The Villa Thirty Day Confidence Boot Camp

Welcome to your new decade! Merrilee Buchanan and some close friends created the Chocolate Villa executive women’s retreat to help participants find the way to what they wanted – not just in their career, but in life as a whole. As a graduate from a Chocolate Villa retreat last year, I can tell you from personal experience that it changed my life.

Because Merrilee is … well … made of Awesome, she wanted to offer something that created small, substantive steps toward confidence and inner strength. The thirty-day “Villa Confidence Boot Camp” is designed to get you started on the way to understanding yourself, finding the weaknesses and fears that might be holding you back. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Oh! This is so important! The next Chocolate Villa retreat is scheduled for March 8-12 in beautiful Heber Valley. You can learn more about the retreat here, and have a look at the incredible mountain mansion we stay in here. This is an experience that’ll stretch your boundaries in the best way, with support and care from Merrilee, Meagan and the other moderators. There’s helpful advice on how to ask your company to pay for your retreat here, and my experience at Chocolate Villa is here.

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