The Todd & Erin “Shop Locally” Holiday List – Rebecca Segars Skin Care

The Todd & Erin “Shop Locally” Holiday List – Rebecca Segars Skin Care. Meet today’s Shop Locally Legend: Rebecca Segars. She’s a Master Esthetician with 17 years of experience, and the woman believes in helping you age gracefully. We actually ran into Rebecca when the Todd got a recommendation and went in for his VERY FIRST skin care session. What should have been a brisk exfoliation/extraction thingie turned into this epic, hour-long masterpiece with a foot rub and warm booties, a shoulder rub, steam… towels… lotions… (I’m quoting the Todd at this point. He was a little giddy and had a misty expression of happiness for a good 36 hours.) PS: his face looks amazing. 

Anyone familiar with spa services will gasp and clutch their pearls like a maiden aunt at this- her prices are amazing:

Brow wax: $18

Full Leg wax: $50

Chemical peel: $60

High-frequency anti-aging facial: $80

Brow tint: $12

Lash tint: $20

But there’s so much more, you can find all of Rebecca’s glorious offerings here.

Rebecca works out of a beautiful vintage home in Salt Lake City- you feel serene the minute you enter, even if you have no idea what serene means. A simple spa service turns into a wonderfully nurturing experience- seriously, with 119 reviews, she scores 5 out of 5 stars. Every time. If you’re looking for a new expert to place your tired self in their capable hands, Rebecca is your girl.

As for gift certificates and December specials, they’re spectacular. After the Todd’s experience, I’d strongly suggest buying a gift certificate for the man in your life who could REALLY use some help. She does back waxes. Just saying…

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