Start With Sebastian Stan & Throw In Tom Holland: It’s Pandemonium

Start With Sebastian Stan & Throw In Tom Holland: It’s Pandemonium. So you’ve got Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes) and Anthony Mackie (Falcon) from the “Avengers,” and everyone’s happy. Then… little Tom Holland shows up. You know, cute Spiderman? It’s pandemonium. There is screaming. Hysterics. It’s like a One Direction concert. And the three spend the next hour tormenting each other in the cruelest way that only good friends know how to do. The full interview from ACE Comic Con is Seattle.


By the way… the reason both Seb and Tom look at grim here is due to the smirking Anthony Mackie to the right- “Falcon” in the “Captain America” and “Avenger” films. And a complete smartass. He constantly tormented his two buddies… poor Tom got a lot of heat for his “scrawny” build and his infamous last words in “Infinity War.”

And for Seb? Anthony pointedly mentioned that “someone” had missed “biceps and glutes day” at the gym. So harsh…


Which is your favorite? I can’t pick because my heart is still with Loki. The most unjust end. EVER. (BTW: if you haven’t seen our lovely interview with Tom Hiddleston, prepare to swoon and click here.)

Tom Hiddleston Is Just As Brilliant & Lovely As You Think He Is

Tom Hiddleston Is Just As Brilliant & Lovely As You Think He Is. Every Loki fan waited with crossed fingers and toes, hoping he wouldn’t REALLY die in “Avengers Infinity War.” So… uh… he did. But wait ’till you find out how long he had to keep it a secret. Marvel’s fan favorite talks favorite directors, the first scene he ever shot for “Thor,” what’s on Loki’s Evil Overlord iPod mix and working in tight leather clothing. Plus! A surprise visit from another famous Tom. (Hint: Spiderman… Spiderman, does whatever a spider can…)


Tom was clearly exhausted, because he’d spent 12 hour days at ACE doing nothing but taking picture after picture and signing autographs until he probably forgot how to spell his own name. But he still had time to look up and smile, and try to spend a second or two with every speechless fangirl. He was especially attentive to kiddos with serious health issues, whether they could be there or not, Tom made certain they knew he cared.

So, here’s the complete interview from ACE Comic Con in Seattle. Enjoy his gorgeousness and The Voice.


“Shazam’s” Zachary Levi Is Even More Adorable Than You Thought – 4.22.19

“Shazam’s” Zachary Levi Is Even More Adorable Than You Thought. Okay, how can you NOT love this man? Zachary Levi, star of “Chuck” on TV, Fandral from “Thor” and now, “Shazam.” which took first place at the box office and has already grossed $100,000,000. Which is a lot of zeros. But he showed up at SLC’s FanX over the weekend to talk Hollywood, auditioning for the villain in “Shazam” and getting the lead, and leading the entire audience in discussing something you would never expect- depression. And he rocks it. But you knew he would.



BTW: If you’re beside yourself with excitement over Avengers: Endgame opening this weekend, sit down for an interview with our 3 favorite “dusted” Avengers. Sebastian Stan- Winter Soldier, Tom Holland- Spiderman, and Anthony Mackie- Falcon.

An Interview With Your 3 Favorite “Dusted” Avengers – 4.11.19

An Interview With Your 3 Favorite “Dusted” Avengers. Be our guest celebrity reporter at FanX 2019 next weekend at the Salt Palace on the 19-20th! Watch the show and we’ll explain how to win. In honor of the Avengers: Endgame coming out this month, we have an interview with three of our favorite “dusted” Avengers to get you in the mood.

(Want to see the entire interview? Find it here.)


Also today, the most horrifying story of insects in a place who cannot imagine. I might be hyperventilating a little right now…

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