The 5 Best Gifts In A Jar



The 5 Best Gifts In A Jar

So, it turns out all those mason jars I bought for handy crafting (go ahead and laugh, I’m waiting for it) will come in handy after all!!

There’s so many “first responders” that I want to thank- not only medical workers (we’ve had a stream of them staying in our guest suite because we’re so close to three of our local hospitals) but firefighters, paramedics who stopped by my elderly neighbor’s home twice “just to check in.” And more – like the grocery clerks at our local store who’ve been working 14 hours a day to stock the shelves and check out a countless stream of customers. Finding gifts for these lovely people was a little problematic, until I remembered that there was a safe way to show our appreciation and maybe offer them some comfort.

Editor’s note: anything food-related here was made according to the Utah Department of Health food service worker’s sanitary guidelines, you can find those here. Clearly, practicing safe food preparation is crucial.


The Five Best Gifts In A Jar

(image credit: Vairane)


1.  Salted Caramel Sauce with Fresh Apples in a Jar: Especially perfect as we’re heading into fall and teacher gifts become important. (Editor’s note: especially in this house. I do a lot of sucking up to a good teacher. A lot.) There’s a good salted caramel sauce recipe by clicking here. 


(image credit: Personal Creations)

2.  Pies in a Jar: There’s a heart-stoppingly good recipe for Pumpkin Pie in a Jar by clicking here, but any recipe looks adorable.


(image credit: Nicole Vaughan)

3.  Sewing Kit in a Jar: Especially helpful as a dorm or new apartment gift, since every Millennial I know is genuinely perplexed by the concept of sewing up hems or replacing missing buttons. Crap. I just sounded like my grandmother there, didn’t I?



4.  Memories in a Jar: I make these with the kids every summer – we collect sand, shells and such from the beaches we visit and include some sepia-toned photos. During the winter, they love to unscrew the lid and “take a sniff of summer.”


(image credit: soulinasuit)

5. Salad in a Jar: You really can’t go wrong here and there’s a wild array of tasty combinations. Fine 30 different salads in a jar here.


Cover image credit: Nina Nelson

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