Todd & Zoe’s Daddy-Daughter Date

Todd & Zoe’s Daddy-Daughter Date. So our seven year old Zoe adores her dad. She loves hanging out with The Todd, no matter what the man is up to.



Much of their time is spent rough-housing madly, like The Todd throwing Zoe the length of our neighborhood pool during the summer. Every day.

He was so excited to take her on a “special” Daddy-Daughter Date. Traditionally, when The Todd gets all worked up over something, I know to be suspicious. But… a day out with our Zoe? You know it would have to be all sweet, right?

So ZoZo put on a nice dress and a sparkly headband, and the girl was ready for some serious action. And this is what happened. Have a look…


What weird and wonderful little ritual do you have with your kiddos? Drop a comment and share, we’ll give away dinner for 4 at Christopher’s Prime Steakhouse for one of your stories next Friday.



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