What Would it Take for You to Say… “I am a Woman of Worth?”

What would it take for you to stand in front of a packed ballroom and pronounce, “I am a woman of worth!”

I like to believe I’m confident – or I can at least fake confidence for a suitable period of time – but to stand there in your fancy evening gown, feet planted firmly and just shout it out. “I AM a woman of worth!”

Throw in the challenge of women coming from sometimes unspeakable backgrounds to stand on that stage, and you’ve got the annual Women of Worth Gala.

A year’s journey.

These women have traveled through a year of coaching from a mentor- everything from nutrition to parenting, finding a job or going back to school, ending old habits that did nothing but drag them back down… it can be overwhelming without support. One recent “graduate” came from a life of polygamy- trapped, actually and barely made it out of her husband’s stifling compound with her children. But how do you jump into the modern world when you’ve lived in such a closed community with no real view of life outside? After her year of guidance and support, she was ready to say the words that she was told her entire life did not belong to her: I am a woman of worth. Today, she’s volunteering for the charity and showing other women the way up.


WoW’s pledge.

“There’s dozens of these stories,” says Judee Guay, director for WoW, “We are a non-profit, and our mission is: We support women who have been through abuse, overcome addiction, survived a debilitating illness or simply do not have a voice by giving them a hand up, not a handout.”


The guidance to change their lives.

After all, it’s one thing to have the desire to change your life, to show your children a better way. But if you don’t have the support and guidance, it’s a ridiculously steep climb. WoW succeeds by pairing a mentor with each mentee to check in on them, work through challenges, attend monthly workshops together.


The WoW Gala

So, at this point, I’m hoping you’re gripping the keyboard hollering, “Amazing! How can I help?” Well, I’m so happy you asked! The Women of Worth Gala is November 9, 2019, at the hip new 6SIX9 in Salt Lake City. It’s an epic black-tie event where you’ll get to see the results of all this hard work. Not to mention America’s Got Talent finalist and champion, Kechi Okwuch is performing – an incredible woman who has overcome unimaginable challenges of her own. There’s also a private meet and greet with Kechi, tickets are extremely limited. This is an utterly inspiring evening and is an important part of funding the next year’s group of women. When you pick up your tickets here, be sure to enter TODDANDERIN to get $10 off the price.


Do you know someone who could use these amazing women to become a Woman of Worth? Are you interested in becoming a mentor? Find more information here.

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