EVERY SINGLE FREAKING CONTACT You Need for Coronavirus-Related Resources

There’s nothing better than a gaggle of your favorite girlfriends getting together, eh? In last night’s case, it was via Zoom. By the second glass of wine (don’t judge me until you’ve homeschooled obstreperous offspring for the last 11 hours) everyone had selected their area of angst.

For Carolyn, it was applying for unemployment as a self-employed graphic artist.

Melanie needed to find housing for her neighbor who was just evicted.

Juliette was struggling through business loan options.

And the hardest, Mary Ann who finally admitted she was cutting her insulin injections in half to make them last longer.

Look, everyone has something they’re struggling with in Life in the Time of COVID, but the list below hopefully covers the main areas of concern. We are all here for each other – and this has to be the time we feel safe reaching out. To ask for help as much as to offer it.


I know that the hardest thing I’ll ever do is ask for help. Giving it? Oh, gladly, honey! Anything you need! But I think we have to remember that by accepting help, we’re giving someone else their chance to experience grace.

My favorite example also exposes my spectacular parenting skills. About ten years ago, the kids and I were making our annual Thanksgiving gloves, mittens, socks, and hats excursion down at Pioneer Park, a favorite gathering spot for homeless folks here in Salt Lake City. The Todd does all the cooking, so our main task is to stay out of his way. So we make a run to Walmart and buy out their stock of winter stuff and head for the park. An extremely enthusiastic youth group was making Thanksgiving dinner for all the folks milling around in the watery sunshine. I sat with a gentleman plowing happily through his mashed potatoes while he told me about his new grandson. My MacLean casually reached over and helped himself to the man’s cookies.

Let me repeat that. My son stole a homeless gentleman’s Thanksgiving dessert.

Naturally, I’m appalled and apologizing profusely when the gentleman lit up and said, “Oh, no! It’s my pleasure, enjoy them!” Everyone, no matter where they rank between good luck or misfortune, wants to be able to offer help. Accept it.

If these links don’t solve your problem, contact me and I’ll keep digging for you. We’re all here for each other, right?


EVERY SINGLE FREAKING CONTACT You Need for Coronavirus-Related Resources

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