight Attendant- Don’t Use The Tray Table! Never. EVER. Walk barefoot into an airplane bathroom. And the tray tables? Passengers use them for changing diapers. We learned a lot from Secrets from Your Flight Attendant. Follow along and grab some anti-bacterial spray.


On your way to a BBQ and you forgot a side dish? Welcome to Cooking in the Car. BTW: if you’re in the mood for more grilling ideas, try the Todd’s Tasty Grilled Peppers, find the recipe here.


Let us tell you about the Dad tough enough to punch a shark in the face to save his daughter, and another round of “Why Did You Eat That?”

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“We’re Too Beautiful To Work, So Pay For Our Vacation.” – 6.19.19

“We’re Too Beautiful To Work, So Pay For Our Vacation.” Welcome to our Outrageous Story Of The Day: A “beautiful” young couple who wants $18,000 to go on a tandem bike ride from Germany to Africa. But they’re too “beautiful” to work for it. They want YOU to pay for their trip. They can’t ask their parents, because his mom is already working two jobs to support them since they’re living with her.


Lagoon Amusement Park now has a Bavarian Beer Garden- just in case you needed one. (Personally, though I like the idea of a beer garden, the concept of alcohol and high speed, high-velocity rides seem ill-advised. At least in the case of my weak constitution.)


And here’s the world’s best temp job- traveling the country and eat ribs. And getting paid $10,000. We’ll tell you how to apply.

Oh! Need a last-minute side dish for a friend’s BBQ tonight? Welcome to our “Cooking in the Car” specialty- cole slaw. Find it here.

Plus, The Todd comes out in defense of the Dad Bod. Turns out 71% of the country thinks it’s pretty hot.

Take A Bite Of That Cake And I’ll Shock You Senseless – 6.18.19

Take A Bite Of That Cake And I’ll Shock You Senseless. You’re thinking about eating that cake. Then as you lift the first forkful to your lips, your watch shocks you. There is such a thing! An adverse conditioning watch for bad habits- we’ll explain.

There’s a cool new app here in Utah that can match you up to an interesting short-term job. Like, if you wanted to learn how to make cotton candy at the fair for the afternoon, or shelve books in someone’s library. It’s called Bacon, which is the only shocking thing to us because frankly- anything related to the word bacon should have been bought online by now.

A prequel to the “Hunger Games” is on the way! Sadly, I’m not letting myself freak out yet because it’s being released in May of 2020. Soooo… we got a while.  And there’s a new medical delivery system for pets that spells disaster. Or the munchies. Picture a spray attachment that sprays a calming medication into the air to “calm your pets down.” Let’s just examine the disastrous potential of this, shall we?

Remember all those lovely, tasty things from childhood? We’ve been looking them up to see if they’re still wonderful these days. Today: Cracker Jacks.  Editor’s note: anyone remember Fluffernutter sandwiches? Have a look at their tasty factor here.

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Remember the LDS Millionaire? Here’s What Happened… 6.14.19

Remember the LDS Millionaire? Here’s What Happened… Remember the whole “LDS Millionaire searching for a wife?” We found out what happened. You’ll enjoy this.

Gas prices are getting under $2 a gallon this summer! And Oreos is introducing another “Mystery Flavor.” I’m not sure what this one’s going to be, but the last one tasted like Fruity Pebbles. Kind of. If Fruit Pebbles had been put through a cement grinder and then strained through rubbing alcohol.

We’ve always worked “off” hours from the regular commute, so this rush hour stuff is terrible- the Todd waxes poetic about the HOV lane.

Happy Father’s Day! Here’s A Four Foot Trout – 6.17.19

Happy Father’s Day! Here’s A Four Foot Trout. Flaming Gorge here in Utah is known for gigantic freaking fish. But a four-foot trout? Here’s the ultimate Father’s Day story- about a daughter kicked out of school for her “illegal piercing” – an implant on the underside of her earlobe for her migraines – and how her dad got her back in. Hint: it involved superglue and a LOT of discomfort.


Caroline Himbert’s an amazing Ph.D. student who’s raising money and awareness for the Huntsman Cancer Institute one step at a time. A lot of steps. Steep steps. And she’s doing to prove that you can reduce your cancer risk with (fortunately for all of us) moderate exercise. Would you like to learn more about her charity? Find all the info here.

A criminal in Southern Utah who just wouldn’t give up, and the most epic graduation speech you’ll ever hear.

(cover image credit: Utah Department of Wildlife Resources)

Could You Live Without Your Smartphone For A Week For $1000? – 6.10.19

Could You Live Without Your Smartphone For A Week For $1000? Erin couldn’t live without hers for five minutes- but there’s a new contest that’ll give you $1,000 if you can manage it. We’ll tell you how to enter.

There’s always a bit of a rivalry between the police and the fire departments. But this latest “rescue” by the SLC Fire Department kind of puts them in the lead, you’ll see why. Woods Cross Police just arrested a reckless driver who was pretty easy to find- he posted his “adventures” on YouTube.

I’ve always loved all the incentive bets sports teams use- but the offer of free fries for three-pointers from the Toronto Raptors cost the local McDonald’s owners $5.3 million in free fries. Five. Point. Four. Million.

Forget The Nudist Resort – Nude Cruises Are The Cool New Thing – 6.7.19

Forget The Nudist Resort – Nude Cruises Are The Cool New Thing. Why waste time at a clothing-optional resort when there’s a clothing-optional cruise line? Not surprisingly, the chilly “Fall Foliage in New England” cruise isn’t selling well. BTW: perhaps you’ve always dreamt of owning your own nudist retreat in paradise? Why, one happens to be for sale! Have a look…

Did you know dogs can actually smell liars? We’ll tell you about some impressive science behind it.


(screencap courtesy of Sesame Street)

Sesame Street’s always been the frontrunner in bringing new characters- a muppet in a wheelchair, a muppet with autism- this new little character Carlie is especially sweet.

I’m Covered in Cotton Candy and It’s Not As Much Fun As You’d Expect – 6.6.19

I’m Covered in Cotton Candy and It’s Not As Much Fun As You’d Expect. So, we volunteered for our daughter’s “End of School” fundraising carnival. The Todd got the bounce house. I got three hours at the cotton candy machine. With gusty winds. Zoe is still plucking bits of pink floss out of my hair.

The most entertaining story of a car thief caught in the act and trying to fake his way out of it. West Valley Police are still laughing about it. Allow us to share.


And imagine a sweet little ladybug. Now imagine a swarm of them so big they’re visible on radar. That’s… scary. I don’t care how cute they are.