DNA Test Results Shocker! 2.25.20

DNA Test Results Shocker! I love the headline because it sounds so dramatic. Or, what I found out from our DNA test results, and why I now know my Nana was totally screwing with me. I’m such a sucker. On the bright side, I’m also Norwegian.


You’ll never believe that this sweet, adorable town is one of the five most violent here in Utah. Some of the most violent end up in the top five every year, like South Salt Lake and Ogden. But this sweet little town, filled with vegans wearing natural fibers? No freaking way!

Looking for some eccentric Utah towns for a memorable (whether you like it or not) road trip? We have your list!



It seems our kid’s school is DETERMINED that we’re taking our kid to Disneyland, and it seems kinda underhanded! I’m not going to lie, it’s been a long time coming, but the Todd got his First Grown-up Haircut this week. We’ll explain. Give him a pat on the back when you see him, won’t you?

When is the best time of year to visit Disneyland? Our vote is Halloween, and here’s why.


The most intense moments of a rescue from a trailer rig ON FIRE, from the last person you’d expect. Humanity can be awesome.

Are you looking for more inspiring stories to give you a reason to live on the dreariest days? Have you met our Facebook page, Tell Me Something Good? We’re here for you, honey.


We Taste-Test the Scary New Oreo Flavors – 1.24.20

We taste-test the scary new Oreo flavors.

 Oreo sent us a case of their new flavors, including one with so much frosting that biting through it was a challenge. We’ll tell you what’s disgusting and what was surprisingly tasty.


Taylor Swift kicked off the Sundance Film Festival last night with her documentary – we’ll turn you into an expert celebrity-spotter on the podcast today. Get that selfie stick ready!

Ready to learn all the celebrity secrets from our excitable ginger Skippy, the Sundance expert? Find them here.


Your massages melt men into mush, your cookies are so exquisite they have their own fan page, but if no one knows about them, your marketing plans for Valentine’s Day just fizzled away. There is help! Join the Shop Locally Utah movement and we’ll introduce you to 100,000 of our closest friends in the next three weeks. Discover how we’ll make you into a Local Legend here.


Imagine finding a glorious bundle of cash when you needed it most, just … sitting on the sidewalk in front of your place. That miraculous moment was happening all over a sleepy little town where poverty was crushing many of the families there. Was this drug money, as the police feared? Someone’s Fairy Godmother? Kindly strangers? You’ll love the twist ending in Tell Me Something Good.


A Spectacular-Looking (and Tasting!) French Onion Soup Recipe – 11.5.19

A spectacular-looking (and tasting!) French Onion Soup recipe.

French Onion Soup. Who knew it was freaking delicious? And there’s a certain level of drama when you serve it. Also, the subject of droopage. Have a look…


BTW: are you craving some cold weather soups? We’re here for you, honey! Try Todd’s Tasty Chili, the recipe’s here. Perhaps something a little more exotic? There’s Lobster Bacon Corn Chowder, which is wicked delicious.