Tame Your Lizard Brain – Villa Confidence Boot Camp

Day 3 – Tame Your Lizard Brain – Villa Confidence Boot Camp

You know “that” voice. The one that whispers in the back of your mind, saying, “What makes you think you can do that? You’re not fast/smart/good enough!” It’s the Lizard Brain – the primordial part of our brains that is responsible for all the negativity and sourness, the feeling that we’ll just never measure up. Merrilee and co-creator Carol Storey are here to gleefully debunk the Lizard Brain and teach you how to put that cranky little part back where it belongs, which is where it can’t sneer any more nasty little bits to you.

Are you ready? Here’s Day 3 of the Villa Confidence Boot Camp. By Day 30? You will be unstoppable.

BTW: if you missed Day 1 and Day 2 of the Villa Confidence Boot Camp, find them here and here.


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Are you ready for more? More in your career? In your life? Here’s the place: Chocolate Villa’s executive women’s retreat, March 8-12 in gorgeous Heber Valley in Utah’s prettiest mountain range. This is four days that transforms you. I speak from experience. The fall retreat gave me a clarity of purpose that I’d been struggling for – something I couldn’t seem to put together myself. And I came away with friends I’ll treasure for life. Living the Villa means that you’re still supported after the retreat ends. There’s friends, follow-ups with the entire group, and the knowledge that you’re not on your own. Learn more about the retreat here, and I have some advice about how to request that your company pay for your participation here.

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