The Power Of An Apology & The Power Of Forgiveness

The Power Of An Apology & The Power Of Forgiveness. On Veteran’s Day weekend- I thought this was the most inspiring thing we could share. Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live spoke offensively about a Republican political candidate in Texas- Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw by mocking his eyepatch in a show a couple of weeks ago. Lt. Com. Crenshaw lost his eye to an explosion while serving his third tour in Afghanistan. There were death threats, calling for blood, calling of names. But instead the two men got together on this Saturday’s SNL show and Pete respectfully apologized to Lt. Com Crenshaw for his behavior. Now, here’s the really cool part- Crenshaw graciously accepted his apology. Poked some fun at Pete. And spoke movingly about veterans and how we can all support them. Please watch- this is amazing. And to all our veterans: Never Forget.

(Cover image credit: Saturday Night Live)

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