5 Family-Friendly Camping Spots Along The Wasatch Front

5 Family-Friendly Camping Spots Along The Wasatch Front

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5 Family-Friendly Camping Spots Along The Wasatch Front. Introducing the offspring to the joys of camping sometimes requires thought and careful planning. You’d think all kids would be thrilled with a tent and a stick for marshmallows. But with today’s technology leashes holding our kids tighter than ever, it’s not always that easy. If you’re thinking of something fun before summer is over, here are some good suggestions.

5 Family-Friendly Camping Spots Along The Wasatch Front

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Mirror Lake Highway:

There’s dozens of wonderful little nooks and crannies all along the road that leads from Kamas to Wyoming. Easy in and out campsites, and if you need a little more structure, there’s Mirror Lake Campground with bathroom facilities, tables and fire pits with grills.



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Jordanelle Reservoir and State Park:

It’s hard to whine about being bored when you’ve got a lake sitting in front of you. Jordanelle is less than 30 minutes from Salt Lake City. There’s plenty of places to eat if you’re not a fan of stocking the cooler, bathroom facilities and nightly shows with the park rangers.


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Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park:

This is one of those spots that’s so surreal and beautiful it’s hard to remember you’re still in Utah. The area is huge for off-roaders, but you can relax in one of the campsites and just enjoy the view. There’s modern restrooms and even showers.



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Antelope Island State Park:

Another park within a 30-minute drive from Salt Lake City or Ogden. You can spend the night in one of the primitive campsites- there’s all kinds of free-roaming bison, bighorn sheep, and wild horses. Bird lovers will find hundreds of different species and yes, you can still float in the Great Salt Lake.



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Yuba Lake State Park:

There’s developed and primitive camping, based on your willingness to handle your own porta-potty, amazing fishing, and lovely sandy beaches. This is a great camping area for little ones because Yuba Lake is exceptionally warm.

What about your family? Where’s your go-to camping spot? Share! Discuss!

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