You Know You Have to Try it – Tackling the Turducken – 11.22.19

You Know You Have to Try it – Tackling the Turducken. There’s a legendary bird… one that strikes fear and awe in the hearts of the Thanksgiving cook. The Turducken. The sublime mixture of turkey, chicken, and duck. And it is unspeakably delicious. Are you ready? The Todd has your step by step guide.


Also! Meet our Shop Locally Legends: Whole Life Tea and Basil & Rose Garden and Gifts. They’re about to make your gift list soooo much easier. Give a gift with a story behind it! Something beautiful and hand-made by someone here in Utah.

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Northern White Bean and Ham Soup – 11.15.19

Northern White Bean and Ham Soup. Who knew Northern White Bean Soup was so tasty? Follow along with the Todd’s latest tasty soup offering.


BTW: Craving more warm winter soups? My favorite is the Todd’s Ham and Lentil soup recipe here. Then there’s the decadent Lobster Bacon Chowder recipe here.


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Also! Why you should not use the airport charging stations when you’re flying during the holidays. And a light-stealing Grinch might have just tanked the cool new Jordanelle holiday light show. (And I was so excited to take the kids to that one…)

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Suing For A Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich – 9.3.19

Suing For A Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich. How much do you need a crispy chicken sandwich that you’re willing to sue for it? One chicken restaurant’s in court for running out of… chicken.

Utah’s emergency task force and search and rescue are sending out volunteers for Hurricane Dorian, and we’ve found the best commute ever. It involves a jet ski.

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