What Makes a Woman Beautiful? Ask a Pin-up “Goddess” Photographer

What Makes a Woman Beautiful? Ask a Pin-up “Goddess” Photographer.

What makes a woman beautiful? It takes a lot of courage to pose as a luscious, pouting pin-up girl when you’re not a size 2. Who better to ask than photographer Alyssa Chambers, owner of “Bonnie’s Joy Pin-up & Boudoir.” While we’ve been sharing the gorgeousness of Alyssa’s work, the question I hear over and over (and from myself, trust me) is “Oh, I’ve always wanted to do that! Maybe when I’ve lost 20 pounds…”

Instead of trying to explain it, I thought going straight to the source – to a photographer who has lovingly photographed women of all sizes, shapes, and ages and asked her what makes a woman beautiful. If you get a little verklempt watching this, maybe you’re ready to become luscious and pouting and book a session for yourself.

Want to know more about Alyssa and the process? Have a look here. This IS the perfect holiday gift, and there’s a special offer for supporting your local businesses. You can also find Alyssa on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and her website here.

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