Todd & Erin’s “Shop Locally” Holiday List – Pure Romance by Brenda Winters


Welcome to Day 6 of the “Shop Locally” crusade! And thank you to everyone who’s been shopping with these folks after we highlight them. Karma points for supporting local businesses! Pure Romance by Brenda Winters is here at the perfect time of the year- nothing more romantic than twinkling lights… a snuggle by the fireplace… and a little something extra under the tree. Plus, stock up now and you’re sailing into Valentine’s Day in no time! I really like how Brenda looks at what she does as a businesswoman:

“My business, Pure Romance by Brenda Winters is an in-home party company, like Pampered Chef or Mary Kay or Tupperware. But instead of kitchen items or cosmetics, I sell lotions, lingerie and intimacy products. I love what I do because I get to help women in an area of their lives where they don’t know where to turn for help when they face challenges. As a Pure Romance Consultant, I get to assist and empower women to experience health, wellness and joy in their intimate relations.”


Pure Romance by Brenda is rolling out the 12 Days of Christmas right now- a series of delightful lotions and potions and… stuff every day at special prices. Shopping for personal gifts can sometimes be a little uncomfortable, but Brenda makes it fun and easy, which is exactly what shopping this time of year should be. You can either shop personally with Brenda or have her do all the work and throw a party for you and your closest friends. You can find Brenda on Facebook, emailing her here, or her website


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