Wait. What do you mean I’m not Native American? – 5.14.19

Wait. What do you mean I’m not Native American? My grandmother always insisted that her mother was Native American- Pawnee, in fact. Grandma also liked to screw with us, so when The Todd and I got our DNA test results, it turns out I have absolutely zero Native American blood. However, I am something else. Which I TOTALLY did not expect.

Ben Lomond High’s student body is protesting a move to keep them from recognizing two deceased students in their graduation ceremony. The Ogden School District does not seem enthusiastic.


Did you know the University of Utah has an eSports Department? And scholarships? And a team? Which is competing on ESPN? (Probably the Ocho.) Also, Lt. Gov Spencer Cox is running for Governor and why calling in dead to work is a bad idea.

Own Your Own Nudist Resort In Paradise! – 5.13.19

Own Your Own Nudist Resort In Paradise! Why bother to visit a nudist resort when you could own one? The world-famous resort in New Zealand is up for grabs at a super low price. Admit it. You’re tempted.

Say you’re sad that your vacation pictures aren’t as cool as everyone else’s. Enter a company that’ll photoshop your family into various magical destinations, so it looks like you’re lounging on a beach in Hawaii or skiing in Switzerland.

Also, chicken casseroles, pictures from Mother’s Day, and yes, we DO have the fastest-growing house prices in the country. Then there’s Utahns and selfies- we take a lot of them. A LOT. Like, more than the rest of the country. Are we that vain? Are our lives just more interesting? Discuss.

BTW: looking for more comfort food recipes? Try our Baked Cheddar Broccoli Rice Cups here, and Corned Beef and Cabbage with Mary Helen’s Magnificent Mustard Sauce here.

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I Gave My Mother A Liver Transplant For Mother’s Day – 5.10.19

I Gave My Mother A Liver Transplant For Mother’s Day. So, when it comes to epic Mother’s Day gifts, Utahn Brandon Finlayson wins. You can never top what this kid gave his mother. We’ll explain.

Now, THIS is the kind of break-in I’d totally support: a woman who broke into a stranger’s house to wash their dishes and tidy the kitchen. The police found her brushing the family dog.


Plus, we are forced to visit a hot new food trend that combines two beloved snacks. And it is vile.

Today’s Tasty Camping Hack- Orange Cinnamon Rolls – 5.8.19

Today’s Tasty Camping Hack- Orange Cinnamon Rolls. Today’s tasty camping hack- Orange Cinnamon Rolls- you will love me for this one.


BTW: if you’re looking for more yummy camping hacks that are easy to cook over a campfire, take a look at our Banana S’more recipe here.

Imagine going to school where there is a milk and cookie bar. I would support this. Speaking of college, there’s a boatload of student debt forgiveness programs that no one seems to be taking advantage of- we’ll tell you where to look. The US Department of Education is a good start- go here. And then stop by The Insitute of Student Loan Advisors here.





Two wonderful Tell Me Something Goods on the show today- one about former inmates who now run a moving company called The Other Side Movers who helped the Pleasant Grove Police move to their new location. The other- about a group of farmers at auction that refused to bid on their neighbor’s property- so that farmer could buy it back. And finally, you have a THREE BILLION DOLLAR nuclear sub- the new pride of the Navy of India. What is the ONE THING you should remember

More Tasty Camping Hacks: Banana S’mores – 5.7.19

More Tasty Camping Hacks: Banana S’mores. It’s amazing what you can do with a campfire and a big bunch of marshmallows. And even the most savage camper can be soothed by a tasty S’more. Have a look at the show today! BTW: if you’re all about the S’mores in every tasty variety, try one of our other hacks here.


We have a wonderful Tell Me Something Good about a restauranteur who drops off soup from his place to chemo patients every day on his way home- free of charge and always with a bit of conversation. I’m loving these new Tell Me Something Good stories, because I see people sincerely and deliberately looking for those who might need their help. Maybe not the people who would step up and ask for it, but those for whom a helping hand could mean everything. I’m trying to become one of these people who “sees” where they’re needed.

Meanwhile… the Canyons School District is looking at launching an exciting new program designed to help our kids work through emotional and social challenges that have lead to serious problems in the past.


Apparently, no one taught Nana how to put the safety on her new gun. Grandpa learned this the hard way. #marriagegoals #lifelessons

Safest States For Online Dating – There’s Apparently A Big Difference – 5.2.19

Safest States For Online Dating – There’s Apparently A Big Difference. Since 40% of us meet our partners online now, have you ever wondered if there’s safer states than others? Turns out Utah’s looking pretty good, we’ll explain.

