Today’s Tasty Camping Hack- Orange Cinnamon Rolls – 5.8.19

Today’s Tasty Camping Hack- Orange Cinnamon Rolls. Today’s tasty camping hack- Orange Cinnamon Rolls- you will love me for this one.


BTW: if you’re looking for more yummy camping hacks that are easy to cook over a campfire, take a look at our Banana S’more recipe here.

Imagine going to school where there is a milk and cookie bar. I would support this. Speaking of college, there’s a boatload of student debt forgiveness programs that no one seems to be taking advantage of- we’ll tell you where to look. The US Department of Education is a good start- go here. And then stop by The Insitute of Student Loan Advisors here.





Two wonderful Tell Me Something Goods on the show today- one about former inmates who now run a moving company called The Other Side Movers who helped the Pleasant Grove Police move to their new location. The other- about a group of farmers at auction that refused to bid on their neighbor’s property- so that farmer could buy it back. And finally, you have a THREE BILLION DOLLAR nuclear sub- the new pride of the Navy of India. What is the ONE THING you should remember

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson & The Most Beautiful Bucket List Ever – 4.30.19

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson & The Most Beautiful Bucket List Ever. Louis Tomlinson from the band One Direction has been in mourning since losing his mother and sister this year- until he met an elderly gentleman mourning his wife. You’ll melt when you see how they’ve healed each other. You can see the video sparked from One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson & The Most Beautiful Bucket List Ever here.


Camping! We’re heading out this weekend and the Todd is just full of camping hacks. For instance, ever seen those ridiculously expensive coolers that apparently can keep food frozen, even like, on the surface of the sun? What if you could hack one from a regular, $12 cooler?

The most epic graduation speech EVER at BYU this week- Political science valedictorian, Matt Easton said this: “I stand before my family, friends, and graduating class today to say I`m proud to be a gay son of God,” Easton said. “I’m not broken. I’m loved and important in the plan of our great creator. Each of us are.” And bravo to the school for approving his speech in advance. See the entire speech here.

(image credit: Burger King)

In Foodie news; the Impossible Whopper and the world’s slowest pizza delivery. Have a look.


(cover screen cap credit: Louis Tomlinson)

Your Next DIY Masterpiece: PVC Trampoline Dome/Fort/Fairy Castle

Your Next DIY Masterpiece: PVC Trampoline Dome/Fort/Fairy Castle. As we make our way to the store for more cold meds, we wanted to show you a new way to re-use that old trampoline. You know, the one the kids have destroyed the safety net and no longer use? Meet the genius of the PVC Trampoline Tent- totally easy and a brand new fort or fairy castle.

BTW: One of the reasons I make the Todd do the DIY Masterpiece (the “Fairy Dome”) for Zoe every summer is that is the only place she’ll read with me. I have to be cunning and find new ways to make reading exciting for her. If you need some suggestions for kiddos who may not be thrilled with reading, there’s a great starter list here.


Plus! In Tell Me Something Good, East High School has an innovative way to keep homeless and struggling kids in school. You’re going to want to implement this in your kid’s school the minute you see this.

Want to support this amazing program? Find more info here.

Arrested For: “Eating Pasta Aggressively” – 4.15.19

Arrested For: “Eating Pasta Aggressively” So this poor guy got arrested in Florida for “aggressively eating pasta.” You heard me. In Mississippi, someone’s been leaving mysterious bowls of… mashed potatoes on people’s doorsteps and in their cars. It’s been going on for two years, and no one’s not quite sure what to do about it. (BTW: for other weird arrests for things you wouldn’t consider violent, check out the “Fistfight at the Modest Dress Store” story here.)


So guess what’s the worst sport for concussions these days? Quidditch. We’re not kidding. Did you know there are Quidditch teams at nearly every major university and college in America, Canada, and Europe? Who knew?

(image credit: via Wikipedia Radiat)


So, you may think that you know how to open a can. So did we. Oh, we were so wrong. Turns out there is a really handy-dandy way to open a can and after 15,000 responses on our YouTube video, most have agreed. It’s life-changing, my friends.

