Tom Hiddleston Is Just As Brilliant & Lovely As You Think He Is

Update: with the Super Bowl’s thrilling Disney + teaser about the new Loki series, we set a rougher, more unkempt Loki promising “I’m gonna burn this place to the ground.” There was pandemonium on Twitter and Tumblr.

Tom Hiddleston Is Just As Brilliant & Lovely As You Think He Is. Every Loki fan waited with crossed fingers and toes, hoping he wouldn’t REALLY die in “Avengers Infinity War.” So … uh … he did. But wait ’till you find out how long he had to keep it a secret. Marvel’s fan-favorite talks favorite directors, the first scene he ever shot for “Thor,” what’s on Loki’s Evil Overlord iPod mix and working in tight leather clothing. Plus! A surprise visit from another famous Tom. (Hint: Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can…)


Tom was clearly exhausted because he’d spent 12 hour days at ACE doing nothing but taking picture after picture and signing autographs until he probably forgot how to spell his own name. But he still had time to look up and smile, and try to spend a second or two with every speechless fangirl. He was especially attentive to kiddos with serious health issues, whether they could be there or not, Tom made certain they knew he cared.

So, here’s the complete interview from ACE Comic Con in Seattle. Enjoy his gorgeousness and The Voice.

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