In Todd’s Test Kitchen, a little camping cooking hack with “Things on Sticks.” (BTW: if you’re fond of grilled things, try our tasty recipe for turkey on a Weber grill here.) Your Instagram account’s about to change- they may be hiding everyone’s “likes” and “views” to keep teenagers from feeling the social pressure of getting a boatload of likes for their posts. Does this seem logical?


Don’t forget about the spectacular Mother’s Day giveaway from The Gateway- we’ll tell you how to win.

Camping Hacks! Tasty S’More Hacks For The Campfire – 5.1.19

Camping Hacks! Tasty S’More Hacks For The Campfire. Camping hacks! We’re obsessed with them this week because no camping trip with the Collards is without a pile of hacks that could go horribly, horribly wrong. We’re starting with a tasty new S’mores hack today.

Camping Hacks! Tasty S’More Hacks For The Campfire. BTW: are you searching for more family-friendly spots to take your kids camping? How handy that we have Utah’s five best right here.


Here’s a weird conundrum- the state’s refusing a beverage license for a karaoke place because they’re not defined as “entertainment,” however, the two Axe-throwing venues that have “beverage” licenses apparently are. Huh?

Here’s something to be proud of- two cities in Utah- Ogden and Salt Lake City make the top ten best places for Nude Gardening. Bet you didn’t expect that, eh?

Spoilers for Game of Thrones!

There’s a killer local Game of Thrones spoiler with a great local connection to the University of Utah Red Rocks Gymnastics- turns out who you think killed the Night King didn’t. It’s all explained here.

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson & The Most Beautiful Bucket List Ever – 4.30.19

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson & The Most Beautiful Bucket List Ever. Louis Tomlinson from the band One Direction has been in mourning since losing his mother and sister this year- until he met an elderly gentleman mourning his wife. You’ll melt when you see how they’ve healed each other. You can see the video sparked from One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson & The Most Beautiful Bucket List Ever here.


Camping! We’re heading out this weekend and the Todd is just full of camping hacks. For instance, ever seen those ridiculously expensive coolers that apparently can keep food frozen, even like, on the surface of the sun? What if you could hack one from a regular, $12 cooler?

The most epic graduation speech EVER at BYU this week- Political science valedictorian, Matt Easton said this: “I stand before my family, friends, and graduating class today to say I`m proud to be a gay son of God,” Easton said. “I’m not broken. I’m loved and important in the plan of our great creator. Each of us are.” And bravo to the school for approving his speech in advance. See the entire speech here.

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In Foodie news; the Impossible Whopper and the world’s slowest pizza delivery. Have a look.


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Taping Erin’s Mouth Shut: No “Avengers: Endgame” Spoilers! 4.29.19

Taping Erin’s Mouth Shut: No “Avengers: Endgame” Spoilers! Apparently, the only was the Todd think he can keep me from blurting out a spoiler from “Avengers: Endgame” is to tape my mouth shut on the show today. It just might work. We’re discussing an awkward issue- with “Endgame” running over three hours and no one wanting to miss a second, how do you avoid the inevitable potty break?


There’s a very vocal group of foodies who say we’re making our meatballs all wrong. Let’s put that to the test, shall we? Here’s the Todd’s Easy Italian Meatball recipe. BTW: are you looking for some new ways to make old favorites? Try the Todd’s Cajun Stuffed Turkey Wings- the recipe’s here.


Would you want your daughter to play high-school football? There’s a lawsuit underway here in Utah to allow it. What would you tell your daughter to do if a group of boys wouldn’t let her leave the room? One girl’s solution got her expelled. And there’s a clever new real estate enticement for millennials that is actually making them buy a home.

And if you win a multi-million dollar lottery and you used a stolen debit card to buy it, who gets the money?

Robo-Taxis – Would You Ride In a Driverless Car? 4.26.19

Robo-Taxis – Would You Ride In a Driverless Car? So your Taxi pulls up and there’s no one at the wheel. Would you still get in? Elon Musk from Tesla says he’ll have over a million “Robo-Taxis” on the road next year.


In our new segment “Stuff People Sent Us To Try,” we try out the new board game “5 Second Rule” with the additional challenge of being the “Uncensored” version. Like the regular game wasn’t hard enough… You can find both versions here.

Did you know there’s a legal percentage here in Utah for lawn covering your front yard? Who knew? And that you can be fined for not having said lawn percentage? Also, a cool new treasure hunt in your spare change, brain implants that turn thought into words and LeBron James – yes, the NBA player – is creating a whole new way to reach “unsaveable” kids.