The Todd & Erin “Shop Locally” Holiday List – Rogliano’s Italian Dressing

The Todd & Erin “Shop Locally” Holiday List – Rogliano’s Italian Dressing.

I have a 6’6 mountain of a brother that’s a hard-core carnivore. He was “Keto-friendly” before there was such a thing. So I buy him a case of Rogliano’s Italian Dressing every year for his Christmas gift. Aside from being ridiculously tasty, this stuff acts as a marinade… part of your crockpot meal… ribs… pasta salads… pork… sandwiches… shrimp… it even makes a perfect gourmet grilled cheese sandwich and panini when you baste dressing on your bread instead of butter.



But here’s why I love Rogliano’s. Jeff and Veronica.

They’re the owners of this lovely, tasty business and they’re at every local fundraiser, every community event, and they epitomize “shopping local.” Rogliano’s is carried in every local grocery store, from Harmons to Dick’s Market, in fact you can find all the locations that carry them here. If you don’t want to have to actually leave the house, you can order them online as well at Rogliano’ There’s all kinds of lovely recipes online as well, just in case you have “chef fatigue” and you can’t think of one more thing to cook. Jeff describes their tasty dressing like this:

“The recipe for Rogliano’s Italian dressing has been a family tradition since 1922. The authentic Italian tastes comes straight from the old country and is not only a delicious salad dressing, but makes a great dipping sauce, seasoning or marinade that is superb for grilling.”


Everybody loves them. Governor and Mrs. Herbert…



They’ve dressed up their dressing bottles for the holidays, so it tucks nicely into a Christmas stocking, a gift basket (or in my gigantic brother’s case, a side of beef and a case of Rogliano’s) and part of anything that needs extra tastiness.



Supporting Rogliano’s by throwing a boatload of bottles in your shopping cart is one of the best ways to support a local business that supports all of us right back at charities… community events… Erin’s Night Out… Look! Even Kevin (Hercules) Sorbo loves them. And so do I.


Have you met our other “Shop Locally” Legends? Thank you for your support of our local businesses, and please take a look and see if these folks can take care of your gift list. Karma points for keeping your money in our community!!

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