The First Picture Of A Black Hole Or Eye Of Sauron From LOTR? – 4.12.19

The First Picture Of A Black Hole Or Eye Of Sauron From LOTR?  Is it just me, or does the first picture ever of a Black Hole look just like the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings, look at the side by side comparison.

Can you even imagine how terrifying a home invasion would be? You, hiding in a closet and desperately calling the police? Here’s a chest-cam view from a SWAT officer responding to a call here in Utah. Wait for it…

We’re rich! I just checked my family’s names out on Utah’s Unclaimed Property list- everyone has money coming but ME. We’ll show you how to check your nameCan you imagine spending the night in the Louvre in Paris under the Mona Lisa? We’ll tell you how to enter, but you have to hurry, the contest is about to close.


(cover image credit: NASA Event Horizon Collaboration)

An Interview With Your 3 Favorite “Dusted” Avengers – 4.11.19

An Interview With Your 3 Favorite “Dusted” Avengers. Be our guest celebrity reporter at FanX 2019 next weekend at the Salt Palace on the 19-20th! Watch the show and we’ll explain how to win. In honor of the Avengers: Endgame coming out this month, we have an interview with three of our favorite “dusted” Avengers to get you in the mood.

(Want to see the entire interview? Find it here.)


Also today, the most horrifying story of insects in a place who cannot imagine. I might be hyperventilating a little right now…

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Zombie Deer: It’s A Thing – 4.10.19

Zombie Deer: It’s A Thing. State wildlife officials are actually pretty upset about the whole “Zombie Deer” issue, and they’re begging you to stay hands-off. We’ll explain.

Spring means turkey buzzards at Chez Collard. If you’ve never met a turkey buzzard, they have a wingspan of about 6 feet and eat dead things. And like hanging out in our neighborhood. Eating dead things. Then, hanging out in our neighborhood. No small dog is safe. And once you smell what comes out of them, you will never eat again. Get a look at these fellas!


McDonald’s has a secret menu! Did you know about the “10:35am” sandwich? There’s more… so many, many more. You can get married at Taco Bell in Las Vegas now, so that’s… good?

(Image credit: Evan Amos)

Daddy-Daughter Dates: Sweet. And Sometimes Smelly – 4.9.19

Daddy-Daughter Dates: Sweet. And Sometimes Smelly. When the Todd takes our Zoe on a “Daddy-Daughter Date,” it’s always sweet. And sometimes smelly.


There was a particularly entertaining “Anti” protester at General Conference this weekend, you’ll love him. New Zealand may not have the Running of the Bulls, but they have something cuter. We introduce you to possibly the worst person in a position of power here in Utah. Ugh.


And in Tell Me Something Good, the most epic 13-year-old boy in North America. When his father leaves the family in dire circumstances and his mother working 2 jobs and taking the bus, this kiddo leaps into action. (BTW: need more stories of awesome kids and their… uh… awesomeness? Have a look at our “Kid tested and kid approved jokes” here.)

How To Tell Someone Is Scamming You: Lesson One – 4.4.19

How To Tell Someone Is Scamming You: Lesson One. Would you like to be our guest celebrity reporter at FanX at the Salt Palace on the 19-20? The interviews, the filming? Here’s your chance- we’ll tell you what to do on the show today. How persuasive would someone have to be for you to give them all your credit card info if they showed up at your door? There’s a bunch of folks in Davis County who are out a lot of money today.


Todd is excited to tell you about a new NASA mission to the moon to retrieve some little baggies of… biological matter left there by the astronauts. Ugh. And SUCH a good idea in Tell Me Something Good that would stop food waste from school lunch programs and send frozen meals home with hungry kids.

Poor Life Choices 1,002: Lap-dancing At Your Kid’s Birthday Party – 4.3.19

Poor Life Choices 1,002: Lap-dancing At Your Kid’s Birthday Party. We have a strong nomination for the most “Poorly Thought Out Birthday Party Ever.”

The “New Food Trends” convention in Las Vegas kicked off with some really weird combinations- let’s see if you find them tasty or nauseating.


Did you know that 70% of us couldn’t afford to buy our house in today’s Utah prices? More families are considering moving out of state because Utah’s getting too expensive to survive here. We have a new state lizard!! We’ll tell you what made the list, along with a guy who takes filling potholes seriously.