Your complete guide to splash pads along the Wasatch Front

Your complete guide to splash pads along the Wasatch Front

There’s something liberating to me about splash pads: you don’t have to strip the kids all the way down, drag out the towels and glue your eyes to the pool to make certain your offspring doesn’t drown.

Splash pads are gaining popularity because for merchants, parks, and attractions, it’s an easy way to lure families into their clutches. Little ones (and some big ones, too – don’t look at me like that! It’s 90 degrees today!) prance through the spray without actually immersing in a chlorinated spray that likely contains more sunscreen and body fluids than any of us would like to think about.

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Take a look and print off a copy of the splash pads closest to you – I consider this knowledge part of my emergency summer plan and just as important as sunscreen and band-aids.


Your complete guide to splash pads along the Wasatch Front

Salt Lake County:

Red Butte Gardens: charming snake “spit” water into a big sun disc play area for your little ones to soak.  $

This Is The Place State Park: it’s a hard stretch to connect a splash pad with the pioneers, but it’s wonderful. $

Utah’s Hogle Zoo: a brilliant tie-in to their Pacific Northwest exhibit. Tidepools, squirting rocks, metal starfish and crabs. $

Liberty Park: two or three throughout the park, all delightful.

Gateway Mall: Moms bring towels and chairs and stay the day…

City Creek Mall: There are several water features but wading in the tiny river with the trout is a major no-no.

Mountain View Park-Cottonwood Heights: huge park off Ft. Union Blvd.

Riverton City Park: cute farm-themed water features.

Magna Rec Center: included in the price of admission. $

Umbria Estates Splash Pad: more geared to the pre-school crowd in Herriman.

RoseCrest Splash Park: another Herriman park.

Murray’s Willow Pond Park: splash pad and fishing pond with dock.

Valley Fair Mall: there are a new train ride and carousel in the Food Court as well. $

Daybreak Development: in South Jordan on Daybreak’s SoDa Row–there’s free summer concerts as well.

Sandy Amphitheatre Splash Pad: new and absolutely gorgeous

Davis County:

Foxboro Regional Park: shiny and new in North Salt Lake

Legacy Regional Park: NSL’s new and shiny attraction.

Riverdale Park: Riverdale City’s splash park is repaired and back up.

Heritage Park: Kaysville’s biggest park with a huge playground as well.

Clearfield Aquatic Center: the new splash pad is included with the price of admission. $

Lagoon Amusement Park: spendy unless you’re hitting all the rides on your way. $

Cherry Hill Water Park: 2-3 different splash pads, but since you’re there and buying a ticket, hit the Lazy River or Cardiac Canyon too. $


Weber County:

Harrisville City Park: small, but pleasant. Kind of like the city.

South Ogden City: fairly big, with fun water cannons.


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Utah County:

Palisade Park in Orem, Monday-Saturday, 10a-8pm (Thanks, Michael!)

Creekside Park in Alpine: surprisingly big with several different features.

Highland Town Center: the splash pad is always crowded, but if your kiddo’s getting wet for free…

The Shops At Riverwoods: the luxury outdoor mall has the Provo Beach Resort. $

Provo’s Pioneer Park: the splash pad is huge, kind of like our families. Well-planned, eh?

Spanish Fork North Park:

Nolan Park: the splash pad in Eagle Mountain.

Grove Park: the splash pad in Vineyard is open 10am-8pm (Thanks, Michael!)


Are there any local splash pads I’ve missed! Please share in the comments!


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