Savory Ham and Lentil Soup – 11.12.19

Savory Ham and Lentil Soup. The Todd’s obsessed with soups – the minute the thermometer dips below 65 degrees and it’s Soup-O-Rama. Today we make his ridiculously tasty Ham and Lentil Soup.


BTW: Are you totally in the soup mood? Fortunately, so is the Todd. Try Todd’s Tasty Chili here, or you’ll find his French Onion Soup recipe here.


Oh, and guess how much a single, humble snow crab just sold for in Japan? Let’s just say each bite is gonna cost you $3,600.

A Spectacular-Looking (and Tasting!) French Onion Soup Recipe – 11.5.19

A spectacular-looking (and tasting!) French Onion Soup recipe.

French Onion Soup. Who knew it was freaking delicious? And there’s a certain level of drama when you serve it. Also, the subject of droopage. Have a look…


BTW: are you craving some cold weather soups? We’re here for you, honey! Try Todd’s Tasty Chili, the recipe’s here. Perhaps something a little more exotic? There’s Lobster Bacon Corn Chowder, which is wicked delicious.

Naked Man With a Beer. A Cornfield. This Does Not End Well. 9.13.19

Naked Man With a Beer. A Cornfield. This Does Not End Well.

Today’s podcast brought to you in the form of a Listicle:


(image credit Pexel)

1. How to shoot the gigantic Friday the 13th full moon with your cell phone! Really, who among us hasn’t tried to catch the beauty of that hugely bloated harvest moon and ended up with… a yellow circle in the night sky. Like everyone else’s. Fear not! A “space photographer” tells us how to get a brilliant image even with our humble iPhone.

  • Put your phone on a stand! Stabilize the shot and you’re golden.
  • Download one of the free “moon apps” that’ll tell you everything from when it’s rising to its exact position in the heavens and how to focus your phone.
  • Wear comfortable clothes because you’ll be tripping over things and falling into bushes and such trying to get the Perfect Shot.
  • Edit your photo into black and white. It makes all the moon’s features stand out crisply and sharply.


2. The Todd’s Tasty Chili recipe – who knew it would get so cold so fast?

BTW: In the mood for more comfort foods? Try our Baked Cheddar Broccoli Rice Cups here, or Todd’s Old-school Chicken Casserole here.


(Image credit: Pexels)

3. You know any police report that starts with: “Man with no clothes attempted to evade officer by entering a cornfield,” is not going to end well. Since the Todd lived on a farm that boasted a huge cornfield, he’s going to tell you how that will work out.


(Image credit: NorthernIrelandOffice)

4. We can all agree that Prince Harry and his lovely American bride Meghan Markle are freaking adorable. And possibly even more so after hearing this story.


(Cover image credit: Pexels)